Saturday, June 30, 2007

Proposed Jericho Usenet Newsgroup

This is a posting by bbqnate and he needs support from all Jericho fans. Please help if at all possible.

"I have submitted an official proposal to the Big-8 Management Board (B8MB) to start a DISCUSSION (Discussion only at this point in time) for a Jericho specific USENET newsgroup. The newsgroup name (as it is proposed now) would be rec.arts.sf.tv.jericho.

To see my proposal:


It was originally posted on 6/28

The proposal was posted to the following groups:


I hope everyone can keep track of the proposal in those groups because there WILL BE discussion about the proposal. I would think a big sticking point will be the fact that Jericho has only been around for one season. The gentleman who I was e-mailing in the Big-8 Management Board helped me clean up my original proposal text before he posted it to the above newsgroups. He is the one who told me there might be an issue with Jericho not being around for a long time. He said :
"You'll definitely want to follow the discussion on news.groups.proposals; this is going to be a controversial proposal simply because we haven't done anything like this before (created a group for a show that hasn't been around for many years), but I don't think it's necessarily doomed."

So again I WILL need everyones help to read the groups. The most important right now is the news.groups.proposals usenet group. (If I understand the step by step process correct)

Having an official USENET group is significant becuse even though you can read usenet groups on groups.google.com you can also read/write to usenet groups from an ISP's NNTP (newsgroup) server. Almost every ISP will have a dedicated news server. Before Google groups I read all my newsgroups from my ISP news server."

Skeet Ulrich As Jake Green

Since Jericho returns in reruns July 6 I thought it might be helpful to explain a bit about some of the characters. If you haven't watched Jericho before rest assured that I'm not going to tell you anything that will spoil it for you.

Jake Green ( played by Skeet Ulrich) is the Prodigal son of Jericho.We first see him arriving home, greeting friends and family, and being evasive about where's he been. We know there's a story here. We learn that Jake has returned home for his grandfather's funeral. We also learn that Jake has been gone from Jericho for 5 years although he gives a variety of answers to the question of where he's been. Was he really off playing baseball or was he in the military? Let's see, Jake, was that Army or Navy?

Jake goes to his father, Johnston Green, and asks for the inheritance his grandfather left him. When Johnston refuses to give it to him we know there's a mysterious story buried deep inside their words. Anyway, Jake decides he may as well leave town again so he hits the highway. Of course he doesn't get far before he sees the mushroom cloud. Distracted, his car collides with another. Thus begins the journey that will, once again, return him to Jericho.

In one later scene Jake is asked about his knowledge of water pumps and states that he was once a pool boy which you just know isn't true. There's another scene where Hawkins ( character to be discussed tomorrow) looks Jake up on the computer ( it works?)and learns that Jake's passport is flagged by the government. You'll like that part of the story too.

For all the info you could want on Skeet Ulrich check here:


Friday, June 29, 2007

National Flyer Day For Jericho

Jericho Reruns Airing in 7 Days

National Flyer Day--Spread the Word

Saturday 06/30 - National Flyer Day! Leave with 100 flyers. Come home empty handed. Post anywhere and everywhere you can: grocery Stores, restaurants, libraries, gas stations, convenience stores, any place that has a bulletin board or will let you tape up). Lots of little stores are owned by private owners and they won't mind!

Cost: 100 b/w copies off your personal printer and scotch tape (one roll $2?) Oh, and your time! You would be surprised how fast you will get rid of 100 flyers!
Or make your own! Handwritten is fine. Get flyers here:


Shaun and Skeet:

New Video of Shaun Meeting In LA With Jericho Cast & Nuts!!!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Older Couch Potatoes

I found an interesting article in the June 26, 2007 AdAge. For the fifth year in a row Magna Global's Median Age Report has found that the median age of people who watch the top five networks during Primetime has increased. It's not much- from 47 to 48 for the 2006-2007 season.

CBS has a median age of 54. They did lower their percentage of 65+ viewers and increased the percentage of viewers aged 50-64. So, CBS' average age stayed at 54. NBC's median age is 49, ABC's is 48, and Fox sits at 42. Median age of the CW viewers is 32.

