Saturday, September 29, 2007

NBC: Understanding Viewers

Oh, Matt Lauer of the Today Show made a goof. So did the lady he interviewed. I have to tell you this story about a town (Decatur, Alabama) that is 13 miles away from me and what NBC did about it.

NBC Understands Viewers:
"Superintendent Sam Houston issued a "y'all come" invitation to the New York studios of the "Today Show" after a segment Thursday morning claimed that Decatur "has bad schools."

Houston sent a letter to "Today Show" officials inviting them to see Decatur's education status. The letter is in response to a statement correspondent Barbara Corcoran made.

In a comparison of $500,000 real estate, she said a buyer could buy a two-bedroom townhouse in a gated community in Tucson, Ariz., or a four-bedroom, 3,800-square-foot house on 111/2 acres with a pond and pool in Decatur. (The home in question is just outside the city limits.)

Corcoran then ended her statement to host Matt Lauer, "What you don't get is good schools. They've got a bad school system. But taxes are only $1,000 a year."

Not only that but Matt Lauer referred to Decatur as " Green Acres." The people of Decatur were not happy.

Superintendent Sam Houston wrote a letter to Mr. Jim Bell,Executive Producer of
The Today Show.
Read it here.

NBC first they would allow a two minute retraction on the Today but the head of NBC said NO. What else did he say? He is sending Corcoran and others to Decatur to see that it isn't "Green Acres." Neither are the schools "bad."

Kudos to NBC for considering their viewers and going to the source to make a correction!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Callisto925

I had never met Calli until she posted about September being Promote Jericho Month. She has impressed me ever since. You can find her at Jericho Rally Point and she's always full of good ideas.

This interview went so well and there was so much more to cover that Calli kindly agreed to do a Part 2. That's coming later.

1. Tell everybody about Jericho Promotion Month.

September 2007 is Promote Jericho Month. CBS has not been promoting Jericho's return or the DVDs as much as we had hoped so fans need to pick up some of that slack to reach as many people as they can. With the new TV season starting, we want people to make sure they know Jericho will be back on the grid. It is a challenge because we do not know when that will happen and there is a likelihood that people will be caught up in other shows and storylines in the meantime and not watch Jericho because they do not know it will be back better than ever.

The purpose of Promote Jericho Month is threefold. One is, of course, to promote Jericho and let CBS know that we are still here, we have not gone anywhere and we are incredibly stoked about the new episodes. Two is to reach all those people out there who do not know Jericho is returning. It is shocking there are still a lot of people out there who do not know. We also need to get those new viewers we so desperately need to for the show to continue. I have it on good advice (from someone in the TV biz) that Jericho's ratings will likely need to be at the very least 10+ million in order for CBS to even consider more episodes. (And even so, that is in no way a guarantee) Jericho's season one finale had 7 million viewers... Therefore, we have some work to do. Third is to get people working together again toward a common goal: We want Jericho back on the air to stay!!!

2. How much time per week do you spend promoting Jericho?

I think and easier question would be how many hours a week don't I spend promoting Jericho. The answer to that is easy... Lately it is any time I am sleeping or at the office doing actual work and not spending office hours online pretending to be (deeply) immersed in my job.

3. Johnston Green died in Season 1. Will someone die in Season 2? Why or why not? Who?

I wish I had a crystal ball for this question. Yes, someone will die. These 7 episodes where condensed form a 22 episode plot outline, so in all odds over those 22 episodes someone did die and they have probably written that into the 7 episodes somewhere. It is inevitable that someone will die. The death (or disappearance/departure) of a character leaves room for change and growth. This is necessary in order for a plot and other characters to move forward. As for whom... I cannot even begin to guess, but I hope it is not a main character as I am attached to them all even if I don’t like them very much.

4. Tell us about Skippy.

Operation: SKIPPY. It started as a joke at first when I made an off hand comment after someone mentioned sending CBS a small packet of nuts on the JRP board. I tend to be sarcastic a lot, (yeah, who knew?) and said that maybe I would send them the label off my peanut butter jar... and it caught on! That is when Operation: SKIPPY was born. What we are asking everyone to do is send CBS a message by mailing in the label from their peanut butter jars. Since no one can eat enough peanut butter to possibly make a huge impact in a short time, we want people to photocopy or scan and print their labels. It's gentle reminder to CBS that we are still here promoting Jericho and that we are not going anywhere nor are we taking anything lightly. Today its jar labels... tomorrow...? Who knows? Jericho fans have proven they are willing and capable of anything.

