Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Platpat

Platpat is a Jericho fan with a sense of humor. Her story involves Need2No and Mary Bailey's Virtual Bar. I'll let her tell you all about that.

1. Why are you a Jericho fan?

Last September, I was just looking for some good TV. Something that was not another clone nor an unReality show! The only show that I cared if it returned was Lost; so that was all that I had on my schedule, and whatever was opposite that -- lost (pardon the pun). I had seen some advertisements for Jericho and thought it might be interesting. I decided to give it a try. It was clever how they had Jake telling different lies to make you want to come back and learn more, but it was the "Cloud" that got me. I was there; I was driving down the road and saw IT in the distance. I forgot to breathe. Of course, I had to have more. What happened? Who dropped the bomb? What do you do? What do I do?
I immediately went back in time to 9/11. I was in my office and Joe ran in and said, "Someone just flew a plane into the World Trade Center!" My reaction was "How can you not see the World Trade Center?" My brain refused to take in the reality. Same thing with the cloud. You know what it is; you know what it means, but your brain will not let you go there.

On 9/11, I was working in a major teaching hospital in Philadelphia. I am not a healthcare worker. I worked in the CEO's office. We immediately set up the command center; discharged patients; canceled elective surgeries; people who were off that day were called to work; the helicopters were dispatched to New York and then we waited. Finally, we got the word -- No patients were coming; there were NO patients coming. The brain had to chew on that for awhile before comprehension set in. That's reality. The Cloud took me right back there.

The months that followed brought us the SARS epidemic too and slowly we, the country, were forced to realize that we were sorely unprepared for catastrophes of any sort. The plans started. We had surveys and city-wide drills and kept learning that we can't handle it. There was not enough emergency personnel; not enough equipment; not enough beds; the nursing shortage was looming; the infrastructure was sadly in need of repair (can you say bridge collapse?). Even the supply chain was a problem. No one kept great amounts of anything stored on site any more -- it was about cost control. Then Katrina. How many messages does the Universe have to send us before we get the message? Either prepare NOW or find out how to stop it from happening -- better yet, prepare for the worst and pray for the best!

So I wanted to see how this show was going to be handled. Would it be for real or would it be another piece of fluff. That's how it started; you know the rest.

2. Tell everyone about Bailey's Virtual Bar at CBS? What do you do there?

Need2No is Persona Non Grata at BaileysVirtualBar. Mary Bailey is the Proprietor and she has hired bartenders to run the place because she is such a STAR now! Mary tolerates Need2No -- in her words "That Whacko who runs around asking people to sign a Petition to save a TV show about Little House on the Prairie Goody2Shoe farmers running around with guns and bombs or some such nonsense -- like who would watch that?" So I have very little to do with Baileys and have to sneak in when Mary is not there. From what I can tell, BaileysVirtualBar is just like any bar in real life -- a place to drop in after a hard day to hang out with your buddies and unwind, play games, sing songs and drink Baileys Finest VirtualVodka except the cost is 2 grains of salt.

3. What's in the back room?

I have never been allowed back there, but I believe it is where Mary keeps her GreatGrandDaddy's still and the recipe for Baileys Finest VirtualVodka. She also seems to have a store of virtually anything you could ask for.

4. Who is your favorite character and why?

This is the hardest question because they all appeal to me for different reasons. Jake because he is lost and finding himself; Hawkins because he is lost and finding himself after sacrificing himself for his country (if he is finally telling the truth!); Stanley because he is so loving and it hurts to see him have to face this reality "I don't want to die today." Gray because he is finding out that Johnston made being Mayor look easy, but it's not. Dale the new "Donald" because he has been presented with such awful choices; Eric because he, too, tried so hard to have his father's approval and he is now finding out that Jake is who everyone turns too, even him. Heather because she stepped up. Emily because she takes a gun and joins the fight on the front lines. Darcy because she wants to, but knows she has to be a mother and because she can forgive and love Robert. And Jimmy whose job just became so different than what he signed on for, but he asks the hard questions. Mimi because she's representing us city folk and is out of her element and totally at the mercy of strangers. And on and on it goes. Maybe I should say the Town of Jericho is my favorite character.