Therefore, my question is why do CBS and other networks still insist upon wanting the 18-49 group? Maybe the median age is increasing because younger viewers are watching their favorite shows in other ways? Another report in the June 25, 2007 AdAge found that TV time is almost equal to the time 9-17 year olds spend involved in social networking. "And when kids are multitasking, they're four times more likely to pay closer attention to whatever they're doing online than to whatever they're watching on the tube. "
Could these older viewers be the reason Katie Couric's show isn't doing too well? Perhaps Leslie Moonves has ticked off the very audience he needs. Maybe he'd do well to start catering more to older couch potatoes.



Jericho Nutty Update

I wanted to post some updates today to let everybody know what is going on in our Jericho campaign. I'm happy to report that new Rangers are joining us every day. It's hard to believe but most of these newcomers are saying they just now found out that Jericho was canceled. Nuts! We are glad to have them and welcome anyone else who cares to join us.

Be sure to watch the videos I've listed. They are fantastic. What talented Rangers we have.

1. Vote for Jericho:


2. Jericho Word Search and Crossword section


3. South Carolina Rangers:

Planning a viewing party for July 6 at Sticky Fingers in Columbia (Harbison)

4. NUTS Follow-Up Staten Island Project Homefront


5. An idea is circulating on the Promote Jericho board for a caravan across America to promote Jericho. Modeled somewhat after the Olympic Torch run, we would map a route, hopefully through each state and ask Jericho fans to join up for as long a ride as they could. Initially the suggestion was for a motorcycle ride but I and other non-motorcyclists would like to open up the idea to everyone. The suggestion was made post on this board so maybe each state thread could coordinate the effort in that state. The idea is still rough so any suggestions are welcome. The following are a few of the things we would need to decide on if this idea goes forward:

What would be our "torch?" I am assuming almost everyone would be willing decorate whatever their ride vehicle is with promotional signs, etc. but I think we need one item to pass on.

Is there someway to make this a fund raising effort for Greensburg?

Do we make it a continuous ride or have scheduled legs with some breaks in between?

How do we draw media attention to the ride?

Time frame suggestions i.e. during re-run period, dead period between re-runs and new episodes, etc.?

What is our destination?

More details:


6. Phase two in the “Promote Jericho” video challenge can now begin.

The winning videos are on a playlist here: http://tinyurl.com/2vefgs

Please watch, rate, and comment on both of these vids as much as you can in the next week, and even after the re-runs start on July 6th. Much like during the “Save Jericho” campaign, raising the videos’ visibility on the hosted site will bring word of the shows' return to people who aren’t aware that it has even been renewed. I know that I can count on all of you to help with this phase!

7. Newsletter:

SIGN UP FREE AT http://www.jerichotimes.com

The Jericho Times has been putting together a weekly newsletter of the activities that happen on this board - and giving information to the fans that do not visit this site everyday. It is FREE to sign up and email newsletters are a great - cheap - way to maintain communication.

The newsletter includes news about the campaign, viewing times, important board messages, videos, news articles, etc.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Black Donnellys

Yes, this is a Jericho blog so why is this about TBD's today? First, because I know how important bloggers were to the Nuts campaign so this is a small return the favor type thing. Second, these fans of TBD's are really nice, polite, kind folks and I believe they deserve a helping hand in spreading the word. Third, they may not have our Jericho Rangers numbers but they definitely have the passion. Therefore, I have invited Paige, Ruth, and Carmen to explain the details of their campaign. They are VIP Guest Bloggers and I thank them for their efforts.

If you haven’t heard of The Black Donnellys (“TBD”), there are several reasons why which I will explain in the following paragraphs. But first, a look into what The Black Donnellys is all about and why you should tune in……

The show was written by Oscar award winning writers Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco (Crash). The show was largely based on Bobby Moresco’s life growing up in Hell’s Kitchen. The Black Donnellys is narrated by Joey “Ice Cream” and follows four Irish brothers, Tommy, Kevin, Jimmy and Sean Donnelly who place family above all and find themselves catapulted into a life they never dreamed of. In the pilot episode, Tommy and Kevin do the unthinkable to save their brother Jimmy from himself and to keep him and the family out of harms way… and this is where it all begins. Throughout the season, we see the emotions erupt, motives unravel and suspicions revisited. The Black Donnellys offers drama, comedic relief, action, suspense, and most of all, a glimpse at what it means to be a family.