5. What else can we be doing now to promote Jericho?

We can be doing so many things while waiting for the new episodes to air that it is impossible to list them all here. However, a few examples are; loan out your DVDs or buy extra sets to give out as gifts if you can afford it. Hit the Internet and chat with as many people as you can on other non-Jericho sites to keep them informed and up to date on what is happening with the show. Visit all the entertainment news sites and blogs and leave comments and Diggs, share the articles you find with everyone on (and off) the boards so they can do the same. Get out there, talk to people in your life about the show, and let them see your enthusiasm. Urge them to try it either on DVD or on Innertube (for those in the US) and explain importance of the quick and simple process of leaving feedback at the CBS site. There were so many great ideas shared during the NUTS! Campaign and we need to look at those ideas and see how we can use them to continue promoting the show.

The main thing is to get Jericho on everyone’s minds again; it is simply not enough to promote Jericho amongst ourselves and reminding CBS that we are here. My new mantra has become: we need to put butts in the seats. If we are ever going to get more Jericho beyond the seven episodes we need those ratings and to do that we need more viewers that are NEW.

6. What attracted you to Jericho?

I think what attracted me to Jericho was the uniqueness of it. Its not a forensic who-done-it-how drama, not a cop show and doesn't revolve around a hospital full of doctors with exceedingly dysfunctional personal lives. It is something new and different with a note of plausibility. The sociological aspect of the foundation is intelligent, well conceived, and brilliantly executed. Before it even hit the air, I was completely hooked on the story and the characters.

7. How can we attract new viewers to Jericho?

Quite simply actually, spread the word. We did it once before, we can do it again. With the DVD release in a little over two weeks, we have an amazing tool at our disposal to get those new viewers hooked. We did not have that instrument before to reach people who are not Internet savvy or do not own computers. In addition, because the airing of the seven new episodes might be a ways off we have that extra time to tell people about the show. That is the positive side of the situation. There is more to the show than the hype it has created since May 16 and people need to see that. The show itself has what it takes to attract people. The story and the cast are amazing on their own, but if people do not know about it, they will not watch.

The online presence of the Jericho communities has attracted numerous, but many more are not online. The only way to get them is to talk to them, write them, and wave it in their faces. Only through the drive of fans will that happen. Jericho fans are a very motivated group with more chutzpah than any fandom I have ever been a part of to keep a show on the air. We need to make that work for us and we need to do it now.

8. What do you most like to do besides anything involving Jericho?

I'm not one to sit idle. I love to read. I have an enormous book collection and it is ever growing. Once I start a book, I can never put it down until it is finished. Other than that, I love to shop. Yes, I am a shopaholic, shopping for shoes in particular. My shoe collection is second only to my book collection. I also love to spend time in my yard which attracts a lot of wildlife so I like spending the time to be sure that all critters can call my yard home ensuring everyone has something they like. I have other passions that I try to curb because if I indulged in them it wouldn’t be good for anybody. LOL I also love to cook but I don’t because then I have to eat it all. I love wine and I live in one of the best wine producing areas in the world so it is abundant. So you can see why it’s not in my best interests to pursue those two passions too actively.

When I'm not doing those things or Jericho related activates I like to learn. Whenever I hear about something interesting that I don't know much about I will try to learn as much as I can about it online or by reading. Learning is life. Once we stop learning what is the point of living.

Any comments?

The past four moths have been incredible. The people I have met and the passion they have shown is truly something unique and not likely to occur again. I am honored and proud to have the opportunity to be a part of all this and to have had the chance to work with everyone and get to know them. I hope that as we travel further in our quest I will get to know more of the wonderful people that make up the Jericho fandom.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blogging Against Abuse: Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse doesn't leave evidence comparable to the bruises of physical battering. You may suffer in silence and isolation.

