Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nielsen: Measure Or Buy ?

"The wonky game of counting viewers has been a slow and steady one since 1950, the year Nielsen Media Research began to track who was watching all those brand-new TV sets. But now the longstanding leader in audience measurement finds itself in the midst of palpable drama. As consumers flock to video of all sorts in all places, can TV-ratings kingpin Nielsen maintain its dominance as the gold standard by which video advertising is priced?"

"If Nielsen can't measure its way to continued dominance of an ever-shifting advertising world, perhaps it can buy its way into it. The media-measurement company today said it had agreed to purchase IAG Research, a company that measures viewer response to ads, TV shows and product placements, for $225 million.

IAG has gained notice in recent years, having signed pacts with many of Nielsen's biggest TV-network clients."

"Update: The International Campaign is really kicking off. Thanks to several international fans I and bullroarer are starting to build a really big International information base. Soon it will have its own section and separate threads for several countries. Those countries that have a different official language will get their information translated. This is possible thanks to all those who has helped us do that. I will return with the link as soon as it's up. Thank you all again!

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