So now I will get to the reason The Black Donnellys was pulled from the air after the 5th episode and the continuing struggle for the fans to bring the Donnelly boys back for a second season.

NBC first aired The Black Donnellys on February 26, 2007 on Monday night at 10:00 p.m. EST and pulled in 6 million viewers. This was an amazing number of viewers considering NBC failed to market The Black Donnellys. The first and second episodes followed Heroes and was up against CSI Miami, an already well established and popular show. The third and fourth episodes aired after a primetime game show (Heroes was on hiatus), which is not a favorable lead-in for The Black Donnellys because of the demographics of that particular audience. Finally, the April 2nd show (5th episode) was aired in competition with the NCAA tournament. As NBC's first pick for the 2006-2007 fall season, NBC missed a great marketing opportunity and failed TBD from the start. The Black Donnellys was originally intended to air in the Thursday night timeslot, while ER was on hiatus in January. Instead TBD was pushed back to air in February on Monday nights, a night known as the most dreaded timeslot.

NBC took The Black Donnellys off the air after 5 episodes and placed the show on NBC.com and Itunes for our small screen viewing pleasure and then the fun started. The fans sent emails and letters and made phone calls pleading with NBC to let them know the future of The Black Donnellys. We wanted our show back on primetime! The fans received no response from NBC. Instead, NBC “forgot” to upload the episodes on the internet and began deleting threads pertaining to efforts to “save The Black Donnellys” without any warning. What is so upsetting about this is that many, many fans spent a lot of time placing information on the boards (i.e., media contact information, daily tasks, sample letters, etc), which were all erased without a moment’s thought after all of the work the fans had done. Now we not only have to recreate the wheel but we can’t even place a topic on the NBC boards directing fans to our campaign website without the thread being instantly deleted and our accounts getting suspended.

So, are the “firecrackers” backing down? Well, of course not! We've renewed our efforts to save The Black Donnellys. We are focusing our efforts on HBO (and if need be, other networks later on) since NBC appears to be doing everything it can to squash the Save The Black Donnellys campaign. Therefore, we've created our own website containing information about the Save The Black Donnellys campaign. You can find all of the information you need about the ongoing campaign efforts at http://savetheblackdonnellys.net/ . Our current campaign initiatives are focused on spreading the word about the campaign and sending shamrocks, quarters and crackers (for the "firecrackers") to HBO. To make things really easy, we've even included a "Donate" button on the campaign website so that you can contribute to the bulk shipment of crackers that we plan to send to HBO soon. In addition, each day we post a new "Daily Action Item" on the campaign site. These items are targeted at creating the most buzz about The Black Donnellys and letting HBO know how much we want a second season. Best of all, the daily action items take only 5-15 minutes to do so everyone can participate. We'll continue to discuss the campaign, new ideas, and our progress in the "Firecrackers" section at The Firecracker Lounge http://thefirecrackerlounge.com/firecracker/index.php#1. We need everyone to help with whatever they can. Please join us in the fight to bring back the Donnelly brothers for season 2. Thank you.

**The Black Donnellys petition has over 36,000 signatures and is gaining speed every day. Sign the petition at www.petitionspot.com

**Mark Cuban realized a quality drama in The Black Donnellys. HDNet is currently airing the first season on Wednesday nights at 8:00 EST. Visit www.hd.net/ for more information.

**Watch all episodes of The Black Donnellys on NBC.com and/or Itunes!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Medication Stockpiles

I received a comment yesterday from bloggrr re: my blog on Survival Skills. She asked about shelf life of Synthroid which got me to thinking about medications and how they would be affected by a disaster.

