Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Starlace

Laci is also known as Starlace. I'm sure she's familiar to everyone on the CBS board and beyond. I got quite a few requests for an interview with her so here it is.

1. What do you like about Jericho?

Everything! What, that's too simple? To me, Jericho is the perfect example of when writing, production and acting mesh perfectly. The writing is superb and even though Jericho deals with the gravity of very intense issues, it still makes me laugh every week. It's not afraid to tackle complex and sometimes controversial plotlines. The characters are fully developed and feel like real people to me. There is not a weak link in the cast and they breathe life into the words they are given. In terms of acting, I'm a big believer in the idea that 'you're only as good as the people you work with.' Jericho demonstrates this for me...the actors bring out the best in each other and as a result, their characters continue to keep me interested. Jericho feels very real to me and I guess that's what I like the most.

2. What is your favorite episode/character and why?

Tough question! My favorite episode is Why We Fight...it made me laugh, it made me cry...what more could I ask for? Jake is probably my favorite character though I honestly love them all...I'm particularly intriqued by his past and the effect it's having on him today. I also love the dynamic between Jake, Emily and Jonah and how much it has shaped who they are. I should probably say I really like Mimi too because I can totally relate to where she's coming from. In that kind of world, I'd definitely be the city girl who doesn't know the first thing about being on a farm. I'm a quick learner though.

3. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to

I'd tell you it has something for everyone. There is drama, comedy, action, romance. It will make you think and challenge you, but it will also make you laugh. After an entire season of telling me it was 'too scary', I finally got my mother to watch Jericho with me during the campaign and she was hooked! If she liked it, I can pretty much guarantee you will too!

4. How do you think we can attract new viewers?

Word of mouth is probably our biggest assett. Continue to tell everyone you know about Jericho! I've already heard some great stories from Rangers about who they spread the word to. I try to use every opportunity I can to talk up the show, including the time I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and told my EMTs all about it! (don't worry...it was nothing serious). The internet has been a great resource for us and I think we've got to continue to use it by blogging, digging articles and staying active on the message boards. Wear your Jericho t-shirts whenever you can!

With the DVD set coming out in October, I think we've got to make them fly off the shelves! If it sells well, that may pique the interest of people who've never heard of Jericho or never watched it.

And as a suggestion to my fellow college students out there...see if you can arrange viewing parties in your dorms! I know Friday isn't the best night to get a bunch of college kids to sit around a tv, but if you offer free food, I bet people would show up and you might just get them hooked on Jericho! And if you can't afford free food, peanuts will do...

5. What do you like about the CBS board?

It's been a great place to meet people and discuss all things Jericho. Whether I'm looking for some lighthearted humor or a serious debate, it's all there on the CBS board. I always know I can go there for the latest news or to catch up with people I've come to know throughout the Jericho experience. I also appreciate that the cast and crew have used it to communicate with us. It feels like a special place for everyone in the Jericho family to come together.

6. Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or Jericho can go
I've had a very hard year personally and being a part of the Jericho family made it so much better! I just want to say it's been great to be amongst such wonderful company throughout the campaign. In the grand scheme of things, my role has been rather minimal, but to be associated with the amazing people involved in this campaign has been a wonderful experience. The Rangers never cease to amaze me with not only their creativity, but their initiative to see through many of the great ideas people have come up with! It's been an honor to be part of this and I've made some great friends who I wouldn't have met if it weren't for Jericho.

So thank you Rangers for being the awesome people you are and thank you CBS and everyone involved in the creation of Jericho for not only bringing the show back, but for giving us a show worth fighting for in the first place.

Thank you, Laci.


terocious said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you Starlace. Jericho might just be the most well balanced program I have ever seen.

PlatPat said...

Starlace, great interview! You are right about talking it up to everyone. Just last night I got an email from a friend who, although I had been sending email and reminders to watch the show, etc., never once mentioned to me until last night that she and her son watched it all last Season!!

I think people don't want to admit how "into" it they are until they find out that it is "safe" because you understand where they are coming from.

So keep on talking about it -- you never know.


azlady said...

Great interview. I agree with you Starlace, Jericho has something for everyone, and the characters feel so real to me when I watch it I feel like I am hanging out with my neighbors.