Saturday, April 12, 2008

CBS: Paying Big Bucks

No wonder CBS is laying off people.

"CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves' compensation soared last year -- to $36.8 million, a 28% increase over the previous year -- even as ratings on its flagship television network slipped and advertising sales at its radio and television stations softened.

Moonves, 58, earned a base salary of $5.3 million for 2007 and was awarded a $18.5 million cash bonus. Moonves also received more than $13 million in stock and option awards, according to the proxy. Moonves struck a new long-term contract with the company in October. The new deal stretches through September 2011."

"The daily Nielsen ratings do not include the out-of-home viewers yet. When Nielsen makes the data broadly available ­ perhaps as early as this month, in a limited fashion ­ it will be reported separately, apart from the ratings “currency” for buying and selling commercial time. Still, the numbers present a more accurate reflection of the audience for a given episode or event."

"The Nielsen Company yesterday confirmed that it had made company-wide job cuts—including at its Nielsen Business Media division.

Although it declined to say exactly how many people were let go, Nielsen says this latest round of layoffs puts the company closer to its goal of reducing 4,000 positions, which was part of a restructuring plan announced in December 2006. According to sources, as few as 40 and as many as 200 people were laid off. Nielsen said the cuts were across the entire organization and are not concentrated in any particular brand."

Friday, April 11, 2008

Television History

"The biggest disaster in the history of news television.

That's the only way to describe the Katie Couric fiasco at CBS News. The network that once set the standard for news broadcasting is mired so deep in ratings hell that they are thinking of getting rid of Couric after the November elections."

"Welcome to skeetulrich.info , a fansite for the actor Skeet. Here you'll find all the latest news, videos, biography, articles and the most extensive Skeet Urich gallery on the net."

"Now, it looks like Jericho’s producers at CBS Paramount are starting to realize that it may not be in their financial best interests to simply pull the rug out from under the 8 million-or-so loyal Jericho followers. They’re apparently working on a deal with cable television giant Comcast to revive the series yet again, and produce a third-season with Comcast footing a part of the bill. Comcast would then gain first-to-air rights to Jericho, before the networks at large have their opportunity to cash in. This is both out-of-the-ordinary, and quite revolutionary in what it proposes."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jericho and BSG

Amy Vernon strikes again with the Battlestar Galactica Blog Carnival.

Thanks to polyesterbride for this:

Charity Autism Speaks... Watch the video with music "World" by Five for Fighting. For every hit Five for Fighting donates $0.40 to autism research. So far there have been over 2 million hits.

"At this point, any news of Jericho's demise should be considered exaggerated. Once a show proves that it can rise from the ashes based on fan support – it becomes a unique commodity in television. While Jericho's audience might not be CSI-sized – they are far from the regular casual viewers. They are dedicated, and they'll follow the series wherever it goes. Exploiting the value of such an audience is just good business – and it looks like others are starting to figure that out.

Jericho Check Point if you want to know the latest.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Phases Of Fandom

Morgan has been in various fandoms for a number of years. When I saw this article, I loved it. Please understand this is talking about fandoms in general. This is not specific to any particular group of fans.

Written by Morgan and published with her approval.

Phase I: Positive action, solidarity & unity. This is the initial rush of finding one another, of discovering "I'm not alone!" and of everyone working together as a like-minded, cohesive (if diverse) unit. This is the best case scenario, the time when everyone is speaking with one voice and saying the same thing. This initial phase can last from weeks to years, depending on the dedication of those involved, and the response from the "Powers That Be." If the response is rapid and positive, this phase may continue. If not ...

Phase II: Cracks in the Mirror. When there's little or no response from TPTB, fandoms can falter. There's no "common foe," so fans look at one another, instead. They're frustrated, and there's no external outlet. They express disagreement or dissatisfaction with the fandom in general, or with individuals. Tempers flare, and factions begin to form. This's the most critical time in a fandom.

Phase III: He Said/She Said. Then follows a period of negativity, when individuals target one another. Miscommunication runs rampant, and everyone starts viewing each other with mistrust. The downward spiral gets worse the longer there's silence from the "common foe." Incidents of anger and accusation increase. People find fault, and divide the fandom. "Leaders" emerge for the factions, and the campaigning becomes less for the "cause" as for individual "power" within the fandom.

Phase IV: Building Our Own Sandbox. One or more communities are formed by like-minded individuals. This is can be a positive and natural progression, or a negative backlash---totally dependent upon the intent of the individuals. If communities are formed openly and honestly by those deeply committed to the "cause," then the formation is positive. If, however, a community is based on anger, then it's more negative, and can do far more harm than good to the fandom.