"A victim is often the target of angry outbursts, sarcasm, or cool indifference. The abuser's reaction to these actions is frequently cloaked in a "What's wrong with you?" attitude. She is accused of "making a mountain out of a molehill." Over time she loses her balance and equilibrium and begins to wonder if she is the one who is crazy."

Margie: Edna, do you remember that couple who moved in down the street and we thought they were so nice? Dave and Hannah. You remember how he joked about her being dumb and said she couldn't balance a checkbook? Wasn't that really verbal abuse?

Edna: I do remember them, Margie, and I think you’re right. She never thought it was funny when he made his little “jokes”, did she? In fact, she always looked kind of sad and embarrassed.

Verbal abuse usually escalates, increasing in intensity, frequency, and variety. The verbal abuse may begin with put-downs disguised as jokes. Later other forms might surface.

Margie: I was reading a book and it made me think about them. He wasn't a nice man at all. I remember how he blamed her for everything. One day he told her that she was a " stupid child." Remember?

Edna: I do, and I was so surprised. No adult should talk to another adult that way, especially to someone they’re supposed to love and respect.

1. Verbal abuse may be overt (through angry outbursts and name- calling) or covert (involving very subtle comments, even something that approaches brainwashing). Overt verbal abuse is usually blaming and accusatory, and consequently confusing to the partner. Covert verbal abuse, which is hidden aggression, is even more confusing to the partner. Its aim is to control her without her knowing.

Margie: I also remember that day when you took them some of your Rhubarb pie. Remember he said Hannah "cooks like a chef?" I just thought about his tone of voice. He meant the opposite didn't he?

Edna: Yes, I think he was being sarcastic, but at Hannah’s expense. I remember too thinking about how he would feel if someone said something like that about him.

2.Verbal abuse is manipulative and controlling. Even disparaging comments may be voiced in an extremely sincere and concerned way. But the goal is to control and manipulate.

Margie: Do you think he was worse when we weren't around?

Edna: I’m afraid that he probably was worse to her in private. That way, he didn’t have to worry about what anyone else thought of his comments.

You know, sometimes when you love someone and you’re used to how they talk to you, you don’t always notice when they’re being intentionally mean to you. Margie, you and I are sometimes crabby with each other, but I would never try to manipulate you. And certainly not by putting you down, I love and respect you too much to do that to you. I would never want anyone to try that with me, either.

3. Verbal abuse usually escalates, increasing in intensity, frequency, and variety. The verbal abuse may begin with put-downs disguised as jokes though other forms may surface later.

Where to turn for help if you find yourself the victim of verbal abuse or other form of domestic violence:

For emergency help: Call 911 immediately if you think you are in imminent danger of domestic violence, or have already been hurt.

For advice and support: Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE). Additional contacts for the hotline:
Help through email: ndvh@ndvh.org
Help for the hearing-impaired: 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) or deafhelp@ndvh.org

National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence

For a safe place to stay: If you need a safe shelter from domestic violence, call your state’s branch of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. To find your state’s hotline number, go here.






Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Terocious

Terocious is a fantastic Jericho fan and recently started a blog called Jericho Junction. He comments, Diggs, and is helpful and supportive. He's been the Monster Fan of the Week and is an all around great guy. Say hello to Terocious.

1. What is it about Jericho that makes you such a big fan?

Jericho is a very well rounded show. It mixes comedy and drama very well. I like the music and the way it is filmed. There is a healthy dose of “this could really happen” to engage my mind. It is a decidedly American tale that does not so much preach its message as it let’s the message be its own character within the story. The show evokes westerns and the American civil war in ways that I have yet to see in other programming. The acting ranges from good to excellent and the continuity is astounding. It has the potential to become more and more interesting.

2. What are some of your other interests?

I went to college for drama and I still am very interested in acting. Last year I acted in my first film. I am also interested in sound recording and songwriting. Advances in personal computers have opened up a whole new spectrum of possibilities. It is a great time to create independently. You have unparalleled freedom.

