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A Monster Blogger Interview: Nuciferous

I fell in love with Nuciferous' blog the minute I saw it. If you're a Jericho fan you have to love it too. He has too much to list here so you'll just have to go look. He's a great guy who loves and promotes Jericho so Digg his blog and leave him some comments.

1. When did you become a Jericho fan?

I've been a fan since day one. Actually if you really want to know, I
was a fan from the day I saw the first commercial announcing this really
cool show about life after a nuclear terrorist strike.

2. What attracted you to Jericho?

The acting is great and the storyline keeps me wanting even more.
JERICHO is different from all other shows because it presents something
that could easily be in our not so distant future. In my opinion it's
reality television in the making. I'm going to miss Johnston Green and
as far as I am concerned Hawkins could kick Jack Bauers butt 8 days a
week and wipe up the mess with Chuck Norris. ** snerk **

3. Why did you decide to make your blog?

Well, that's kind of a long fateful story. It began as a geeky sort of
thing about a year and a half ago, before JERICHO even premiered. I
wanted a .us (dot us) domain name like the web site delicio.us. I looked
for a few months trying to find words that ended in us. I finally
remembered a word I had found while reading the dictionary way back in
high school. (Everyone say in unison UBER GEEK). The word was Nuciferous
which is an adjective meaning bearing nuts i.e. any plant that bears
nuts, like coconuts, walnuts, peanuts, etc. is nuciferous. The domain
names was available so I bought it. I played with the web site for a
while and did some video blogging. After a while I got bored and just
let it sit idle. When JERICHO was canceled and I found out about the
Nuts campaign, I had a little epiphany. Nucifero.us was the perfect
domain for the nuts campaign and to promote JERICHO. So I ripped
everything down, started over and, well, there you go.

4. Were you part of the Nuts campaign? I love your old Save Jericho page.

Thanks for the compliment on the old page. Originally it was just
something that I put up until I came up with a better design but I keep
it posted for prosperity purposes.

As for the Nuts campaign, Yes, I did as much as I could. I didn't send
any nuts in the bulk shipments, I figured that a few pounds give or take
wouldn't make much difference when they were faced with thousands of
pounds of nuts. I wanted to try getting through to the CBS execs under
the radar so to speak. I even went to the hardware store to buy a bag of
nuts (the inedible kind) just to be different. Assuming they got past
the mail room, I wish I could have seen the reaction to that.

5. Is there anything you'd like to have on your website that's not there

I would like to be able to grab the latest headlines from the CBS
message boards via RSS feeds. Again with the geeky stuff. It seems that
CBS is just now getting around to providing content that can be
displayed on other web sites with the JERICHO widget, which is an
excellent addition. Hopefully they have more in store for us.

6. How do you think we can reach more viewers?

I wish I were a marketing guru and could provide a better answer. I
honestly think, as fans we are doing all we can. From what I read on the
boards and from my perspective, CBS could do a better job at promoting
JERICHO. They should learn from past mistakes by not pitting it against
shows like American Idiot (no I didn't misspell that), air full seasons
in one run instead of putting it on hiatus, and give us a full rerun of
season 1 instead of a dozen episodes.The recent preseason football
problem and affiliates preempting the show for info-mercials is a
problem. I know that this is not entirely CBS's fault, some of these
deals were made before JERICHO was brought back and they don't have full
control over their affiliate content but it would be nice if someone
from CBS would participate in the boards and help keep us in the loop. I
would also like to see a fan newsletter/email list from CBS. The web
site is great but email is one more pipeline to keeping a the fans

7. What's next for you in regards to adding more to your blog?

More geeky stuff here. I hope to set up RSS feeds to grab headlines from
other fan sites and link to their stories. That's something in the
works. I just need to get around to doing it. Otherwise I am always
tweaking my site just to make it a little better. I just added threaded
discussions in the comments. (more geeky stuff). I wish I had more time
to keep up with the latest news so I can post it. Being a stay at home
dad to an active 4 year old makes it hard to find the time. Anyone who
would like to contribute to the site is welcome to come over and sign up
or contact me at "nuts {-at-} Nucifero dot US" with inquiries. Other
than that, I just keep up with what I can and keep an eye out for
anything that might help promote JERICHO.