5. What are you most looking forward to in Season 2?

What is happening with the country. Are we the Divided States of America? How do those places that were hit fare.

6. Jake and Emily? or Jake and Heather?

This interview is forcing me to seriously consider this question. After a lot of thought, I think that Heather would be good for Jake, but that Jake would break her heart. Jake and Emily have an extremely strong bond and Heather deserves someone that feels that strongly about her. It's because I LOVE Heather that I want the best for her. (Read this: Don't hate me because I don't agree with you!) We'll just have to see who the army brings to town!

7. What character would you like to see on screen more?

For one, Darcy -- I want to see her partner with Hawkins. Heather, Mimi & Emily -- I want more woman leaders in non-traditional roles. Can't you just see Mimi with a rifle "Don't you mess with MY farm! And of course Mary Bailey should get more to do than serve up the hootch err VirtualVodka!


I want to thank CynCity for taking me kicking and screaming from virtual anonymity
-- as I do my digging and commenting under other "identities" -- to being a published author. Also, I merely executed CynCity's idea of BaileysVirtualBar. And there are so many other new friends that if I try to name them all, I will for sure leave someone out . . . To all of you -- The drinks are on Mary! Just don't tell her that Need2No sent you.

Friday, August 31, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Kestral

Kestral can be depended on for anything related to promoting Jericho. She has proven herself to be a Team player and she will help anyone who asks. She diggs, comments, and votes. She has great ides and follows through on them. She is one of the best assets Jericho has. Thank you, Kestral for all you do.

1. What do you like about Jericho?

There are many things I like about Jericho. In order to keep this interview from being a novel, I’ll just focus on a few things. The first thing I like about Jericho is that my whole family can watch it together. Not only do we watch it together, but we have many wonderful conversations sparked by the magnificent storyline and stellar acting. I also like Jericho because it stimulates my brain. I am so tired of mindless reality shows and other television programs that don’t challenge viewers on a higher cerebral level. It really makes you think about surviving an attack in today’s world. Am I prepared to survive or would my family be lost? Jericho makes me think about that a lot. Probably the most important thing I like about Jericho is that it speaks to so many people around the world. I never knew until I joined the campaign, just how many different people love Jericho. Jericho’s message knows no boundaries. It speaks to everyone regardless of race, gender, social class, religion, political affiliation and nationality. Every single person can find someone or something they relate to in Jericho. Jericho goes past the boundaries we as society have set for ourselves and speaks to us all on a basic human level. We all love. We all cry. We all laugh. We all fear. Jericho speaks to us all because it finds not what is different about us, but what is the same in all of us.

2. What is your favorite episode/character and why?

I cannot choose a favorite character or episode. Every single episode is so well written and acted that to choose one I feel would do an injustice to the rest of the wonderful episodes. As for the characters, while I'm partial to certain ones, I cannot say I have a favorite. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching every single character evolve throughout the storyline. I truly do feel that all of the actors to a fantastic job at making their characters believable. I know...I chickened out...but what can I say??? I love them all!!

3. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to watch?

I would tell you that there is something for everyone in Jericho. It is exceptionally well written, and superbly acted! There is drama, romance, action, adventure, comedy (thank goodness for Mimi and the chicken!) all in one show. What’s not to love? And if you didn’t listen to me the first time, I’d tell you again and again and again. I’d find a way to mention Jericho in all of our conversations until you finally would cave in and agree to watch, even if just to “shut me up”! Once I get you to that point, my job is done. Jericho will keep you coming back for more.

