Friday, June 8, 2007

Battle Plan

Yes, we won the war. The Jericho Rangers convinced CBS to reverse their decision to cancel Jericho. To all Jericho Rangers, cast, crew, producers, media, & bloggers- Congratulations!

We won the war but there's a new battle looming on the horizon. It is a battle of strength, endurance, passion, & perseverance. Whether you are a Ranger who survived the Battle of Jericho or a newcomer who has recently learned the series was cancelled- we need you all. That is the reason this blog was created.

We did it once & we can do it again. CBS needs to win this battle as much as we do so we are now allies. They are willing to help so we must all do our part. No battle is won without those Rangers who do whatever they can to beat back the enemy. No, your name may never be mentioned on the news & you may not be called a hero but it is a true hero you are by contributing to this effort. Maybe you have an idea & need someone to listen or maybe you just need to vent. Whatever you feel you can do-we need you & appreciate you.

This battle has many fronts. There's New Media vs. Old, Nielsen ratings which don't count all viewers, making a statement to all networks that viewers want the ratings system changed. There's a Fan Club coming, there's merchandise, there's the Greensburg, Kansas fund, & so much more.

Please check the links on the right side of the page for more information then come to Radio Free Jericho & join us. RFJ is a place where Jericho lovers meet to brainstorm, carry out missions/operations, & allow you to be an integral part of whatever you choose. It's a message board of action & you are all welcome.

Please join us in fighting this new battle.


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