3. I love Jericho Junction. Why did you want a Jericho blog?

Thank You. Coming from you that means a lot. I did not know I wanted a Jericho blog but I knew I wanted to do something to change the way I was helping to support the campaign. When the “Nuts” campaign was taking off I was mostly silent. I watched in amazement as the cast began posting and I was drawn in and mesmerized by the feeling that something was happening here that does not happen very often. I am a carpenter and was about 4 months into building a house at the time. At that point in the construction of a home a lot of the head work is done so I had a lot of freedom to post and interact with folks on the CBS board. That job ended sooner than I thought so I had about 3 weeks when I was not working and during that time I got more and more involved at CBS. When the jobs started to roll in again I found myself with less time to post and to keep up with folks on the board. I saw a need for a Link site that could act as a one stop favorites list for all things Jericho. This was something I could do whenever I had time. I spend a lot more time reading now than posting. I like this new scenario because I am still keeping the board busy but I am able to better juggle my real life responsibilities with Jericho. Contrary to popular belief I think that for some folks it might be important to spend less time on the boards. I feel like I am one of those people and I feel like this is a better way to utilize my time.

So, I sort of stumbled into the Jericho Junction. I like it because this is something I can work on in my mind while doing other things. I like the way projects undertaken will slowly reveal themselves to you. There are so many possibilities in the Junction for group interaction and for uniting the fan base through the featured links section.

4. What would you ask for if CBS offered you promotional materials for Jericho?

I have no idea. I guess I would ask for exclusive content for people like you who are creating blogs on a daily basis. Pictures and quotes from anyone involved with Jericho would be great. Personally I would like to have some of that great original music made available for remixing. But that is own thing.

5. If you could meet anybody from Jericho who would it be and why?

Okay, since this question is pure fantasy I am going to turn it into a fantasy dinner party with Shoshannah Stern, Lennie James and David Meunier. I choose them based upon their out of character writings. I think it would a fantastically interesting evening.

6. What do you have to say to new fans?

It is seldom you will find a show that has such a rich history with only one season under its belt. You are now part of that history.

7. Will there be a Season 3? 4?

I hope so.


After college I helped to start an independent theatre company. We did all original work and it was extremely talented group. One of our biggest fans was the father of a member. He was a potter and understood the artistic process very well. We were going thru some difficult times and he literally pleaded with us to see beyond the moment we were living in and to recognize what a great thing we had in each other. That group is now dispersed and though I refuse to live with regret I get now what he was trying to say. I think it applies as well to the good people of the Jericho Fandom.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: NobodysBaby

I saw a recent post by Susan on the CBS Jericho board and I was so impressed that I immediately contacted her and asked for an interview. She is an example to all of us that hardships can make us stronger and that the world is a brighter place with laughter in it.

1. What do you love doing besides watching Jericho?

I love being outdoors. I live on a large, large lake so when I feel the need for speed I get in my boat and zoom around, if I need the saltwater I just take it over to the saltwater side of the bridge. I am a waterbaby. My son has been drag racing since he was 8 years old so I go to the races. I met my husband through racing so like Heather I am pretty handy with a wrench. Drag racing was and is a family "hobby", it was something that my husband and his brothers did together with their sons and me of course. We were running 3 cars before the accident and now my son is running a top alcohol dragster. It make me happy when he is happy.

2. How much time per week do you spend promoting Jericho?

Everyday! Whether it is on the websites voting, posting or catching up on things. I wear my Jericho Nut shirt to the store so people will ask me about Jericho.

3. What makes you such a positive person?

Ever since I was little I never liked conflict and was always trying to divert conflicts to something else. When my husband was killed they had stopped on the Interstate to help a young man that had been drinking and had overturned his car. My son was the first to stop and he ran over to the young man, my husband, brother-in-law, 14 year old nephew and grown nephew were behind in the second rig and could see what was happening so they began to slow down, my husband and 14 y.o. nephew jumped out and ran toward my son and the young man, a semi-truck who had plenty of time to stop, change lanes or at least slow down rear-ended our race car rig and the semi jack-knifed and it's trailer swung like an arm and hit my son, husband and nephew. My son was seriously injured with one knee torn off and the other split to the bone and the ankle broken in two places crawled to my nephew who was unconscious and not breathing because he was pinned under the semi, his dad told my Travis to go to Kenny (husband) because Kyle was dead, Travis refused to accept it and began pulling Kyle out from under the truck and when he did the weight off his chest and the painful stimuli caused Kyle to start screaming ( a good sign that air is now in the lungs). Travis stayed with his dad until the paramedics arrived and made them take his dad first. Now you may ask what is positive about this scenario? Well, there was race fuel, gasoline, diesel fuel and other highly flammable materials on the ground, one spark and I could have lost all of them. As painful as it has been to lose my soul mate I was blessed not to lose my son or any others in my family. As a trauma nurse I see so much suffering and pain, I see so many people out on the streets with nothing but a scowl on their face, I read or hear the news (bad news) and I made a vow when I was little that with so much bad in the world that I would always try to contribute goodness, kindness and laughter and maybe it would catch on. My Granny taught me to look at the simple things around you. I almost did not become a nurse because I did not want to give shots and I did not want to hurt people.