4. How do you think we can attract new viewers?

There are many ways to attract new viewers. Talk about Jericho to your friends and family. Encourage them to talk to their friends and family about Jericho. Send out emails to everyone about Jericho and include the links to the CBS website and also tell them how they can view on innertube. I recently received an email back from one of my contacts that my message about Jericho had been sent down the line and people were responding that they were watching and loving it! We need to Digg and comment on Jericho articles to help keep those articles in the public eye so that when people look online for Jericho they find the good stuff right away. We need to heavily promote the DVD release coming in October. Put up flyers in your hometown. Put a sign in your front yard. Place a bumper sticker on your car. Do anything you can to let people know about Jericho and never give up. We have to keep fighting for Jericho until we have season 3 and more.

5. Is Hawkins a good guy?

Hmmmm. I am undecided on this. I am truly hoping that he is a good guy. The writers and Lennie have done such a wonderful job of keeping Hawkins true allegiance a mystery to us. I can honestly say, I don’t know if he is good or not. But I’m really hoping he is a good guy! I really have enjoyed hearing Lennie talk about Jericho and the fans. I’d hate to have to listen to him and think about how horrible his character is! Please, please be a good guy!! (fingers crossed)

6. Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or Jericho can go here.

I would like to say a very large Thank You to all of the Jericho fans that have fought and worked so hard for this show! It has not been easy and we still have a long way to go. However, we CAN do it! I have met so many wonderful people through the CBS site, Radio Free Jericho, Jericho Rally Point and through chatting at Jeritopia. I continue to amazed by all of the people I have met. I knew going into the fight for Jericho that I would meet some neat friends. I never imagined finding a group of people that so quickly came to mean a lot to me. The Jericho fans I have met are some of the most caring, dedicated, passionate, respectful, intelligent, loyal, loving people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am proud to be a Jericho Ranger and I am humbled to be a member of the Jericho family. Thank you all!!!

A Monster Fan Interview: Midori Miller

During one of my forays into the blogosphere looking for Jericho fans I found Midori Miller. She is a Trainer and Recruiter for Century 21 Sundance Realty. I found her blog with this post.

I left a comment because she's a Jericho fan and because the article was excellent. She surprised me by writing another.

I asked if I could interview her and she agreed. I admire Midori because she's energetic, loves Jericho, understands the power of people, and wants to be a better blogger. It is an honor to present my friend Midori Miller.

1. What attracted you to Jericho?

I think it was all of the characters especially The Greene Family, each character really brought something special to the show. Jake, I love Jake! Its not about his looks its about what he represents, how he is so different from everyone else, a hero and so misunderstood, to me he is the ideal man!
I enjoyed how each episode recapped, it seemed by doing it this way, it was constant action and drama. After each episode I would be so upset it was over and complain how I had to wait a week to see it again!
I have felt every emotion imaginable while watching Jericho. I cried my eyes out when the mayor died. I laughed, cried, I sat on the edge of my seat. I love the mixture of characters and story-lines, its a family show, sexy show and action adventure....oh have I said that I love Jake?

2. Why did you decide to blog about Jericho?

As a trainer, I have to find innovative ways to get my audience to pay attention to what I am saying. Jericho is the perfect example of true Social Networking. It shows that the world is changing and people can really change the world if they pull together. Power of the People, the power of Social Networking..... Also, in order to get more people to watch Jericho and support the show, how could I not do my part? It is important to get our voices heard...one person at a time...as a whole we did just that. I am honored to be a part of that, our little voices made such a difference!

3. You said you are on a mission to be a better blogger. How's that going?

My mission to be a better blogger is going slow. It's more along the lines of learning right now! I try to learn and do at the same time, I think I am getting it finally. I wish I had another 24 hours a day to get everything done that I want to do. I decided that I am going to start blogging in a different way and focus more on my own personal blog. I have to admit I have been referring to your blog to get ideas. Also I have been reading problogger and then I have the computer scientist that advises me (my husband)!

4. You are a trainer and recruiter for Century 21 Sundance Realty. You meet a lot of people so do you find many that love Jericho?

