Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fans4Writers: Joining Forces

"Fans4Writers has joined forces with some of the most pro-active and effective groups in fandom to provide you with one location to find fan-driven efforts. The WGA also is developing ways you can support them and the strike."

"Some fans from Whedonesque brought pizza to writers on the picket lines, they’ve gone on to put together the site Fans4Writers.com which is worth a look. It’s for all fans of television who support the strike (not just fans of Joss Whedon’s shows). They’ve put together an excellent page of links to more info about the strike– from news blogs to fan efforts to the weblogs and journals of writers, and so on."

News and Notes about the WGA strike:

Exclusive letter from Edward Allen Bernero, Executive Producer of Criminal Minds, to the fans of Criminal Minds.

"Are the corporate suits ruining TV?

Network control and media consolidation are wringing the creativity out of entertainment."

"Why the Striking Writers Are Right"


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Anonymous said...

Nighbird says...

Read every comment in the letter from the producer of Criminal Minds. They must have been reading our minds. Phone numbers for Les and the main CBS line, advertisers numbers, how to send feedback, addresses to write to.

If every CBS show had a hard core of fans who dedicate some time every day to call multiple CBS numbers they'll be wishing they never heard of the internet.

Television will never be the same.