My positive outlook is simple: Look for something positive even in the face of adversity.

4. Why did your mother say you could marry Skeet?

Because after the death of my husband I have as maybe some kind of defense mechanism not let anyone of the opposite sex get close or inside my heart. I have male friends since we are racers but I am afraid I could never give the 100% a man deserves. Skeet whether he is Jake or another character is adorable. My mother loves the show and one night while we were in the other room (my dad was in the den flipping channels of course) watching Jericho Jake did something and I can't even remember what it was but I said "I guess I would probably marry him when he finds me" my mother then said "Now him I would let you marry". Now we just joke about when Skeet has time he will probably start looking for me.

5. How can a good sense of humor help fans through our wait for Season 2?

I suggest humor on the boards, lift one another up not tear them down. Also, since we all watched Jericho with total intensity go back and watch it on the CBS website and look for the bits of humor, like Mimi and the chicken!!!!!

6. What attracted you to Jericho?

I have to admit Skeet Ulrich's face on the promotional trailers made me stop and watch the trailers for a serious look and then the content of the show. It made me stop and think of the book, "Alas, Babylon". After the first episode I was hooked.

7. How can we attract new viewers to Jericho?

I think that some of the popular magazine need to pick up on the story of how dedicated the fan base is and the humor behind the NUTS campaign. I mean how many people glance at People Magazine while standing in the grocery store line? (maybe all us women need to send out flyers of Jake in the towel).

8. What do you tell people about the DVD?

I tell people the great thing about having it on DVD is that you can always go back and pick up things that you may have missed and then discuss it on the boards. Also, one of the greatest things is that when cable or satellite is down you've got a great show to just lay around on a rainy day and get a Jericho fix.

9. What is Race4Life?

After my Kenny died so many people reached out to us, I was totally in awe of how many people came to either the family visitation or the actual funeral (there were over 2000 people), people from all walks of life flying in from several states. My Kenny was a very humble and kind person who treated everyone equal so my son and I have a not formally formed "foundation" we call "Race4Life" and we always say race for life because you are not guaranteed tomorrow and always be kind and give a hand up. We took the money that was put in an account by all the people reaching out to help us and put it in an account and when we see a need that needs to be met we quietly go pay that electricity bill, doctor bill or buy food, if someone receives the help we only ask that they do a kind service for someone else and if they want to put back any of the funds it's o.k., the main thing is for people to realize that people really do care and have no motive except kindness to help them up.

10. What message do you have for everyone on the CBS board?

My message to the CBS Jericho Family is thanks for the laughter and keep the ties that brought everyone together in mind everytime you post. REMEMBER THAT: a single strand of rope will break easier than multiple strands bound together!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

CBS: You Should Be Ashamed

If you use the CBS Jericho board then you may be aware of what has happened today. If not, please let me explain.

Schumi posted the following which was promptly deleted by a person(s) unknown.