I have come across many people who have heard of the show but never watched it! I know a few fans. I know by blogging about it, the audience will grow. My dad watches it! A few of my friends. I think one of things that people are missing is the vital information that would make it more appealing to others, the fact that many of names are biblical and that there are Morse code hints. Its those little extras that might intrigue people to get them to watch. People do not realize the time and energy and thought that was put into the show. I really can and do appreciate it!

5. You described the renewal of Jericho as an incredible social networking success story. I hadn't thought of it that way until you said it. What did you mean?

Well it started with the phrase, NUTS, from that phrase came a cry to keep the show on, via forums, blogs and websites. WE the people.....then came Nuts to CBS, vote on line to keep the show going, leave your comments here! ETC. Next thing you know its an entire community with the same goal in mind, working together and building common bonds and friendships. Maybe the intent did not start out as Social Networking but I can tell you I have made a few friends since blogging about it! Face it Jane, there is a good chance, we might not have encountered one another ever in our lifetime. Because of a love we both share of Jericho and of course blogging, I have now made another friend. Without NUTS, it would not have happened!

6. Will you be blogging more about Jericho in the future?

Jericho but of course! I love the show.The whole Jericho Nuts CBS thing is just the beginning....Even when watching the show, I get ideas about a good post...


Thank you...this was fun! While it is still not over and yes they brought back our beloved Jericho but for how long? I say, keep an eye out and watch and listen and remember the amazing power of the people. The power of a simple word, NUTS! If necessary, we may have to do it again.

Thank you my friend for your inspiration.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Deborah

Many thanks to Rourke who introduced me to Deborah who is a Jericho fan, a survivalist, and a woman. Forget the myth about survivalists being men. This is one smart lady and I'd be heading to her house if I ever needed to survive.

Deborah raises important points for us to consider and answered many questions I've had. As a special treat she has allowed me to use a poem she wrote and you can find it here.

Deborah in the UP:

1. What attracted you to Jericho?

Definitely the scenario. I first started reading 'disaster' books at age 15, with Earth Abides, then Alas Babyon, still my all time favorite. So to see a live action show with the same premise was too much to resist, a brilliant move on CBS's part. In fact, I had not had any TV reception for 12 years, most of that while I lived off grid. Jericho got me to actually PAY for satellite TV!

2. If what happened in Jericho happened here in the U.S. what percentage of people do you think would be prepared?

By far, the percentage would be way too low, unfortunately, maybe as little as 5%. On the upside, more and more are looking into those 72 hour kits. (I shake my head at those...).. but 72 hours are better than nothing. Personally, I'm set for 24 months. Yes, that's MONTHS, which is why I never use my last name on the group sites..lol. I'm really hoping that programs like Jericho will get people to consider long term preparations.

3. Why do you think more people don't take preparedness seriously?

We live in a society that everything is done for us. I mean, what is the simplest meal to fix? mac & cheese... and you can get it in a microwaveable pouch now! give me a break! We (well, not ME...) are taught that everything will be available and it will be available NOW, so there is no need to have anything on hand. That's just not a good attitude to have. Add that to the government that says it will take care of you, but it can't... it is just not feasible for the government, on ANY level, to take care of the entire population. WE should be taking care of THEM.

4. What made you decide to become a survivalist?

I like being independent. I don't rely on anyone or any agency for MY survival. See, I take responsibility for myself and my family. Why should I expect someone else to do that for me?? I think that is missing in today's society. Personal Responsibility.

5. Do you think people have a negative perception of the word survivalist? If so how do you think it can be made positive?

Yes, to some it has a negative connotation. Some of us have started using the term "Prepper" instead of survivalist, because some think the survivalist actually wants bad things to happen. Those are the doom and gloom types, whereas the reality is that us true survivalists believe that there is a future worth preparing for, no matter what happens. I also tend to believe that the only way to do so, is without depending on the government because they won't be there when really needed.

