Monday, August 20, 2007

A Monster Australian Fan Interview: Fragile_Day

My apologies. This is an Australian fan.

This is an interview with a Australian fan. There are a lot of them and, if they were counted, we would not have to worry about Jericho being cancelled again.

Please meet fragile_day.

1. How did you learn about Jericho?

Through advertisements I saw on television. At first I was under the impression it was a home grown TV show (and I'm not a fan of many Aussie dramas), so I didn't pay much attention to the ads. The night Jericho premiered in the US I was on the homepage of IMDB and noticed a message on the front page that headlined "Jericho starts tonight!" and was curious. I found out it was actually a US drama and I read all about the premise and loved the sound of it. I tuned in to the airing of the Pilot on Aussie TV which was just a few hours after it aired in the US and was hooked.

2. What attracted you to the show?

Two primary things: 1) The fact a US television show was airing simultaneously with the US, something that had never been done before. We are usually months behind and never able to join in on internet dicussions and what not because the US is so far ahead, so there was that aspect of not being able to be spoiled and being up to date. 2) The premise, it was so different to anything else on television, I don't recall there ever being a show with such a premise. Completely original, which is always a positive these days on TV with so many ideas that have been done to death, we don't need any more crime and medical dramas.

3. When did Jericho first air in Australia and is it on now?

Jericho first aired in Australia the same day as the US, about 6-8 hours later. It is not on anymore, the first half of the season aired simultaneously with the US, without any interruptions until the three month hiatus. After those three months, there were no time slots available for Jericho, so we fell way behind. It came back a few months ago, but was pulled off the schedule due to poor ratings.

4. Will you be able to buy the DVD in Australia?

To my knowledge the DVD won't be released here in the near future. I will purchase the set off Amazon.

5. At one point there was a problem with Network Ten showing all the episodes. Is there still a problem?

See question 3. :) Some Aussies do want it back, but I don't forsee it coming back any time soon. I guess there's always the possibility it could come back during the summer non-ratings period, however when nothing else is on and all US TV shows have wrapped up on Aussie television.

6. Will you get to see the new episodes when we do in the U.S. or will they be delayed?

No, we won't get to see the new episodes when they're on in the US unless we download them.

7. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Nope, that's about it. But Australia loves Jericho, there are plenty of Aussies around!


terocious said...

Great Interview. I cannot believe that CBS is together enough to release Jericho to Australian Television on the same day as in the US but then there has been no Innertube for those who get into the show. Thank's Fragile_Day

Myles said...

Terocious, just to address this: once CBS sells distribution rights to an Aussie network, or a network anywhere around the world, it is then up to that distributor to decide when to air the show and whether to offer streaming video akin to Innertube.

And, just a note, but this appears to actually be an Australian fan interview, if I'm not mistaken. ;)

erika said...

Ooh, I love an interview with an international fan. I just hope thay get a chance to watch all the shows. Once again, we see that the world is small, and sharing is good.

terocious said...

Now I understand.

-Thanks Myles

Jericho Saved said...

My apologies for the confusion. This is an Australian fan. I mistakenly, at first, said Canadian.

terocious said...

Do you know I simply thought for some reason canadians were tuning into Australian TV. My morning brain did not really question the time difference and geography.

Jericho Saved said...

Oh no. Morning Brain Syndrome will get you every time. I have it every day too.