Here is Schumi's post which was deleted today. Actually, Xwarp's was also deleted. Here's Schumi's:

Schumi07 said,

"It is with deep sadness and regret that I have decided to very publicly withdraw all my support for the CBS chat room here on the Jericho site. If CBS would like to address the issues and change the software they are using and have proper and qualified moderation of that room, then I may consider returning. But not before that. So if you see the user id SCHUMI07 there – its not me (and that is the ONLY id I use in that chat room – any allegations otherwise are just blatant lies). If I decide to participate there again, I will post to the CBS board that I am doing so. A post under my authenticated id here – nothing else.I am tired of the general harassment of users in that room. And I am even more tired of the VERY specific harassment of me in that room. This is unacceptable behavior and it is not just being imparted by “children” with nothing better to do in my opinion. Very late last night (long after the waves of mass warnings had stopped), I was the only user being warned – and the only one to which s*xually explicit comments were being made in the open chat. That is absolutely uncalled for and I’m not going to stand for it any more.I have chosen to withdraw my support for that chat room for another reason. It is now being fairly wide spread through IM and in the open chat that xwarp, I and probably a few others are logging in there as guest and causing the problems. I AM ABSOLUTELY LIVID AT THIS ACCUSATION. I have never done anything of the sort. I’ve actually never even warned someone in that chat – not even the porn spammers that pop up in there.Tonight I got tired of all the warnings and really didn’t want to be muted again (I was muted 3 times last night) so I decided to leave the room. I also decided about an hour later to pull up the chat log for the CBS Jericho m33bo chat room. Sure enough, it took about 13 minutes after I left for someone there to directly speculate that the warning problems that night were being caused by xwarp or me and a few minutes later someone else indirectly implied that we were doing it. Give me a break.That I would be accused of doing this is appalling and I do not appreciate it. Yes I have complained about the chat room there – CBS needs to fix it and they need to know we want it fixed. I am tired of being “muted” by malicious people. Some of us cannot just dump our cookies and re-enter. And I should not have to leave. I have just as much right to participate in the CBS Jericho Chat as anyone else. I have tried very hard to stay and participate in that chat room as it is CBS’s chat room for Jericho – but they sure aren’t making it easy.Finally, the CBS chat room has a MAJOR flaw in that anyone can sign in as anyone else. That is not a convenient excuse – it is a fact. As I’ve been also accused of using that as an excuse, I’ve decided that it is in my best interest to no longer support the CBS Jericho chat room until they address the problems with it. I think as fans who worked hard to bring the show back and are continuing to work hard to promote it, we deserve at least that much.- Schumi(Starting the stopwatch on how long it will be before CBS deletes this thread as they have deleted every other attempt by xwarp or I to defend ourselves against the wrongful and unfounded accusations being floated about us this past week."

From Xwarp:

"it figures that schumi's, maybei's and my post were deleted. wished i had a time for when it was done.

to clarify, our posts were declaring our withdrawal of the use of the cbs chat room until it is changed to something more manageable. that is all.

i AM SEVERELY disturbed by the fact that neither schumi or i have done anything to deserve to have OUR posts deleted. I pretty much consider that censorship.

so, for those that are wondering "WTF?" is going on, here is the post made by schumi, (in which i followed with pretty much the same declaration of not using the cbs chat room anymore).

keep deleting, i'll keep posting this. i am done with the games."


I have also now been deleted. I posted a response in an appreciation thread asking a question. My question was promptly deleted so I posted this:

"As I said in my deleted post( by unknown person/persons)-- does this mean you support what is going on the chat room? Porn, sexually explicit remarks, etc.? Just curious."

My next message:

"Season 3 & improving chat are not related issues. Neither is messages being deleted. If the mods are deleting messages then they sure are moving fast therefore we should see a quick solution to improving chat."

I quit posting after 4 posts were deleted.

Wake Up CBS!!!

The CBS chat room is a big mess! Is this what you offer your Jericho fans? A place where people can be sexually harassed, warned, and offended. There are children who use this chat but you made Kid Nation so you probably don't care. The Jericho board and chat are in urgent need of moderation. Here's a good suggestion:

"The best tools they can give us is to make this a members only chatroom and to give us the power to ban those who abuse the priviledge that using a message board or a chatroom is. "

" If CBS is not willing to put forth the money and/or effort to make their chat a safe place to gather for its fans then they need to lose the chat. Because if what has been described in the above posts is happening, it is a bad impression for this site, Jericho and CBS."

Something needs to be done NOW!!! Anyone who supports the people who are ruining the chat for everyone else does not deserve to be called a Jericho fan.

Jericho Chat Room Chat Logs

See for yourself

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Our Tribute To Openminded1: Class Act

Margie: I have hot gossip Edna. I heard something about an Openminded1 whose name is really Mary. Do you know her? Who is she?