8. Anything else you'd like to add?

I would really like to thank everyone who has been involved with
bringing back JERICHO and to those who continue to promote it. Keep up
the good work and let's all see if we can double our efforts for 14 more
season 2 episodes and a full 3rd season.

As for pre-season football and info-mercials. I think it's time to start
sending nuts to our local affiliates.

Everyone keep up the good fight and be nuciferous

A Monster Blogger Interview: Kystorms

You all know kystorms. She is a fan who works hard for Jericho. You'll find her visiting all the boards and blogging all the latest Jericho news. She's willing to help with any project and remains one of our best weapons for more seasons. I am happy to give you this interview from a truly caring Jericho Ranger.

1. You're a big Jericho fan and you're a blogger. Which came first?

I was a fan of the show first, and a blogger about 20 minutes later. I actually found out about the show way back during the first days of being announced and was instantly a fan, simply due to the story I knew Jericho could tell. After I found myself talking the ears off of anyone who would listen about the show, I decided to begin blogging it.

2. What message do you want your blog to convey?

First my blog is all about Jericho, what it means to me and what I hope to show others about it. After that, my blog is for everyone who loves Jericho, whether blogger, or fan. If there is something new being done, I want to write it up and have everyone share in it.

3. You're a representative for the Coalition of the Willing Fan Club Development. Why do you think a Fan Club is important?

I am actually no longer involved in the Fan Club effort , as I have always felt that the fan club was at CBS. I simply wanted to help make sure the fans were heard and saw being a representative for the Nuts for Jericho as a way to insure that. Since getting this request for an interview, I have come to see that I needed to be where I was always most at home as a fan of Jericho and that is CBS.

4. What would you like to see happen in Season 2?

Wow... too many possibilities! For one thing I am the biggest Stanley and Mimi fan on the planet... I love Brad Beyer and Alicia Coppola so much, and to see them each week is a joy for me. I would love to see them married with kids. After that.. I would like very much to see how the government side of the story will play out. Is this government going to be for the people and by the people, or has the war killed of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution forcing new ideals to be formulated.

5. How do you believe we can reach more new viewers?

By getting the word out on all the various efforts of the fans all across the different boards, and helping each other to bring these efforts to fruition. The more we all do to be in the public eye as a team, the better it is for Jericho and the fans. In other words, keep the fan activity in the forefront like we were doing during the save Jericho Campaign. We should not be choosing just one or two efforts to support. Charities are a great means of both helping our fellow man and helping show how awesome Jericho fans are.

6. Do you have a favorite Jericho blog/website that you visit regularly besides your own?

The site I check each day first is CBS, it is where we all began and where we should all be everyday. It is the home of Jericho, period. Other than that I love my nutty friends at Nuts For Jericho Forum and will always be with them. My favorite blog for Jericho is the Jericho Monster!

I am like every fan of Jericho regardless of their Jericho Home websites, I just want to keep seeing my show for many years to come and will help anyone to achieve that. My blog is Jericho~On~CBS.

Thank you for a fantastic interview and a great Jericho blog.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Starlace

Laci is also known as Starlace. I'm sure she's familiar to everyone on the CBS board and beyond. I got quite a few requests for an interview with her so here it is.

1. What do you like about Jericho?

Everything! What, that's too simple? To me, Jericho is the perfect example of when writing, production and acting mesh perfectly. The writing is superb and even though Jericho deals with the gravity of very intense issues, it still makes me laugh every week. It's not afraid to tackle complex and sometimes controversial plotlines. The characters are fully developed and feel like real people to me. There is not a weak link in the cast and they breathe life into the words they are given. In terms of acting, I'm a big believer in the idea that 'you're only as good as the people you work with.' Jericho demonstrates this for me...the actors bring out the best in each other and as a result, their characters continue to keep me interested. Jericho feels very real to me and I guess that's what I like the most.

2. What is your favorite episode/character and why?

Tough question! My favorite episode is Why We Fight...it made me laugh, it made me cry...what more could I ask for? Jake is probably my favorite character though I honestly love them all...I'm particularly intriqued by his past and the effect it's having on him today. I also love the dynamic between Jake, Emily and Jonah and how much it has shaped who they are. I should probably say I really like Mimi too because I can totally relate to where she's coming from. In that kind of world, I'd definitely be the city girl who doesn't know the first thing about being on a farm. I'm a quick learner though.

3. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to

I'd tell you it has something for everyone. There is drama, comedy, action, romance. It will make you think and challenge you, but it will also make you laugh. After an entire season of telling me it was 'too scary', I finally got my mother to watch Jericho with me during the campaign and she was hooked! If she liked it, I can pretty much guarantee you will too!

4. How do you think we can attract new viewers?

Word of mouth is probably our biggest assett. Continue to tell everyone you know about Jericho! I've already heard some great stories from Rangers about who they spread the word to. I try to use every opportunity I can to talk up the show, including the time I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and told my EMTs all about it! (don't worry...it was nothing serious). The internet has been a great resource for us and I think we've got to continue to use it by blogging, digging articles and staying active on the message boards. Wear your Jericho t-shirts whenever you can!

With the DVD set coming out in October, I think we've got to make them fly off the shelves! If it sells well, that may pique the interest of people who've never heard of Jericho or never watched it.

And as a suggestion to my fellow college students out there...see if you can arrange viewing parties in your dorms! I know Friday isn't the best night to get a bunch of college kids to sit around a tv, but if you offer free food, I bet people would show up and you might just get them hooked on Jericho! And if you can't afford free food, peanuts will do...

5. What do you like about the CBS board?

It's been a great place to meet people and discuss all things Jericho. Whether I'm looking for some lighthearted humor or a serious debate, it's all there on the CBS board. I always know I can go there for the latest news or to catch up with people I've come to know throughout the Jericho experience. I also appreciate that the cast and crew have used it to communicate with us. It feels like a special place for everyone in the Jericho family to come together.

6. Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or Jericho can go
I've had a very hard year personally and being a part of the Jericho family made it so much better! I just want to say it's been great to be amongst such wonderful company throughout the campaign. In the grand scheme of things, my role has been rather minimal, but to be associated with the amazing people involved in this campaign has been a wonderful experience. The Rangers never cease to amaze me with not only their creativity, but their initiative to see through many of the great ideas people have come up with! It's been an honor to be part of this and I've made some great friends who I wouldn't have met if it weren't for Jericho.

So thank you Rangers for being the awesome people you are and thank you CBS and everyone involved in the creation of Jericho for not only bringing the show back, but for giving us a show worth fighting for in the first place.

Thank you, Laci.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Ahma

I am very proud to turn the spotlight on ahma(Jackie) today. She is a hard worker for Jericho, a team player, and a genuinely sweet person. Her involvement in the DVD's for Troops is only one example of how hard she works. It's an honor to work on Jericho with you Jackie.

1. What attracted you to Jericho?

The first commercial I saw before the season ever started "Had me from Hello". I guess being one of the "duck and cover" generation it was just natural that the commercial would grab me the way it did.

2. What reason would you give new viewers as to why they should watch Jericho?

There are so many reasons I think new people should watch Jericho. For one reason, it's just really good. Great writing, the story line is just amazing, it keeps me absolutely nailed to my chair every week. Great acting, I find myself getting caught up in every plot and character. It's a great show to share with your friends and family, everyone can find something interesting about Jericho, it has so many different stories within the story. It has action, drama, suspense,comedy, romance. You can go through the whole gamut of emotions in one show! One minute your laughing, the next your on the edge of your seat, and there is always something to get a softie like me crying. Jericho has fans from 9 to 99.

3. How did the idea for DVD's for Troops become reality?

The DVD's for troops was an idea that DVRaddict brought up as one of the ways to support our troops, which is one of the main charity's we try to support at NutsForJericho. It had been an idea that had been floating around for a while and she was asking for volunteers to see if we could get something going. As soon as I saw her post I couldn't wait to get started, my husband did two tours in Vietnam, my brother was in the first Gulf War, and my cousin just got home from Iraq, and my brother is in Afghanistan training police officers right now. Of course, I couldn't have ever gotten anywhere without tons of help from everyone at NFJ, sending me off in the right directions! Once we had a decent start, Rubberpoulty, designed our graphic for us,(thank you again RP) and Hawksdomain set up the paypal account and did all the posting and linking for us.( I admit, I am nearly computer illiterate.haha)

4. What do you hope to accomplish with the campaign?

We would like to accomplish several different things with the DVD's for the troops. Of course, first and foremost, we feel it is a great way to let our troops know that we are thinking of them, that we appreciate what they are doing for us. Secondly, we think its a pretty good way to increase the fan base for the show, and help the sales of the DVD's. It's been stressed so many times how important this is to help guarantee season 3.

