Friday, June 6, 2008

The Jericho Store

Have you been to the Jericho Store?

New E-Bay Jericho Items Auction

MaryP and AlasJericho are at it again. This time they are trying to raise a few bucks to create a press kit and a secure a substantial quantity of nuts to try and bring some attention to our fantastic billboard! More details on this initiative will be posted soon, but have a look at our e-Bay auctions and consider bidding early and often to help us raise the money for this phase of the Sell Jericho initiative!

Jericho Online: The Game

"You are the mayor of a town that survived the attacks. It's your job to keep your people safe. Provide them with all they need to survive but beware, there are other towns who survived, and some of those towns out there will do anything to get your supplies. Make sure you provide your people with their needs and build up defences so you can fight any other towns who wants to steal from you. Whatever you do, keep your town on the map."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Ladies Of Supernatural


One of my favorite ladies from Supernatural is Loretta Devine who portrayed Missouri Moseley in the episode of "Home". I'd enjoy seeing her again.


"Welcome to A Great Thief, a fanlisting for the character Bela Talbot from the series Supernatural. A fanlisting is exactly what it sounds like: a place to list bring together as many fans as possible for the subject. If you want more information, see the site section, otherwise, please join!"

"Fanlisting for Supernatural's Ruby. A fanlisting is a list of a particular subject's fans and the countries they come from. It's a neat way to see the general geographic distribution of fans worldwide, and a nice way to show your love/support for the subject of the fanlisting. If you're a fan of Ruby, why not JOIN and show the world!"

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nielsen: Still Struggling

"NBC Universal and Nielsen have decided to collaborate on new sales measures using data from TV ratings, online video streaming and consumer activity based on specific industry categories. It's just the latest step by a TV network to cobble together information for advertisers that goes beyond the typical reach-and-frequency ratings that have been the benchmark of the business for decades.

"The pact comes as more advertisers are demanding measurements which take into account the new ways consumers are getting their entertainment and information. As more homes secure broadband connections, consumers' ability to watch TV programs and other forms of video entertainment online is increasing. So media outlets are looking for ways to measure viewing across different media venues, not just that taking place in front of the big screen in the living room. Marketers, meanwhile, are eager to discover just which ads lead consumers to purchase their products."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Anger At Nielsen

"New York's television stations are mad as hell at Nielsen Media Research. And after years of complaints about the monopoly that provides ratings data, local TV executives say they aren't going to take it anymore.

Blaming a ratings slide on the company's measurement system, the stations have begun talking to potential competitors about services that could supplement or eventually replace Nielsen's local people meters, which made their controversial debut in 2004.

But now, stations say they have no choice but to find other measurement sources. They insist that the company simply doesn't sample enough homes to provide accurate ratings for a market as big as New York.

Nielsen's critics argue that in a multichannel universe, the people meters' sample panel of 800 households is insufficient to measure a marketplace of 7.4 million television households. Those figures add up to a ratio of one sample for every 9,000 households.

“The sample size for the local people meters is too small, and it is destroying the market,” gripes a station executive. “Everybody is looking at alternatives.”

All of the executives interviewed for this article spoke on the condition of anonymity because of agreements with Nielsen not to criticize it in the press."

Monday, June 2, 2008

Disconnecting Nielsen

"Today is the day. The nice folks from the Nielsen company are coming out to disconnect all their equipment. Now that our commitment is over I can tell you that we have been a Nielsen family for the last two years. This is the second time we have been a part of the Nielsen Ratings system and it’s kind of a hoot knowing that what you watch on tv influences the ratings at least somewhat. One of our technicians told us we represented 60,000 households. Wow, that’s alot of folks channel surfing.

"Even though we represented 60,000 households of viewers, Jericho was still canceled. Moonlight was still canceled. I’m not convinced my Nielsen vote helped at all there. But I watched faithfully and always made sure Devoted Spouse and I were both logged in on the remote."

"Nielsen, the fumbling audience measurement company notorious for snapping up the competition instead of building a better product for market, is doing the print industry a favor and promising not to get involved in measuring its audience. Even though its new “anywhere/anytime” initiative promised to be able to measure all media consumption, David Calhoun’s band of incompetents won’t be treading on FAS-FAX territory.

Not only that: Nielsen is looking to get out of print entirely."