Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Pamla777

Pamla777 is one of those Rangers who goes about doing her work for Jericho without worrying about who gts credit or does the most work. I am proud to present her interview to you.

1. What do you like best about Jericho?

***Jericho is so well written, produced, and acted, it would be so hard to
pick just one thing. Everything that goes into Jericho make it the
riveting, intense, one of a kind, wonderful show that it is. Even the music
used for each episode helps in making Jericho so terrific. Our whole family
(my husband, and I and our 5 children, ages 8-26) all watch and love the

2. Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?

***There is so much good acting on Jericho, but I think I enjoyed the
relationship between Gail (Pamela Reed) and Johnston (Gerard McRaney)
and enjoy the relationship between Stanley (Brad Beyer) and Mimi (done so
well by my fellow Long Islander, Alicia Coppola) the most. With Gail and
Johnston, it was great to see an older couple with so much chemistry (not to
mention some great lines) and Stanley and Mimi, you see so much progression
in how Mimi changes from a hard nose IRS worker to a much softer, humane
person. Alicia brings so much life to Mimi. Both love stories are great!***

3. Should people buy the DVD? Why or why not?

***Absolutely!! Not only do you get a great DVD for your personal
collection, but each sale through a place like Amazon makes a statement
about the popularity of the show. Also, if you can, be sure to help buy
copies for the troops!!***

4. What is your favorite thread on the CBS board and why?

***Can't pick just one, but I love the threads that feature the graphics and
video links that so many talented fans have created. Jericho Rangers are
some of the most talented, committed fans anywhere!!! The website itself is
one of the best I've seen anywhere and I'm thrilled that it's up for a
well-deserved Emmy.***

5. How can we attract new viewers?

***This is a grassroots campaign, so there are so many things we can each
do. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, hats, websites, the upcoming cookbook, etc.
and, especially, word of mouth. Also, make sure to email CBS after episodes
and thank them for bringing Jericho back and let them know that you are
looking forward to the start of Season 2. Be sure to contact Jericho
sponsors and thank them for sponsoring Jericho too.

What I am doing personally is keeping a Jericho bumper sticker on my car,
talking to folks wherever I have opportunity about the show and encouraging
them to watch. I've even sent email reminders to friends that the show is
going to be on. (That has bring in 2 new loyal fans and others who are
promising to watch the show.) I also write thanking CBS after episodes and
sponsors whenever I can.***

Any comments?

***Long Live Jericho!! My family and I are all looking
forward to Season 2, Season 3, Season 4 and beyond...***


PlatPat said...

Way to go, Pamla777! I love Mimi, too. She's representing us city gals really well. Can't you just see her with a gun saying "Step away from the coop. Nobody kills my chickens but me!"

Anonymous said...

Great interview,your right I've seen Pamla777 all over the boards! I just love to hear about whole families watching the show together, how many shows can say that!

Skeeterbit said...

It's very nice to meet you Pamla777. Thank you for the interview and I hope to run into you on the boards real soon! :)