I think of being a survivalist as just that - surviving - what is wrong with that? A true Survivalist wants to live, because they feel the world is worth being alive for. How more positive can you be?

6. What role do women play in being prepared?

Now here is where I shine! Women are and always have been, the back-bone of the family. I understand that has diminished some within our society, but 'we' are still the child-bearers and the child-raisers. We, as women, have more control within our family unit than most realize. Traditionally, women do the homemaking, the cooking, etc. so who buys the supplies to do that? who has the skills and the knowledge? women do! and it's up to the women to maintain that level of sustenance for their family, by preparing AHEAD.

7. Do more women need to be involved? Why?

Not just women, everyone needs to be involved. I'm single, and as a single female I have the advantage of making my own decisions. Part of those decisions are to maintain a certain level of comfort in my 'retreat', so I prepare for that. We all want some creature comforts, and the women in today's society should be sure they get it .. .. and share it. When there is a partnership involved (ie husband/wife), both should be doing preps. Both have something to contribute, and they need to support each other.

Besides, after a Jericho situation, there will need to be a level of normalcy maintained, just to get by, just to keep the sanity. Women are good at that. We'll fix meals and insist we sit down at the table, we'll make sure the kids go to bed at a certain hour, we'll get the kids involved in school work or chores or whatever. Most women are good organizers, and that will be very much needed.

8. Isn't it expensive to be a survivalist? Where are all those supplies stored?

Expensive? not as much as you might think. I'm always watching sales. Tuna goes on sale for 50 cents a can, then I buy two instead of one. I buy a lot of bulk items. I love to cook and bake. Those little packets of yeast? I buy a pound for double the price. That might be more expensive at the time, but definitely cheaper in the long run. That's the way to look at it. You might be spending more money now, but down the road, you're spending less.

Besides, if you put the money toward preps that you otherwise would have spent on a few DVD's, or getting your nails done, or a round of golf, or stopping for a coffee, or all those bottled waters!! you will be amazed at what you can buy!

9. Mimi just couldn't kill that chicken even though she was hungry. Could you kill a chicken to survive?

But eventually she did! The will to survive prevailed. I think Mimi's character has shown the most growth and the most promise. I loved the scene where she talked with the chicken.. still my favorite. But yes, I've killed many chickens, I've also butchered out deer, fish, and bird game. I have unique skills for a female, of which I'm very proud.

10. What one reason would you give someone as to why they should start preparing?

Do you want to end up like the folks in the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina? Are you looking forward to sitting someplace, cold, tired and hungry, waiting for government relief? Perhaps starving to death, dying of dehydration or contaminated water? Or would you prefer having supplies on hand, the means to cook your own meals, meals you actually like.. as opposed to MREs (which are often called Meals Rejected by Ethiopians for a reason) .. AND the knowledge that you have food for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next....?

One reason? ...do you want to live?

Anything you'd like to add?

I think your questions have covered most everything. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice my thoughts.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Maybei

Just as Jericho has its characters the Jericho fandom has maybei(Vicki). Maybei is almost larger than life. If any project needs help she'll be there. She's smart, supportive, fun, and generous with her time and knowledge. She tries to make every day a Jericho day by commenting, Digging, and planning. Maybei is one of a kind and I'm so glad she is a Jericho Ranger.

1. What attracted you to Jericho?

I like end of the world stories (a fav book is The Stand) and I love spy stories (author and British spy master John LeCarre is a fav), so Jericho fit the bill on both counts. But what kept me coming back was the characters, the people of Jericho.

2. What is your favorite episode/character and why?

I love A.K.A. and seeing more of the Hawkins back story - how he came to Jericho and why. I also really enjoyed Black Jack because it showed more of what was happening in the outside world. And of course - Why We Fight. It's hard to pick just one - all are good!

One of my favorite characters (if you don't count Hawkins, which is a given with me) is Mimi. I love seeing her grow from a city girl to learning what it takes to survive.