Edna: As usual Margie, you're in the dark about some gossip and you need me to help you get your facts straight. Of course I know who openminded1 is, she's that lovely girl who started Radio Free Jericho. You should know, you spend every minute you can there. I still don't know how you got that Mr. Hawkins to lend you his laptop, though.

Margie: That laptop is none of your business! Of course I know Mary you old fool. I just wanted to know if you did. Did you know this laptop lets me pick up that new radio station that Mary made for us? I love Jericho music. What did Mary do for you?

Edna: I'll tell you what Mary did for me, she gave me a safe haven from you and your incessant talking! Whenever I want to get the latest news on Jericho (from people who don't just make it up, unlike some sisters who shall go nameless), I just go to Radio Free Jericho and spend some time catching up on all kinds of interesting things.

You know, I've heard you listening to that radio station when you told me you were going to sleep, you big fat liar.

Margie and Edna will probably never agree on much but they do agree that Openminded1 is a true friend, Jericho lover, and all-around fantastic person. She has made RFJ a place where everyone can find a safe haven, some peace, and
and have a little fun at the same time.

Here's our tribute to you, Mary:

Openminded1 and the team at Radio Free Jericho (RFJ) have built a gem of a fan forum. She realized early on during the campaign to Save Jericho that it was difficult to effectively plan and execute a descrete initiative on the CBS messageboard and that the mass board didn't always completely embrace differing opinions. So she created what she has often affectionately called the "island of misfit toys". I'm happy to occasionally be one of those toys too.

During the campaign to save the show I knew I could always come to RFJ for quick decisive action by its members and for the great and ideas they generated. They are some of the most proactive people in the Jericho fandom. What is most impressive, that while they plan activities off the CBS board where they are afforded a bit more organization, they have never lost sight of the importance of keeping traffic at the CBS board and daily transfer their ideas and initiatives over there and participate in the various boards there to the fullest.

In the end, I am proud to know and work with Open and the members of RFJ. You keep the fun in Jericho. Keep it up. Always eager to see what you all are up to.

RFJ Rocks.

- schumi

Well, I have always been very intimidated by forums, I would go and lurk, but never posted. The first time I posted anything anywhere was at CBS. I don't need to tell you how THAT went!!! I saw a thread talking about RFJ, so I came here to check it out. I have never felt more welcomed, or more comfortable sharing an opinion or idea. Open does a GREAT job with this site. She is a mom, a wife, has MANY RL demands to keep her busy, yet she always takes time to be here for us. Supporting us in whatever we do, be it a Jericho project, or a personal issue. I am so blessed to have found this place and everyone here.


In the early days of the Save Jericho Campaign, I was trudging through the CBS message board trying to find some order in the madness. I knew there must be something even poor little me, down in Mississippi, could be doing to help with this. But I was just at a loss to discover where the organized information could be found. Then I read a couple of posts that mentioned something called Radio Free Jericho. I had no idea whatever about what this could be, but free speech figured prominently in the messages. Since there was a link, I clicked on it, and I have never turned back. At RFJ, Open had made this truly organized file cabinet of all the stuff I needed to know. I could easily navigate inside that message board and find just what I was looking for. I also found some people who had a similar need for order among chaos, and they have become my friends, in a very short time. Open made this possible by ponying up the money, time and effort to establish this message board. I thank her for that and for being a good friend to me since that time.

rfj....what does it mean to me.....r...e....s....p.....


rfj is a group of people that speak their minds. they are open to criticism and accept criticism. all the members here have class. i am fortunate to call them my friends. they are funny and real.

mary....well....mary is great, i am glad that she started this place!

i have no idea of what else to say as everything i can think of is positive, but hard to put in words. i can only say that the world is a better place because of this group!


My thoughts and feeling about Openminded1 and RFJ are many and varied, all overwhelmingly good and positive. The creation of RFJ has offered a safe haven and a home for many many fans disgusted with the insanity that takes place on the main CBS board.

In the safe haven that Open and RFJ provides, I have seen amazing demonstrations of talent and ability, hilarious banter back and forth, and extremely heartwarming acts of charity and goodwill. All these things and much more all in the name of enhancing the enjoyment for the fans.

