Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tribute To Rich

Once in a great while a show comes along that fans fight for. That show is Jericho.
Once in a great while a blogger comes along who joins that fight and becomes an unsung hero.

I haven't been blogging long but I've been reading blogs for quite some time now. I have a lot of favorites and some of the various postings have blown me away. I must say, though, that nobody has ever totally amazed me the way Rich of Copywrite Ink does.

Let me tell you about Rich. According to his profile Rich is an accredited business communicator. (That means I can't afford his services.) He is the President of Copywrite, Ink which is a writing services and communications firm.(That means I can't even afford for him to write me a letter.) I admit I don't know what his fees are but I do know the suggestions he has given Jericho fans would have cost us more than all the Nuts Jeff Braverman will sell in his lifetime.

Why am I writing about Rich? Because Rich has been down in the trenches with us. He's as much a Jericho Ranger as anyone. Do yourself a favor and go to Rich's blog and read every article he's written on Jericho.


Be sure to read " Creating Fandom: The Jericho Universe." It's very relevant today as it was then.

I'm not saying other bloggers weren't good to us-they were. Many had wonderful suggestions. When I say Rich was in the trenches I mean he has posted on the main board as well as at JerichoRallyPoint. He has asked for information and has come to understand this campaign. He has replied to our comments and has cared about everything we did and will do. He wants us to succeed. And, we will.

I forgot to say we will succeed IF we all want it bad enough. Rich's article of today is a must read. Hopefully, it will be accepted in the same spirit in which it was written. I will only say that someone commented, " Dissent is good." Yes, it is and it can change things. Feel free to dissent and suggest a better way to handle a promotion or idea but we cannot allow Jericho's future to lie in the hands of those who say Free Speech when what they really mean is your name got in the paper & mine didn't. As Rich said today, " The egos have landed". It's up to all of us to make sure Ego doesn't fly again. I want Season 3,4,5,6,7,and more.

Thank you, Rich, for all you've done and will continue to do. Don't try to be modest now. I'd have to dissent.

Friday, June 22, 2007

YouTube Video Challenge

Welcome to the Promote Jericho YouTube Video Challenge! This contest is open to any and all vidders who are willing and able to create a video, choosing from the following categories:

Victory/Motivational-new vids only
Summer Viewing Promotion-new vids only
Humor-new vids only
Wild Card (Vidder's choice of content/tone)-new vids only

Previously created (i.e., vids created between June 6th and June 21st. These will be judged separately.)

Contest Rules:

1. You have from now until Monday June 25th at 9PM EST to submit your entries. Any entries submitted after that time will not be included. Remember to allow time for uploading your video onto YouTube.
2. Only one enty per category, per vidder.
3. All video entries must have been made on or after June 6th.
4. When submitting your entry, please designate under which category it belongs, and the date it was created.
4. All entries are to be posted on this thread to be considered for the contest.
5. You may campaign for your vid on this thread for fan favorite status, but direct contact with the judges regarding your video (i.e., through PMs) is not allowed.
6. Have fun!

For more info please go to:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Calling Nina Tassler

In her statement announcing the return of Jericho to the CBS lineup Nina Tassler added the condition that Jericho fans had to get more viewers to watch " live."
Today, perhaps, is a good day for Ms. Tassler to read some media reports.

In May, Nielsen Media Research announced that Jericho ranked 3% higher in viewing of commercials when people watched it via DVR. Nielsen calls this the Average Commercial Minute Ratings. It seems that people who taped Jericho watched more commercials as opposed to fast-forwarding through them. Advertisers and networks are now in agreement to count viewers who watch a taped show within 72 hours of its' first airing. Yahoo News reported today that this "live-plus-three" will be involved in many ad buys this year.

According to yesterday's NY Times, the deals being made this week in what is called the upfront market include advertising on network Web sites where fans of programs like “Jericho” can watch episodes they missed on TV. Now, before you get too excited, remember you still count only if you're a Nielsen family. Just because you DVR the show or watch it online doesn't mean a thing.

In years past upfront agreements were based on live viewership of shows. These new changes include the shift to commercial ratings from program ratings, which advertisers wanted and measuring of viewership based on “live plus three” — counting live viewership along with three days’ worth of playback of recorded programs which the networks wanted.

While I find this news encouraging I am still concerned about the fact that all viewers aren't counted. There are still so many of us who aren't Nielsen families. Now if the new Hey Nielsen allows us all to let the networks know we're here and if the networks will use that information I'll be happier. In the meantime, Ms. Tassler, could you tell us, again, why we should be watching "live" when you don't plan to count us?


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hey Nielsen

There has been a debate raging since Jericho was canceled by CBS. That debate involves the Nielsen ratings and how those ratings affected the cancellation of Jericho as well as of other shows. Did the Nielsen ratings truly reflect all the viewers of Jericho? No, because so many fans used DVR or TiVo or watched online.

After Nina Tassler of CBS sent fans the renewal notice for Jericho the debate kicked into high gear. Here we were being told we had to increase Jericho's ratings by asking more people to watch it " live." People became angry and upset when it was pointed out that only Nielsen families who watched live would be counted. What's a Jericho Ranger to do? You can't go through the phone book and call Nielsen families because they aren't allowed to announce who they are.

For now, we are advertising everywhere in the hopes of Nielsen families seeing our efforts. Brochures, flyers, car and yard signs, and more. Then, last night, there seemed to be a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. Nielsen has announced that, later this year, they will launch a website called Hey Nielsen. This will allow people- any people- to go to their website and leave feedback for favorite TV shows, movies, and more. There are two ststements that jumped out at me.

1) Concerning feedback Nielsen says they " may share it with the companies responsible for those entertainment products." Why do it if you aren't going to share it?

2) Nielsen states that users who leave " rich, insightful, and frequent feedback" may be invited to participate in surveys and/or interviews for TV, movies, and commercials.

Hopefully, this will be a way for us all to communicate how large a fanbase is really out there for a particular show or movie. And, maybe, advertisers will see what they're missing out on by not counting all viewers.

Wouldn't you love to leave your feedback? Come on, Nielsen, we need this in place before Jericho returns in the Fall.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jericho Update

I wanted to mention a couple of big events that are upcoming.

First, Comic Con will be held in San Diego July 29, 2007. CBS will be there and there will be a Q&A plus merchandise (possibly) about Jericho. Fans will be on hand wearing their Jericho t-shirts and handing out flyers.

Secondly, there's the Jericho Convention to be held Sept. 14, 15, and 16 in Oakley, KS. Carol Barbee of Jericho says that's the location Jericho is based on so that will be fun. You can get more updates at:

I'll keep you posted.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Global Nuts For Jericho

I was amazed when the Nuts campaign pulled in so many Jericho fans from around the U.S. Everyone came together and fought for their favorite show. We got it back. Something else that continues to amaze me is the number of international fans who have joined our efforts.
Their message is clear: they love Jericho and they want to be counted. We are happy to have them aboard.
Yesterday, someone posted an Israeli TV ad for Jericho and it is amazing to watch. France and Australia have checked in as well as the UK, Korea, Canada. The New Zealanders tell us that Jericho has reached cult status there.
While I was amazed by the U.S. support I am truly awed by the international outpouring. How wonderful is that all these people from all these countries have come together to work towards a common goal?
I just have one question- do you think the Queen watches Jericho? Could Your Majesty send me an email if you're reading this?