3. What is your favorite line from the show?

Johnston Green: I am about to go to war with New Bern, Kansas, the home of the nearest CostCo. Today is already just about as weird as I can handle.

4. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to watch?

If you love a good story rich with many interesting characters from all walks of life - and you enjoy a little humor - if you like on the edge of your seat action - if you like a little eye candy - if you want a show that keeps you coming back for more, watch Jericho!!

5. Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or Jericho can go here.

I have been really encouraged that CBS is listening to the fans and starting to reach out to us with more great content on the site! Personally, I would love more pictures of the stars, sets and behind the scenes footage. I would love for them to have a feedback on Fan Central where fans could submit news about their activities. And I am really hoping to see the stars on some talk shows and giving more interviews about Jericho. PIMP it CBS!!!

I'd like to say what a pleasure it has been meeting the fans of Jericho, from CBS which is our home base - to all of the different boards out there!

Each and every one of us helped to Save Jericho and it is important to keep the Spirit of Jericho alive and well and to continue to promote our favorite show to new fans!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Pamla777

Pamla777 is one of those Rangers who goes about doing her work for Jericho without worrying about who gts credit or does the most work. I am proud to present her interview to you.

1. What do you like best about Jericho?

***Jericho is so well written, produced, and acted, it would be so hard to
pick just one thing. Everything that goes into Jericho make it the
riveting, intense, one of a kind, wonderful show that it is. Even the music
used for each episode helps in making Jericho so terrific. Our whole family
(my husband, and I and our 5 children, ages 8-26) all watch and love the

2. Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?

***There is so much good acting on Jericho, but I think I enjoyed the
relationship between Gail (Pamela Reed) and Johnston (Gerard McRaney)
and enjoy the relationship between Stanley (Brad Beyer) and Mimi (done so
well by my fellow Long Islander, Alicia Coppola) the most. With Gail and
Johnston, it was great to see an older couple with so much chemistry (not to
mention some great lines) and Stanley and Mimi, you see so much progression
in how Mimi changes from a hard nose IRS worker to a much softer, humane
person. Alicia brings so much life to Mimi. Both love stories are great!***

3. Should people buy the DVD? Why or why not?

***Absolutely!! Not only do you get a great DVD for your personal
collection, but each sale through a place like Amazon makes a statement
about the popularity of the show. Also, if you can, be sure to help buy
copies for the troops!!***

4. What is your favorite thread on the CBS board and why?

***Can't pick just one, but I love the threads that feature the graphics and
video links that so many talented fans have created. Jericho Rangers are
some of the most talented, committed fans anywhere!!! The website itself is
one of the best I've seen anywhere and I'm thrilled that it's up for a
well-deserved Emmy.***

5. How can we attract new viewers?

***This is a grassroots campaign, so there are so many things we can each
do. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, hats, websites, the upcoming cookbook, etc.
and, especially, word of mouth. Also, make sure to email CBS after episodes
and thank them for bringing Jericho back and let them know that you are
looking forward to the start of Season 2. Be sure to contact Jericho
sponsors and thank them for sponsoring Jericho too.

What I am doing personally is keeping a Jericho bumper sticker on my car,
talking to folks wherever I have opportunity about the show and encouraging
them to watch. I've even sent email reminders to friends that the show is
going to be on. (That has bring in 2 new loyal fans and others who are
promising to watch the show.) I also write thanking CBS after episodes and
sponsors whenever I can.***

Any comments?

***Long Live Jericho!! My family and I are all looking
forward to Season 2, Season 3, Season 4 and beyond...***

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Suser

*** Announcement***
I am happy to report that Fan Central has established a Jericho Ranger of the Week project. This is totally separate from the JerichoMonster Fan of the Week so you have a chance of being selected from both places. Thanks.

Suser is an active participant on the board at Jericho Rally Point. She is an avid Jericho fan and works hard to promote the show. If you haven't yet joined and posted at Rally Point I urge you to do so. The people are friendly, smart, and welcoming. Just like Suser.