5. How can we all donate?

You can donate from the CBS site by clicking on the graphic RP made for us in the DVD's for the troops thread here. Or you can go directly to the NFJ site and donate there. The way Hawksdomain set it up is so fantastic, you can just give whatever you can afford, you don't have to purchase a whole season 1 DVD on your own, just like during the NUTS campaign when we could pool our funds. So every dollar counts, think of what we could do if all the fans from all the boards just donated a dollar!



Just that I am so grateful, to everyone that has helped us with the DVD for the Troops project. RubberPoultry for his graphic, and everyone that has donated, bumped, cheered us along, and kept me out of trouble. (who says ignorance is bliss)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: K4ist

I enjoy all the interviews but this one has a little something that makes it stand out. I hope you find that something too. Thanks k4ist.

1. What attracted you to Jericho?

Well, I'd have to say that the whole premise of the show appealed to me immediately. I'm a BIG LOST fan...and every episode of Jericho I see, I just can't help but say to myself "This show is every bit as good if not BETTER than LOST. Overall, the themes depicted in Jericho draw me right in to the "What would I do in this situation" frame of mind. Jericho makes me THINK...and for a network show, that in itself speaks volumes about it's quality.

2. What is your favorite episode and why?

Ok, if I have to pick one...gotta go with the Finale...it had everything...Action...drama....comic relief...and the hands down best cliff-hanger ending I've seen in like....forever.

3. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to watch?

Aside from duct taping you into the chair and fitting you with Malcolm McDowell-esque Eye holding open thingies? LOL....my method of encouraging new viewers has been to find out what interests them in a tv show...then jump them and show them that Jericho offers exactly what they like to see and tons more that they may have no idea that they like to see. Seems to be working...haven't lost a new one on my end yet!

6. Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or Jericho?

I'd just like to take the opportunity afforded here to express Thanks.
Thanks each and every fan out there who has done their part to help make this entire community what it is...we've come together as strangers, and grown into family...maybe slightly dysfunctional at times,lol...but family nonetheless. You guys/gals are the best, hands down!

Our Fan of the Week is terocious.
I first noticed terocious in the "Passions" thread. He is very friendly and welcoming and loves Jericho. In the past week he has seemed to branch out. I see his comments posted in various places and he can Digg with the best of us. He has also been submitting stories to Digg and I've seen him out on other threads much more often. Thank you terocious!

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Monster Australian Fan Interview: Fragile_Day

My apologies. This is an Australian fan.

This is an interview with a Australian fan. There are a lot of them and, if they were counted, we would not have to worry about Jericho being cancelled again.

Please meet fragile_day.

1. How did you learn about Jericho?

Through advertisements I saw on television. At first I was under the impression it was a home grown TV show (and I'm not a fan of many Aussie dramas), so I didn't pay much attention to the ads. The night Jericho premiered in the US I was on the homepage of IMDB and noticed a message on the front page that headlined "Jericho starts tonight!" and was curious. I found out it was actually a US drama and I read all about the premise and loved the sound of it. I tuned in to the airing of the Pilot on Aussie TV which was just a few hours after it aired in the US and was hooked.

2. What attracted you to the show?

Two primary things: 1) The fact a US television show was airing simultaneously with the US, something that had never been done before. We are usually months behind and never able to join in on internet dicussions and what not because the US is so far ahead, so there was that aspect of not being able to be spoiled and being up to date. 2) The premise, it was so different to anything else on television, I don't recall there ever being a show with such a premise. Completely original, which is always a positive these days on TV with so many ideas that have been done to death, we don't need any more crime and medical dramas.

3. When did Jericho first air in Australia and is it on now?

Jericho first aired in Australia the same day as the US, about 6-8 hours later. It is not on anymore, the first half of the season aired simultaneously with the US, without any interruptions until the three month hiatus. After those three months, there were no time slots available for Jericho, so we fell way behind. It came back a few months ago, but was pulled off the schedule due to poor ratings.