Phase V: Circle the Wagons! "Territorializing," i.e., individual groups put up "walls" and want to protect themselves from precieved invasions by rival groups/factions. There are assumptions and accusations of "spying." Groups can actually experience paranoia, which drives a wedge between fans. Mistrust and even (in extreme cases) hostility is shown to newcomers, which hurts the entire fandom.

Phase VI: Detente. Oddly enough, the next stage is relative peace while everyone does their own thing. Groups usually avoid confrontation with others, though there are occasional "flare-ups" in this undeclared war of factions. Generally, someone smooths things out, but appearance is everything in this stage. It's imperative to look good so their group will be seen as innocent "victims" in any given situation.

Phase VII: OMG What're We Doing To Each Other? This happens when one or more groups suddenly realize that "united we stand and divided we fall" is a basic truth. This phase usually comes after some response from the "Common Foe." There's a rush to re-unify the core fandom, and to recapture the initial unity. Sometimes it's successful, sometimes it 's not. It can bring people back together, but some fans are still leery. They've been burned too badly, and aren't willing to extend the trust too far.

Phase VIII: Peace at Last---Or Not. Eventually, one of two things happens: Either the various factions accept the fact not everyone enjoys fandom in the same way, and there's a return of mutual respect for all fans. Or, the fandom implodes, scattering all the groups in different directions. The former can bring about a re-unification for the factions, and solidify the fandom. The latter usually spells total failure for any campaign or cause the fans have embraced.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nielsen: Measure Or Buy ?

"The wonky game of counting viewers has been a slow and steady one since 1950, the year Nielsen Media Research began to track who was watching all those brand-new TV sets. But now the longstanding leader in audience measurement finds itself in the midst of palpable drama. As consumers flock to video of all sorts in all places, can TV-ratings kingpin Nielsen maintain its dominance as the gold standard by which video advertising is priced?"

"If Nielsen can't measure its way to continued dominance of an ever-shifting advertising world, perhaps it can buy its way into it. The media-measurement company today said it had agreed to purchase IAG Research, a company that measures viewer response to ads, TV shows and product placements, for $225 million.

IAG has gained notice in recent years, having signed pacts with many of Nielsen's biggest TV-network clients."

"Update: The International Campaign is really kicking off. Thanks to several international fans I and bullroarer are starting to build a really big International information base. Soon it will have its own section and separate threads for several countries. Those countries that have a different official language will get their information translated. This is possible thanks to all those who has helped us do that. I will return with the link as soon as it's up. Thank you all again!

Best regards,

Monday, April 7, 2008

Nuts To Nielsen: Phase II

Thanks to NorsU for this information:

"Phase 2

I think we have generated enough Media buzz and interest in shelling Nielsen headquarters. I think we can start the next phase of the campaign. By changing how we are counted. I have contacted and communicated with ErinMedia’s CEO Frank Maggio one of the biggest players in the TV ratings biz. His advice was to move focus more onto major Cable companies. We should contact them and express unhappiness with current Nielsen rating system and that the cable companies give ErinAccess, TNS access to viewer data so they can count ALL actual viewers. No games – democracy- real time and actual views/votes. There are approximately 30 MILLION Cable viewers that could all be counted with modern technology. Yet antiquated Nielsen system still rules the ratings and TV Advertising currency.

Phase 3 which will roll out rather fast is getting this information to other fandoms. I think we can find a lot of other show fans upset with Nielsen. And educate them and see the info – and get this some legs. Those that are hardcore nutters - feel free to shell the cable companies but best to focus on contacting them!

Draft protest message – feel free to modify & personalize! Try & work Nuts to Nielsen in

I am tired of Nielsen deciding who is watching what show when they do not count 99.999% of viewers. I request that cable operators share their data with companies like erinMedia and TNS. I want to be counted, and would prefer playing an active part in determining the success or failure of TV programs. Nuts to Nielsen – lets start tracking all TV viewers democratically! Nuts to Nielsen! Jericho TV viewer who demands to be counted!"

Go here for more info.
"Don Ohlmeyer, the president of NBC's West Coast division, is blunt in his criticism. ''I don't trust their numbers at all,'' he said in a recent interview. ''They're trying to measure 21st-century technology with an abacus.''

Despite the recent downturn in viewership, as measured by Nielsen, the number of homes with televisions has consistently grown and is now at 97 million.

The release of the data from the crucial Feburary sweeps period has intensified the old debate over Nielsen's monopoly role as the company that counts which shows have captured which viewers. Once the Bible of television ratings, Nielsen has enraged its best customers. Most angry are the broadcast networks, who blame flaws and inconsistencies in Nielsen's system for the loss of tens of millions of dollars.

Giving new weight to their concerns, three networks have banded together for the first time to help finance an experimental ratings system that they hope will either become a full-fledged competitor to Nielsen by the end of the century, or at least force the rating company to change its methodology and answer their main complaints."

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monster Recap

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Margie and Edna's Basement

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