1. Would you join a Jericho Fan Club? Why or why not? YES

There are so many advantages to joining a fan club and being a part of one for "JERICHO" would be at the top of my list, as long as it's affordable. It's a great way to keep up with all the latest goings on with the show and being able to purchase JERICHO merchandise is also a great perk!

2. Do you think the Nielsen ratings are capturing all of Jericho's viewers? NO

There is no way Nielsen can count all viewers of the show. If you don't have a box you're not being counted, period. That system definitely needs a major overhaul and more efficient systems need to be put in place to get an accurate reading of just how many viewers there really are that are watching any given TV show.

3. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to watch?

I would tell you that if you wanted to watch a show that has heart and soul and is every small town in America then this is the show for you. I would also tell you that it has everything: Comedy, Action, Mystery, Drama and a feeling of hope for the future. How could you not give that a shot?

4. What is your favorite episode/character and why?

I love all of them, but my favorite I think has to be "Why We Fight". This episode really gives you a sense of the comradery of the towns people and how willing they all were to stand up and fight for what is theirs. Much like all the fans did to save the show.

Alicia Coppola is my favorite character. I have watched her for years and was so happy to see her in "JERICHO". Her comedic timing is perfect and she brings it to a storyline that at many times needs a little relief from the tension to say the least.

5. What attracted you to Jericho and how long have you been watching?

I saw the promo for it last summer. I thought, small town, a nuclear bomb, this could be a really interesting show and I'm a big fan of disaster movies. I've watched from day one and helped save the show, sent nuts, bought a t-shirt and bought the DVD coming out in October. I can't ever imagine not having Jericho on the air.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: RubberPoultry

****I have been making new posts every day around midnight and I've decided to change that. I will be posting earlier in the evening about 3-4 hours earlier than midnight. Just wanted to make you aware.This post will be dated today but is actually my Sunday blog. Thanks.****

Want to know a secret? I'm a big fan of RubberPoultry. No, you did not know that already! So, okay, I'm one of many. Want to know why I'm a fan?
1. He's creative and I love his work.
2. Most importantly, he is truly humbled by the attention. RP is not looking for credit or glory;he does what he does for Jericho and its' fans. He thanks everyone for their efforts however large or small. I admire that in a person.

If you are one of the many who would like to see CBS spotlight RP's work here are a few suggestions:
1. Digg this article to the front page of Digg.
2. Leave as many comments here as you can.
3. Send this link and/or a screen shot of this page to Audience Services at CBS.
4. Send same to anyone at CBS.

1. When did you realize you were hooked on Jericho?

I was hooked on Jericho before the show even aired. I
thought it seemed like such a great premise for a show
that I was hooked from the time I first started
watching the advertising. Of course, if the writing
and acting wasn’t so great, they wouldn’t have
kept me.

2. What attracted you to the show?

I guess I kind of answered that in the first question.
I’ve always been a fan of post apocalyptic stories,
so that drew me in.

3. When did you decide to start to start making all
your creative videos, posters, and other work?

I created my first Jericho piece on June 3. It was a
season 2 promo At that
time we were still (relatively) far from getting the
show back. I wanted to give everyone fighting some
kind of visualization of what it would look like if we
actually won. In the first incarnation of the spot, I
made a few errors because I was going so fast, but I
went back twice and fixed them in subsequent uploads.

A week after uploading the season 2 promo, I created
the now infamous Johnston Green/Dart Vader spot
Basically, I thought we could all use a laugh since we
still hadn’t gotten our show back yet. After that I
was hooked.

4. What are some of the places your work has been
used? Didn't you do the banner for DVD's for the

I’ve done quite a bit of work for the Jericho fan
sites. I try to help wherever I can. You can see my
work in the banners at:
Radio Free Jericho
Jericho rangers 4 our troops
Jericho Armory(slightly edited by the
site owner with permission)
CafePress (search "rubberpoultry")
I also did the banner for the Coalition of the Willing
site when it was around.
I created a flier for Comicon that got quite a bit of
exposure on the boards and Fan Central on CBS.
And of course, my stuff is all over the message
boards, most of which can be seen here.