4. Will you be able to buy the DVD in Australia?

To my knowledge the DVD won't be released here in the near future. I will purchase the set off Amazon.

5. At one point there was a problem with Network Ten showing all the episodes. Is there still a problem?

See question 3. :) Some Aussies do want it back, but I don't forsee it coming back any time soon. I guess there's always the possibility it could come back during the summer non-ratings period, however when nothing else is on and all US TV shows have wrapped up on Aussie television.

6. Will you get to see the new episodes when we do in the U.S. or will they be delayed?

No, we won't get to see the new episodes when they're on in the US unless we download them.

7. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Nope, that's about it. But Australia loves Jericho, there are plenty of Aussies around!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Rick Cox

Rick Cox is a Jericho fan who is also a survivalist. I realize this article is longer than some but I felt you needed a good idea of his background. Someone said, "This is the type of guy who should represent a new era of "survivalism".
If you have questions after reading this please leave a comment and I will forward all questions to Rick for a response.

1. Can you explain a bit more about what a WMD
specialist is?

RC - In the Army, a NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Specialist is trained in virtually all facets of WMDs. This is done for two reasons, partly to recognize when a NBC/WMD attack is taking place (or has taken place), and partly to know what must be done to protect the rest of the US forces in the area so they can continue their mission. These troops are trained in how to calculate fallout patterns, half-life of fallout (to know when it's safe to move into or through an area affected by fallout), types of nuclear detonations, the various types of chemical agents as well as how they attack humans, and how to decontaminate personnel, vehicles, and equipment. The only area that was largely neglected in my day was biological as most folks figured that bio weapons were not being worked on and thus not a significant threat.

2. When and why did you become survival oriented?

RC - When I left Active Duty I became aware of just how lax the US had gotten in the area of Civil Defense. I was shocked that so little was being done to protect US citizens. As I was married and had 2 young daughters at the time I figured it was up to me to use the knowledge I'd gained in the Army to do everything I could to protect them. Over the years this feeling has done nothing but increase as my interaction with First Responders (Police, Fire, and EMS) has intensified.

3. What are First Responders concerned about and why?

RC - First Responders, like most folks, seem to have cycles when it comes to their concerns and priorities. Most of us are aware of the Y2K scare, and thank goodness that was more fizzle then meltdown, that was the first concern of theirs that I became aware of. There have been several others since. These days my impression is that Pandemic Flu is the big concern out there. Every conference I attend for my "day job" in telecommunications, where I support the Public Sector, has some briefing or training (sometimes several) related to Pandemic Flu. There are, IMO, several reasons for this. 1) We're overdue for a Pandemic Influenza. Historically these happen 3 times each century. In the 20th Century they happened in 1918/1919, 1958, and 1969 if memory serves. Typically they happen every 30 years or so. We're at nearly 40 years since the last one. Now, the ones in 58 and 69 were fairly mild with very little global effect. The one of 1918/1919 was
far more deadly and effected nearly every part of the globe. Small villages in Alaska and the Amazon Valley were nearly wiped out by that one, in an age when it took days or weeks to get to these places. Today I can get to virtually anyplace on the globe in 1 or 2 days. 2) Back then most folks either farmed, or lived near others who did, today virtually everyone gets all their food at grocery stores. Back then there was no true global economy, today speedbumps anywhere in the world will probably have an effect on prices or availability of goods virtually everywhere else. 3) The only truly effective measure we're probably going to have to fight a pandemic is quarantine. If that's the case government has several problems a) how to enforce the quarantine, b) how to keep enough cops etc. on the job to do such enforcement, c) how to get food, fuel, meds, etc. to the people they're responsible for in a quarantine environment and d) how to keep something
resembling an economy going during a large scale quarantine. So you can see that in a pandemic these folks are going to have their hands full. The same concerns would apply to some types of biological warfare agents that might be released by terrorists or rogue governments, Smallpox for example.

