Saturday, April 19, 2008

CBS: Problems, Problems

"CBS has hit some rough patches, according to Paid Content:

The parent company is under a mini-siege of sorts about
a) its performance,
b) Leslie Mooves’ salary, [sic]
c) Katie Couric’s disastrous tenure at the company,
d) layoffs (even on the digital side, as others are ramping up) and other issues…
e) CBS’s need for an acquisition is becoming apparent. Some CBS executives privately agree."

"Indeed, other networks have found it difficult to keep low-rated shows alive, even if the programs notch fans in other venues. After keeping the sci-fi drama "Jericho" for another season due to fan protest, CBS decided to yank the drama. Last year, CBS executives admonished fans that no matter how much they enjoyed the program online and via DVR playback, low ratings could not be tolerated."

"Moonves is a typical old-fashioned Hollywood mogul who believes that stars are the most important element in the success an entertainment program. He obviously believes that CBS's showcase news broadcast, The Evening News is not a news program but an entertainment program -- a show -- which is why he lured Katie Couric away from NBC to be its anchor. He thought she would bring personality and show biz spark to the show. But the largely 65+ audience for The Evening News didn't find perkiness a sufficient substitute for knowledge of current events or news judgment. The show's ratings dropped to an even lower third place than before Cute Katie came on board."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gone Fishing

JerichoMonster is taking a brief vacation.


We will return Saturday, April 19th.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Online: Network Ad Rates

"Networks now charge more per thousand viewers online than they do over the airwaves, where the average for a primetime show is about $25. Analysts put the online rate anywhere from $35 to $50 per thousand, though there are millions more potential traditional TV viewers.

Advertisers pay more online because there is a better accounting of how many viewers see the ads and an extra benefit that an impulse to purchase can be acted on with the click of a mouse."

"In my opinion we should drop the currency debate. The currency is the almighty US dollar, not Nielsen's panel-based ratings. We should embrace new metrics that shed light on some of the more pressing issues in advertising. Imagine being able to compare which news networks have the most loyal viewers as ranked by appointment viewing. Would anyone be interested in knowing what the audience turnover for a typical weeknight is on MTV and how it might compare to Comedy Central or G4? Is one network a reach vehicle and another better suited for building brand awareness? With new metrics, all these insights are possible."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Not Valuable Nielsen Ratings

" Unfortunately, when an advertiser looks at Nielsen numbers, they have to make assumptions. For instance, when they look at the demographic of 18-35 year olds, they can't tell how many are college students or high-school dropouts. They can't tell how many are lawyers and how many are dishwashers. This is a very serious flaw in the system that keeps Nielsen ratings form being overly valuable.

Many Americans, currently led by the aforementioned fans of the show Jericho, are campaigning to stop the use of Nielsen as a means of deciding whether or not a show should be canceled. The problem is that everyone is complaining about the problem, but no one is offering a solution. However, Jericho's faithful have already proven one time that Nielsen does not always show the value of an audience, and it looks like they're about to do it again."

For all Skeet Ulrich lovers.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nuts: Phase III

Nuts To Nielsen

Phase III

NorsU says, "Phase 3 is in early stages but will be an effort to get this message to other fandoms and continue to expose Nielsen for what it is, a fraud."

If interested you may leave a comment or email me at sweat1951@rock.com and I will pass the information to NorsU.
In the US, TV network AMC has partnered with Nielsen to develop a new Audience Identity Metric (AIM) that segments the audience by behavior, as well as a new ‘Ad Vantage’ metric for advertisers to measure ad receptivity across the industry.

AIM examines distinct differences in consumer preferences and behaviors to identify and target those viewers most likely to watch and to be engaged by a particular mix of AMC film titles and originals. The system matches the audience of specific movie titles with the lifestyles and behavior patterns that are the basis of specific advertiser's TV planning specs; then this data is matched to Nielsen audience estimates.

Holly Leff Pressman, EVP and General Manager of Nielsen Entertainment explained that the metric has been designed to provide more value to advertisers as they target specific audiences beyond age and gender demographics.