Bloggrr, the shelf life of Synthroid, is said to be about 2 years. However, it is prone to degrade faster in response to light, temperature, air, and humidity. Some of the disaster preparation sites I visited suggest that everyone taking medication stockpile a 7 to 14 day supply. You would rotate them so your supply was always fresh. Some say not to stockpile and I couldn't find anybody discussing what to do if you needed your meds for over 14 days.

There are message boards where posters discuss preparedness and meds and some of them mentioned learning about herbal remedies. Of course, herbal remedies wouldn't work for everyone. This led me to consider other scenarios such as what would happen to people who need anti-depressants, insulin, or antipsychotics. What about those living on a fixed income? Those on Medicare and/or Medicaid? It would be difficult for them to stockpile even if they found a Dr. who would prescribe extra. It would, of course, depend on what type of disaster we're talking about. If a hurricane or tornado hit us then we might be fine with a small stockpile of meds or we might be fine without them if we could leave our area and go to one that wasn't affected. A Jericho incident is a whole other story. What if the entire USA was affected? That really is a scary thought.
The websites listed below can do more justice to this subject than I can ever hope to and that's a fact.

The Red Cross has an excellent website that lists everything we should do before a disaster hits.

Here's a guide to disaster supply kits:

Bioterrorism Disaster Preparedness:

Monday, June 25, 2007

Survival Skills and Jericho

I have a confession to make-- I don't watch a lot of TV. I just like to read. When Jericho came along it captured my attention like few programs have. Oh, I do love " Brothers and Sisters" but I'm sort of afraid to keep watching in case it gets cancelled. Anyway, when I watch TV I mainly watch for the entertainment. What I mean is that I take it at face value.

However, I was talking with some folks recently about blog topics and someone asked why didn't I write about how Jericho has raised awareness of the need for disaster preparations. I had to think about that for an hour. I started surfing around and reading various articles, posts, and message boards and was surprised to find how many people are interested in the subject. Which came first? The interest or Jericho?

Since I live near TVA I've always been aware of the possibilities of a disaster. I just never thought much about it. Imagine my surprise when I was able to post a message about Jericho on an Avian Flu board. Yes, lots of fans there. All this led me to thinking about survival skills in case of a disaster. I thought about Jericho and the lack of water, food, medicine, transportation, shelter, ventilation. What about heating and cooling, medicines, sanitation, communications? Guess I'd put Rich at Copywrite Ink in charge of all communicating.

I was thinking about all this and wondering how many people actually have the skills that would be needed to survive. I happened upon a very interesting post at JerichoRallyPoint just in the nick of time. Someone posted about SCA- the Society for Creative Anachronism. http://www.sca.org/
The SCA is a historical re-enacting group that recreates the Middle Ages. They are non-profit and educational.

I won't go into all the details here since they're on the website but I find this group fascinating. If anybody could survive a disaster it's these folks. Some of them forge their own steel weapons while others make candles or learn how to preserve food. Think about it. Could you make a fire without matches or a lighter? Could you kill, clean, & cook wild game? How about purifying water or preserving food without refrigeration?

Now I'm looking at Jericho in a different way. I try to imagine no heating or cooling system, no TV or computer, no microwave. That's depressing. So, I think I'm going to brush up on a few survival skills just in case.If worse comes to worse I suppose I'll make my way to Kansas. Skeet, leave a candle burning.

More info:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Announcements

I have been asked to make this announcement for Jericho Fans in Tennessee:

Hey Tennessee Rangers!

They don't call us the Volunteer state for no reason. Let's live up to our name! That means all of you--Vols, Bucs, Tigers, Commodores!

We need to organize regional Tennessee activities to promote Jericho!

Viewing parties! Barbeques! Tail gate parties this fall!

Post you ideas here! http://jerichoboard.cbs.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?tsn=1&nav=messages&webtag=cbsmbjericho&tid=15196

Let's get going!


Another Announcement!!

Jericho Forever Message Board Now Open!


This is a beautiful board with lots of nice things by rubberpoultry. It has a nice feel to it & looks fantastic.