4. What kind of training does a First Responder get?

RC - Lots of variables here. Obviously police, fire, and EMS have different basic training for their jobs. Then there are specializations out there, SWAT for cops, EMT for the EMS folks, Haz-Mat for the fire folks, etc. These days there is a fair amount of training related to Pandemic Flu, distribution of meds, quarantine, etc. Again largely based on the job that each person would have in this situation, Ie cops for security, EMTs to distribute the meds, and fire/Haz-Mat to handle decontamination and such. I'm sure this sounds relatively simplistic, but this is in fact a very involved topic that we could discuss for quite some time. There are also variations based on one's location. In California they learn about earthquakes, mud slides, and forest fires. In Florida they learn about hurricanes. In Illinois they learn about tornados. In Rochester NY they learn about blizzards.

5. Is there a difference in being survival oriented as
opposed to believing in preparedness?

RC - Depends on who you ask I suppose. To me they can be used interchangably. Others get real nervous when the word "survival" is used, and some freak about "survivalist". In any event I figure it's all about mindset. Some folks, my darling wife included, don't want to think about what I call "What If?" So they don't dwell on what could happen during a natural disaster, a massive terror attack, a pandemic, or a global economic meltdown. Which, I humbly submit, is what leads to the horror stories that came out of New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. Anytime we have people who are unable to deal with situations of delivery interruptions in food, fuel, and medicines we have a recipe for disaster. The more dependency a people has on the regular delivery of the items they need to survive the more at risk they are during any interruption. Being "survival oriented" or "prepared" means doing more to ensure that we are not at the mercy of some
supply chain to keep us alive with the necessities we all require. Some will say that having enough for 3 days is adequate. The current FEMA recommendation is 2 weeks if memory serves. Personally I try to keep at least 6 months of the basics on-hand at all times, and when I can manage it a full years worth.

6. What do we, in the United States, need most to
worry about when thinking about preparedness?

RC - Way too many variables for such a simple question. Different parts of the nation have different concerns, see question 4 for some examples of this. But there are other variables as well. Folks in a desert need more water and some way to keep things cool. Folks in Alaska have to deal with serious cold and lots of snow. So the needs of different areas will vary. For most people there are some decisions that must be made, and the sooner the better. What do they see as valid threats to themselves and their families? How long do they figure they may have to survive with little or no outside help? What skills and/or experience do they have? Are they planning for themselves, a nuclear family, an extended family, or a multi-family team? Are they in an urban, suburban, or rural environment? How good are the Emergency Management and First Responder folks in their area and/or state? All of these things will impact what folks need to do or plan for.

7. What do people not know about being prepared that
you think they should know?

RC - Another simple question with many possible answers. I've talked quite a bit about the threat of Pandemic Flu, so lets use that as an example for this question. I'd guess that most folks have some experience with the annual Flu viruses that we're at risk for every year. So most folks figure that a Pandemic Flu would behave in much the same way, you get sick, you rest, you feel like hell, you get better, you go on with your life. But a Pandemic like we saw nearly 100 years ago didn't act like that at all. It came in waves, 3 or 4 over a 2 year period. It affected as much as 40% of the population at any time. It killed young adults more than kids or old folks. It could kill in a day. And it went everywhere. Today it would spread like wildfire, so the % effected up front could be far greater. But more importantly from a survival perspective, we're far more at risk from what I call ripple effect. By that I mean the interruptions of critical
supplies. Knowing that quarantine is the only real tool we can use to slow this down I expect all ships to be barred from docking which will affect the delivery of food, fuel, etc. I expect trucks, trains, and planes to be locked down as well with similar if more widespread results. I expect companies to cease work as they can't get enough workers in to maintain productivity. For those companies that make things etc. they won't be able to get raw materials, nor will they be able to ship their completed products anywhere. So the economy will take a nose dive. Not only won't there be any food items in the stores, assuming people are able/allowed to shop anyway, there won't be any $$ coming in to buy anything. Which means the government will have to figure out how to get food etc. to the people. But, bear in mind that the Feds will be having problems of their own, with big chunks of people out sick or caring for others who are sick. They'll also
have folks who won't come to work due to fear of getting sick. They will have to find folks willing/able to drive the trucks and trains and planes to get the stuff delivered. Then they have to have folks (cops or National Guard) to protect this stuff and some means to get it distributed during a quarantine. Get the idea that might be tough to do? Now, my family and I, have no concerns with this ripple effect as we have ample food on hand, seeds to grow more, and the ability to hunt. Unless we get caught in that first wave of Pandemic Flu we should be just fine.

