Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Antiquated Nielsen

"Of course, earlier I touched on the dangers that television programs face in the relevance of the soon to be antiquated Nielsen system as more and more shows are DVR’d and downloaded from iTunes, as Jericho showed. After Jericho got trashed in the ratings for it’s beleaguered 2nd season, it was the most downloaded show on iTunes. The math (logic) just doesn’t add up, but the advertising dollars do, as far as network execs are concerned, and their fat paychecks are dependent on!

Despite the disparities that we, the viewers are suffering when quality content gets dumped, they say that studios are trying to get ahead of this technological deficit. (Great, then bring back Jericho and Journeyman!)

Despite putting shows online with limited advertising, the revenue from those efforts is only a small fraction of what they make. They say it’s due to the smaller internet audience, and that might be true."

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lotta Nuts

"The Hollywood Reporter received a whole lotta nuts on Monday.

About 1,050 pounds of nuts flooded the THR mailroom, causing rampant chaos -- if "rampant chaos" can be defined as annoyed mailroom employees having to maneuver around 42 boxes of shelled nuts.

"Jericho" fans famously bombarded CBS last year with about 50,000 pounds of nuts to help persuade the network to pick up the show for a second season. CBS executives -- displaying a mix of pride and annoyance -- donated the nuts to charitable causes.

THR, however, is not a fancy broadcast network with a private commissary and neighboring Grove, but an oft-frantic Mid-Wilshire newsroom. When you're on a daily deadline and have skipped lunch because Tim Russert died, you need a desk drawer stocked with protein. Deliveries of free snacks, in other words, tend to be attacked like a UNICEF airdrop. So one of the 25-pound boxes of nuts that was brought to the newsroom was well-received, and by Tuesday several other boxes had vanished from the mailroom."

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

City of Oldsmar: Nielsen

"Nielsen doesn't deserve support

Once again the City Council of Oldsmar has given in to big business rather than support its citizens who elected them.

Of course, the Chamber of Commerce/Horrors has entered the fray and you know who they would support. Sure wouldn't be labor. They're one of the reasons Florida has such a low wage structure in the first place.

Now as to Nielsen being the largest employer in the city, how can that be when they're firing their longtime employees? Having Tata Consultancy Services supply employees from India does not make Nielsen an employer, only a renter of bodies.

How can anyone in their right mind justify giving such backing to such a bad citizen as Nielsen?"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Supernatural: Sera Gamble

"US paranormal drama series Supernatural has become a cult hit since it first hit TV screens in 2005.

Sera Gamble is the supervising producer and writer on the show.

She discussed what it is like working to a TV budget, the impact of the writers' strike - and why writing horror is so much fun.

Warning: This story contains plot spoilers."

"The drama around the possible defection from Paramount of the cinematic powerhouses behind DreamWorks is headline-grabbing - but it's only a distraction from what must really be driving Sumner Redstone crazy: In tough times for media giants, Viacom and CBS are doing even worse than their peers.

And yet, even if you conceded that Redstone was right strategically, you'd have cause to wonder if he got the timing or execution wrong. (As Redstone knows better than most, the market can't only be right when you are winning.) You'd also wonder how much of a cloud episodes like the intense scrutiny of Dreamworks' future cast over Redstone's empire, perhaps overshadowing other bright spots such as the improved year Paramount is having overall."

Monday, June 30, 2008

Blackjack Fairgrounds: Jericho Blog Carnival

The Monster is proud to present this carnival and many thanks go to Amy Vernon and Gwen for allowing it to continue. Thank you to all those who have participated. Let's go!

Phil from New Film Dimension gave permission to post about his blog entry:
Jericho: Still Strong and Supporting It.

This was a nice message of support and a wonderful collage of Jericho photographs.

The Jericho Online Crew gave permission to post about the Jericho Online game.
There is a description of the game on the home page. I played this game in the last round and it's a lot of fun. The next round starts on August 18th. The game staff are very responsive to questions and suggestions. Improvements to the game are made between the rounds. They recently added a forum, so you can talk to fellow players.

Wes at the Wycliffe Papers gave permission to post about his new story.
Wes e-mailed this about his story:
"Jericho -- The Third Event aims to provide, in narrative form, a pseudo-third season for the beloved television series. Characters from the first season will make surprise appearances, obscure and mysterious players from the second season will come into play, and new personae will also be thrown into the fray. The Third Event involves the course of the Second War Between the States, or The Second American Civil War, and consists of the military campaign between the ASA and the USA as well as political intrigue on the national and international level. The adventures involving characters from Jake Green to President Snowden and Valente to President Tomarchio promise to bring a justified extension to the story of Jericho."

Gwen is submitting these three links:
There have been two wonderful articles on Lennie James
Lennie James's Open Letter

Fallout: Damilola was just the beginning but I also stumbled upon this rare treat a video of Lennie James performing a speech by Brutus in Julus Caesar.

Gwen is submitting an article from Naples Daily News on American values in TV shows

Gwen is submitting an article from Helium
Jericho: Fiction or our possible future?

Jane and Beth of Margie and Edna's Basement present:
Exclusive: Jennie Sword Visits The Basement.

Amy of Remote Access submitted:
Jericho keeps making the news.

Terocious from Jericho Junction submits:
Jericho: Small Town on the Big Screen?

Debby submitted this entry from Jericho Junction:

The next edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds will be published on July 30th, with a submission deadline of July 25th. Submissions can be e-mailed to blackjack@jerichojki.com

The Blackjack Fairgrounds thanks you for your patronage.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Boys and The Demon

"The Winchester boys over on the CW's Supernatural sure have some good taste in demon hunters, as our pics of today's Babe of the Day can attest.

Katie Cassidy is one of the prettiest faces on television, and even though she will no longer be cross-bowing hell demons alongside Sam and Dean anymore, we're sure we haven't seen the last of this prime-time starlet."

"If you're unfamiliar with SUPERNATURAL, the fan adored CW show which ?revolves around two brothers, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), who are nomadic demon hunters that ride from town to town in order to investigate and vanquish supernatural evil? then I suggest you catch up by either renting Season 1 and 2 right now, or checking out this article I wrote a while back for theTVaddict.com. This article will be here when you get back. I?ll wait.

Those who are familiar with SUPERNATURAL may think it a bit strangely cyclical to want a movie of a TV show that initially advertised itself as a weekly horror movie. Because the show has maintained and perfected that high concept, cycling through many of the urban myths that have been already covered in movies, it might even seem a redundant suggestion to ask for yet another derivative horror/supernatural movie to subject ourselves to on the big screen."