And...yes, I did a promo graphic for the DVDs for our
troops. Honestly though, the effort is being driven by
the great folks over at Nuts for Jericho. I can’t
take any credit for it. I had created a graphic to
promote the DVD, and they asked if they could use it
for the project, so instead, I decided to create a
custom image for them because I believed in what they
were doing.

5. What do you hope to accomplish through your
creative work?

My goals all along have been a) to get the show back
and now b) to get a season 3. Along the way, my goals
have expanded to include trying to keep up the morale
of the fans with humorous and other images, and also
to support projects that I think are really worth

6. If CBS called you today and asked what you can
offer them through your work what would you say?

First, I’d have to pick myself off of the floor...
And then when finally came to, I’d say that as a
fan, I think I may have a lot to offer in the promo
department. I think in many instances, people
responsible for creating promos aren’t necessarily
fans of the show. I also tell them that the diehard
fans (the ones who brought the show back by sending
letters, emails, nuts etc) would get a huge kick out
of seeing one of their own promoting the show on a
more “official” basis. Lastly I’d make sure
they’d seen what I’ve already done. Some of it
could be used as is.

7. NBC uses fan created artwork/videos. Why do you
think CBS hasn't gone that route yet?

I really don’t know. I think they’re missing out
on a huge opportunity. The democratization of media
that’s happened over the last decade means that fans
are becoming as savvy as some of the network pros. The
fan created stuff continues to get better and better,
rivaling and even overtaking some of what is put out
by the networks. Maybe that scares them, but I’d
think they’d want to take advantage of it. The more
you can expand your creative base the better (I’d
think). I’m sure some of it is legal issues.

Many fan
created works simply cannot be used because of
copyright infringements. There have been a lot of
great Jericho fan videos edited to top 40 music
tracks. Even if CBS wanted to use these, they
couldn’t without licensing the music, and that might
be impossible or cost prohibitive. I try when creating
my pieces to not use anything that isn’t original
(created by me or a stock royalty free source) or
already owned by CBS. I go as far as to use royalty
free audio tracks so (in the off chance they ever
approach me) I’m covered.

8. Is there anything you'd like to say to all the

These are the greatest fans ever! What they have
accomplished is unprecedented and historic. Except for
a few minor incidents, people have been very positive.

Not only have the fans promoted Jericho, they have
also promoted the efforts of some of us that are more
visible in the campaign. I’ve received countless
emails, responses and comments in support of what
I’m doing/have done. I’ve been told I have my own
fan club on more than one occasion. I’m humbled by
it all. People have been really great. I’m no more
special than anyone else is in this effort. Everyone
has played a part in this, so those of us who have
recognizable screen names don’t deserve anything
more than the passionate silent ones.


I realized the other day that I’m glad Jericho was
cancelled. Sure it was a rough few weeks there, but
I’ve had such a great time getting to know so many
fans (virtually and in person). I got to meet Skeet,
Lennie, Ashley and the producers (at Comicon) because
“I was one of the (many) fans who helped save
Jericho”. That wouldn’t have happened if we were
back with no fight.

Lastly... the fight is not over! We still have a major
battle ahead of us. If these 7 episodes don’t bring
the numbers, there’s a good chance we’re sunk. We
have to re-invigorate the passion we had within us
during the campaign to save the show. Also DVDs sales
are going to have a big impact on Jericho’s future.
If people have the means, they should buy for
themselves, their families, libraries and the troops.

Thanks for all that you are doing to keep us going
sweat! I’ve enjoyed reading your interviews and
blog. It’s fans like you who are keeping things
interesting while we wait for season 2.

See? I told you he's always finding something good to say about others. I appreciate that RP.