More importantly, RFJ has emerged as a strong voice in the areas of ensuring that all fans have accurate information and are afforded the opportunity to see an issue from all sides and base their judgements accordingly. I am extremely proud to be associated with such talented, witty, intelligent, and doggedly perseverant people as are found at RFJ.


This should be so easy because Open and RFJ both mean the world to me. However, to actually find the words to put down what is in my heart is almost impossible. I was in a bad place as far as Jericho goes when I came to RFJ. Open and the members here lifted me up and carried me until I had the strength to stand on my own again. Anytime I have needed help, someone to talk to, or just a laugh, Open is there. She cares about each one of us outside of Jericho. She takes the time to really know us. Through the many difficult times, it would have been easy to throw in the towel and walk away. But Open never did. She stuck with RFJ and she stood by all of us. The end result is RFJ. Not just the board, but the family. I can't imagine not having RFJ in my daily life. I am so thankful for the friendships I have made here and the amazing people who make up the RFJ family. I am eternally grateful for all Open has done and continues to do for RFJ and each member here. She may never know the impact her kind words and dedication have had on the lives of others. I am but one of those who will never forget her. Open, you mean the world to me. I thank God daily for you and for all of my friends at RFJ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think the only thing left to say is: OPEN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!


What does RFJ mean to me? RFJ has been a safe haven for me - a place where I can relax and be myself. A place where I can have a good time with friends and where if I need a friend, one is always found. The people here at RFJ will never know just how much they all mean to me.

I want to thank Openminded for providing this place for all of us. She is a wonderful person who takes the time to listen when you need to talk or vent. And she is also a good enough friend to tell you when you are off base - and always in a nice way. (and to help you get back on track) Open is the kind of person you can have a lot of fun with and has a great sense of humor. She is also a great leader here at RFJ - so dedicated to helping Jericho and helping the fans. I am proud to to work with with her at RFJ - and proud to have her as my friend!!!

RFJ and Openminded ROCK!!!


I didn’t know openminded1 when the Save Jericho campaign started. I didn’t know anyone on the boards, I was a newcomer to the online fandom at that point, and only became active on the CBS board because I was so upset about the cancellation. There were so many other upset fans at that time on the board, which was both a good and a bad thing. Good, because our outrage had numbers. Bad, because many good ideas to save the show quickly fell through the cracks, due to the huge amount of traffic. (I know many of you remember the days when a post would fall off the front page within minutes, rarely to be seen again.) We could not afford to let any idea go un-noticed at that point, and openminded1 saw the need for a “virtual filing cabinet”, so that all ideas had a safe place to live until someone could come along and breathe life into it. And so, Radio Free Jericho was born. I saw her and a few other posters talking on the CBS board about RFJ as a place to get organized, and I checked it out. What I found were a handful of people working hard to organize the chaos. This was something that appealed to my anal-retentive little soul, and so I jumped right in--I’m glad I did.

It's been several months now, and not only has RFJ continued to be an awesome filing cabinet for promotional ideas, but it has developed into a supportive, creative, and fun community. The people here not only work hard to promote “Jericho”, but they want to have fun doing it! Openminded1 has created a place where both hard work and sheer enjoyment are nurtured and encouraged, and I love her for it. She is also a staunch defender of her friends, which is a rare quality these days. She and I have never met face-to-face, but I am truly honored to call her my friend.


Openminded1 has a belt driven Jericho idea machine in her head. A small door opens up next to her ear and out pop golden egg ideas. They roll down the conveyer belt that runs straight through the center of RFJ and we all stand by and watch in awe as they keep coming. Open is really great at not holding your screw ups against you. She helped to open my mind to boards beyond CBS. In a community she set in motion people from many walks of life love to congregate and call home. Openminded1 is bonafide, down to earth Jericho Genius.


Openminded is exactly that- open to new ideas, new ways of promoting Jericho, and open to suggestions. She has a sharp mind, quick wit, and is a true friend when you need one. She will keep a confidence and can be trusted. She is also a staunch defender of RFJ and its' members. She truly is a genius and I am honored to know her. Love you Mary.