8. How much are we at risk for a biological attack?

RC - In my opinion this is the most dangerous threat we face. Whether it's a bio agent released by a terrorist organization such as Smallpox or a natural event such as Pandemic Flu, this is my main concern these days. I've already talked at length about Pandemic Flu, but I'll add a couple of things. 1) There is no vaccine for this, and there won't be for roughly 6 months after it hits us. Why? Because it will be a new mutation, or possibly a newly combined virus. So any vaccine will have to be created from scratch. 2) It could take as much as 6 months longer for enough vaccine to be produced to make a difference after its created. That means roughly 1 year from the time the new virus is identified before we could have a vaccine and enough to do any good. The worst will be over long before then.

RC - For an actual biological agent attack there are other issues. Smallpox is the most likely, and the worst case, when talking about bio agents as far as we know. I say that because we know the Soviets were working on Chimera viruses (artificial combinations of viruses, such as Smallpox and Ebola) prior to the implosion of the Soviet Union. We don't know if they were ultimately successful or not. Thus Smallpox, possibly a weaponized and vaccine resistant version, remains our main threat. The US stopped vaccinating for Smallpox back in the early 70s. Since then only some First Responders, hospital personnel, and military folks have been immunized. The Smallpox vaccination is thought to be good for roughly 10 years, after that it's doubtful that most folks will have any resistance to the disease. Which means that today most of the US population has little or no resistance to Smallpox, a disease which has killed more people in the world than all
of our wars combined, averaging 30% lethality. Many of those who survive end up horribly scarred and/or blinded because of their infection. There is no treatment for this, once you get it you just have to ride it out and hope for the best. Smallpox is very contagious, it has traveled the world many times when it took weeks to get anywhere, it infected folks in virtually every village at a time when many folks never once traveled outside their village/surrounding area during their entire lives. There are many ways that terrorists could spread Smallpox, with subways being the biggest risk.

RC - Many folks don't see Smallpox as a serious threat. The WHO did after all mount a global campaign to eradicate this disease, and they did a good job. There is no natually occuring Smallpox anywhere on the planet today. However, the Soviets used to mass produce the stuff as part of their WMD package, to the tune of more than 20 TONS each and every year for many years. A few ounces smuggled out and sold to the bad guys would give them the seed stock they need to make as much as they want. Then it could be distributed in many ways and could devastate the entire world.

I was born in Chicago, grew up in the near-West burbs, and left for the
Army before I turned 18. I spent 8 years on Active Duty (Scout,
Tanker, Telephone Systems Technician), followed by 6 years in the Reserves
(Military Intelligence as a German and then Russian linguist, and Tank
Crewman Trainer), and finished my military career with 8 years in the
Illinois National Guard (NBC [aka WMD] specialist, and Forward Observer).
I was a NCO (Sergeant) for 19 of my 22 year military career.

When I left Active Duty I began my Telecommunications career. I
also participate in various training exercises and drills, including
a huge one in St, Louis (with the St. Louis Cardinals hosting it) last
year that had roughly 5,000 volunteers acting as victims of a chemical

As a volunteer I've been active with my county Emergency Management
Agency for several years now. I've been on the county Search And Rescue
team since it was formed more than 2 years ago. I've been CERT
(Community Emergency Response Team) certified for nearly a year and serve on
the local Citizen's Corps Council. I'm also exploring the Infragard
organization as another way to give something back to my community. All of
this involvement gives me frequent insight into what First Responders
plan for, train for, and are concerned about.

I've been survival oriented since I left Active Duty back in 85. I had
already been trained as a NBC NCO, the sergeant with the most
knowledge of WMDs in a company sized unit. So I was very aware of the nuclear
threat posed by the Soviets. Once the Soviet Union imploded I had
hoped that I could relax and not maintain such focus on "What If?" but that
was not to be. Y2K, terrorism, Pandemic Flu, etc. have all taken
their place as threats to be on the watch for. I received even more
training with a Chemical unit in the Illinois National Guard and have done
more than a little study on my own. As I mentioned previously I'm often
in attendance at various conferences etc. for First Responders. So I
hear about their concerns, I see what products get the most attention,
and I talk to them every chance I get.