Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Monster Cast Interview: Jennie Townsperson

Part II

I'm glad you all enjoyed Part I of Jennie's interview. I had some extra questions which she graciously agreed to answer. Thanks Jennie.

RubberPoultry, there's a little surprise for you in here so I hope you like it.

One last thing, Jennie. If you really want a starring role, just list the Rangers as a reference and drop a few Nuts on that executive's desk.

1. You film an episode which takes a long time then you watch it to see how it looks. Right? Do any of you actually watch Jericho when it's on TV or are you tired of it by then?

Personally I am never tired of Jericho and the story we are telling. Naturally I get tired from a long work day like anyone else but I love what I get to do on the show and to me it's like completing a piece of art to be able to see the final product in its entirety and in order since we shoot out of sequence. I don't always get to know everything in the script so it's fun to watch it when it airs - if I'm home. Otherwise it gets recorded! But most of the time we had some really fun days while we were in production where if we were working at the stages, we’d get to watch the episode during lunch that would be airing that night or that week. That was always special.

2. You said you like writing. Would you like to write a screenplay or a series one day or have you already written them?

Yes! I have two screenplays I’m writing. One is a thriller and the other is an historical fiction epic inspired by stories of my ancestors. I’ve always enjoyed writing and telling stories and at different times, I’ve had ideas for novels and screenplays. So in my downtime I enjoy exploring those story ideas. I didn’t start them thinking that I’d actually produce them but the more I work on these two stories in particular, the more I’d love to see them made into films. Maybe I will make that happen one day but for now mostly it’s one of the creative things I do for my own personal enjoyment.

3. You said you have a graphics background and you've seen RubberPoultry's work. He is amazingly gifted and has created so much for Jericho. What do you think about his fan art?

From what I’ve seen, I think his work is brilliant! I’m a huge fan! I know it’s no small task because I’ve done that kind of work myself. He’s not getting paid to do it and it comes from his heart. I wonder if people know what kind of time it can take to do graphics and videos like that. For him to donate his time to do it is a very special thing and says so much. I would love to see a version of his flag video made into a promo for CBS to air before our new season starts up. Wouldn’t that be great? I would hope they would consider him for that. He’s already done a great job promoting the show on the internet.

4. Does your family watch Jericho? Do they like it?

Yes, my family does like the show - so much that they forget to look for me! That only means that they truly love the show and find it really gripping and I couldn’t be happier for that. It means we are all doing our jobs well!

5.Will you be going back to acting classes soon? How do they help you grow?

Yes, in fact, I have recently been referred to some very renowned acting coaches. When my schedule allows, I plan on taking a class with Gary Austin. I really look forward to that. Classes always help me grow in anything I do. With acting, it is very good for me in keeping my skills and senses sharpened while continually bringing me new challenges to work with and learn from. The more I have opportunities to challenge myself as we do in classes, the better I feel I can be in the craft at work. This is always important to any serious actor. I am not here for fame - I am about being challenged, prepared, honest and hopefully entertaining and happy in what I do.


rubberpoultry said...

WOW! Great part 1 and 2 to this interview... but i may be just a bit biased.

Thanks Jennie for the compliments on my work. It means a lot to me. Your assessment about time is correct, it does take quite a bit, but it’s worth it. I spend a lot of nights and weekends working on this stuff, and even though I can't seem to get CBS' attentions, hearing from the fans and now even a few involved in the show really spurs me on.

I have more up my sleeve. I plan to keep it coming!

Thanks to you Jane for all of your tireless Jericho work. You're part of the solution to achieving a season 3 in my eyes!


Rich said...

Great interview and follow up questions Jane.

I love that that Jennie became interested in the premise of the show ... and then pursued it. And, I love her idea for CBS to incorporate some of RubberPoultry's work!

Spot on interview for both of you!


Jericho Saved said...

Thanks RP & Rich,
Jennie is certainly an asset to the show. RP, what are you working on now? Let me see up that sleeve! Thank you for the compliment and I see you as part of the solution too.
Thanks, Rich. I agree. I'd love to see CBS use RP's work. It's great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your time, Jen.
I thought it very funny when you said your family forgets to watch for you during JERICHO. Hahahahah....too funny!!
If that acting coach doesn't work out, I know 2 others that might be able to help you. They had an acting school for several years and are both actors. Just let me know.
Thank you for being such a joy!

Love, lovejohnston

And THANK YOU Jane for all your hard work. I saw your interview and enjoyed it a lot. :)