Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jericho Nutty Update

I wanted to post some updates today to let everybody know what is going on in our Jericho campaign. I'm happy to report that new Rangers are joining us every day. It's hard to believe but most of these newcomers are saying they just now found out that Jericho was canceled. Nuts! We are glad to have them and welcome anyone else who cares to join us.

Be sure to watch the videos I've listed. They are fantastic. What talented Rangers we have.

1. Vote for Jericho:


2. Jericho Word Search and Crossword section


3. South Carolina Rangers:

Planning a viewing party for July 6 at Sticky Fingers in Columbia (Harbison)

4. NUTS Follow-Up Staten Island Project Homefront


5. An idea is circulating on the Promote Jericho board for a caravan across America to promote Jericho. Modeled somewhat after the Olympic Torch run, we would map a route, hopefully through each state and ask Jericho fans to join up for as long a ride as they could. Initially the suggestion was for a motorcycle ride but I and other non-motorcyclists would like to open up the idea to everyone. The suggestion was made post on this board so maybe each state thread could coordinate the effort in that state. The idea is still rough so any suggestions are welcome. The following are a few of the things we would need to decide on if this idea goes forward:

What would be our "torch?" I am assuming almost everyone would be willing decorate whatever their ride vehicle is with promotional signs, etc. but I think we need one item to pass on.

Is there someway to make this a fund raising effort for Greensburg?

Do we make it a continuous ride or have scheduled legs with some breaks in between?

How do we draw media attention to the ride?

Time frame suggestions i.e. during re-run period, dead period between re-runs and new episodes, etc.?

What is our destination?

More details:


6. Phase two in the “Promote Jericho” video challenge can now begin.

The winning videos are on a playlist here: http://tinyurl.com/2vefgs

Please watch, rate, and comment on both of these vids as much as you can in the next week, and even after the re-runs start on July 6th. Much like during the “Save Jericho” campaign, raising the videos’ visibility on the hosted site will bring word of the shows' return to people who aren’t aware that it has even been renewed. I know that I can count on all of you to help with this phase!

7. Newsletter:

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1 comment:

paigec71 said...

Hi Jericho Saved! Thanks for the update. I just voted for Jericho. I have found that I can't watch the videos yet b/c I am only on episode 9...I just saw someone get shot (I think) and I shut it down so I don't spoil the remaining episodes :) I will check them out when I am finished with the first season!

Thanks again!