Friday, January 18, 2008

Buzz Bin Interviews Rich "Hammer" Becker

"Today the Buzz Bin interviewed Richard Becker who is the president of Copywrite, Inc. He took some time to discuss his ideas on the PR industry and social media. Of particular note are Rich’s reflection on social media’s impact on the entertainment world, and Hollywood writer’s strike."

Rich "the Hammer" nails it again. Great interview!!

"The cancelled and reinstated television show (Jericho) is really a collection of posts that represent two living case studies: viral fan efforts that quickly turned into a crisis communication situation for CBS (posts between May 18 and June 6) and then fan marketing efforts (posts between June 9 and ongoing).

The latter will likely continue through the second season. And I sometimes pick up other fan efforts for shows like The Black Donnellys, Veronica Mars, and most recently Journeyman. Tracking them has provided some great insight into the transformation of broadcast television.

Both case studies are also significant for anyone studying social media. It demonstrated how real people quickly connect, organize, interact, and take action that transcends chatting on the Internet (as evidenced by 40,000 pounds of nuts sent to CBS, among other things); and reinforces that there is a greater risk in ignoring social media than there is engaging it on some level."


Rich said...

Thanks Jane,

Just be careful not to duplicate their misspelling of our company name, even in the quote. ;)

I'm glad you liked the interview. Those were some great questions in that they could have gone anywhere. I'm glad they lead with the Jericho question. I don't know if anyone every considered it, but there are ample angles to write an entire book on what you've all accomplished.


akesling said...

I JUST discovered the show Jericho, and am now disappointed it has been cancelled, for what is apparently its second time. A real shame. A very thought-provoking, gripping series.