Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nuts, Nuts, and More Nuts

Special Note:

JerichoMonster will now be known as TheMonster. It no longer seems appropriate to use Jericho in the title as this blog is no longer only Jericho posts. Many people were confused by the old title and assumed only Jericho is covered here and TheMonster will cover a wide range of TV topics which include Jericho. The header will change tomorrow.

"Jericho’s Nutty Fans Protest Nielsen’s Ratings System"

Fantastic article with lots of links and lots about Nielsen flaws.

Hats off to NorsU.

Get your nuts here.

"For most people, it's just a bummer when a TV company cancels their favorite show. But fans of the now defunct CBS show "Jericho" are taking the loss of their show a bit harder.

They're fighting back, and the fight is coming to, of all unlikely places, Oldsmar.

"Jericho" devotees plan to picket the local office of TV ratings company Nielsen at noon Tuesday, and dump 4,000 pounds of peanuts on the company's property. Why Nielsen? "Jericho" fans say Nielsen uses faulty methods to measure TV ratings, and those ratings numbers doomed their beloved show.

"It's an antiquated rating system that does not count 99.999 percent of actual TV viewers," said Jonathan Whitesell, a "Jericho" fan and organizer of the protest, referring to the sampling method Nielsen uses to calculate total viewing of a show."

Supernatural: Losing Bela


Just my luck with a TV show. Jericho got canceled and I read today where Lauren Cohan (Bela) is being let go from Supernatural.

"It's been announced that due to both budget restrictions and negative fan reaction, the character of Bela (Lauren Cohan) will not be returning in season 4. Series creator Eric Kripke told TV Guide, "I'm sad to see Lauren go. I think she's going to have a huge career, but it became increasingly obvious to the writers that the character as we conceived it simply wasn't working."

Thanks a lot. Maybe I'm in the minority but I love Lauren Cohan and she does an amazing job as Bela. I'm with Eric in believing Lauren is going to have a huge career but I wish she could have had it on Supernatural. I don't understand why the character was written so sympathetically in this last episode. Why not leave her the antagonistic person she was before if you're going to dump her?? What a huge loss.

Maybe she could come back?

I also agree with TVSquad:

"Bela did finally redeem herself somewhat, giving up Lilith as the holder of the contract. I don't know that it makes up for stealing the Colt for Lilith, or trying to kill them, but it's something. There is still some story that could be explored with Bela, perhaps returning as a demon at some point. Alas, given the fact that it's already been announced that Lauren Cohan won't be back for season four, this was probably the last we'll see of "that skinny, stuck up, English girl."

Friday, May 9, 2008

Supernatural Fans: Margie and Edna

Margie and Edna are great fans of Supernatural. Unfortunately, they both like Jensen Ackles which leads to some dynamic conversations. Frankly, they fight over him.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to host this video to avoid them coming to blows. They can both just watch here. Enjoy it ladies.

This is a wonderful fan made video. Many thanks to FeliciaGee.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Supernatural: Love Alert

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The Supernatural Newsletter
Lots of good stuff here.


You asked for Sam so check this out here.

Here's another one you'll love.

Here's one more to keep you occupied.


"Metallicar is the nickname given to the 1967 Chevy Impala by the fans of the TV show Supernatural.

Driven by Dean and Sam Winchester in the hit series created by Eric Kripke, the car has become as much of a main character in the show as the Winchester brothers themselves, whom the series is based upon.

Specs: Engine: Chevy 427 CID Big Block V8 Carburetor: Holley 4 Barrel"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where Are The Ratings?

Dumbest comment I've seen lately:

""Gossip Girl" is CW's best chance, media buyers and network executives agree. "We know that it's a pop-culture phenomenon," Mr. Haskins said. "It's really kind of hard to understand why everybody knows about it but it's not reflected in the ratings."

Duh. It's not reflected in the ratings because of Nielsen ratings. We Jericho fans well know that Nielsen only reflects a small number of the total watching. Millions of people are not counted.

"He attributes that to "fewer quality new shows" and "the increasing obsolescence of the ratings system. People are still watching TV, they're just not watching it in the same way or in a way that can be measured by the ACNielsen company."

"The strike accelerated a fact of reality, that people are just choosing to watch shows when they feel like it," said Maureen Ryan, The Chicago Tribune’s TV critic. "People are really falling out of the habit of watching something on a weekly basis."

"I was really bummed (though not at all surprised) when I read late last night that ABC was canceling the delightful Men in Trees.

Series creator Jenny Bicks told TVGuide.com’s Michael Ausiello that ABC let the ax fall last week.

Bicks believes, and just about everyone else on this planet agrees (myself included) that ABC is entirely at fault for MIT’s death."

"TNS rejected a $1.87 billion offer from global ad conglomerate WPP over the weekend, setting up what looks like a bidding war for the London-based research firm. The WSJ reported that TNS is in talks with German research firm GfK; Mediapost is convinced The Nielsen Company will make a run at the firm.

TNS is relatively small in the U.S. but has big ambitions. It's making a run at Nielsen's TV ratings monopoly and has recently gained traction. TNS signed a deal with DirecTV (DTV) to cull data from 100,000 TV set-top boxes, and media agencies like Starcom MediaVest are already using the data to measure niche cable channels."

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Monster Presents Supernatural


Once in a while a great TV show comes along and that show was Jericho. After the first cancellation I knew that I would never let myself get that attached to a show ever again. So, I'm trying something new.

There was a time when I wouldn't try a new show unless I saw the first episode. I see now that I'm less apt to get attached if I just start watching a show even if it's in its' 3rd or 4th season.

Then, along comes Supernatural. Sure, I have a friend who tried to get me to watch a while back but I wasn't that interested. I changed my mind after watching last week's episodes. I hate it when people are right about a show that I haven't taken time to watch. Thank goodness for DVD's.

What's so good about it? First, it's very good writing. Second, third, fourth, and fifth-there's Jensen Ackles. Where has he been all my life?

Don't miss this show. Really. Check out the Supernatural info here and find Jensen Ackles info here.

You'll be seeing a lot more about Supernatural and Jensen Ackles here soon.

For more info go here and here.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Nutting Nielsen

Let me begin by thanking everyone for all the supportive emails.

Secondly, I seem to have confused some people by what my comment about leaving the fandom meant. Originally, I meant I would discontinue blogging about Jericho and that is partially true.

The main thing I meant is that I will no longer be affiliated with any particular group or message board or forum. I am going it alone. I will continue to post about Nuts To Nielsen but that is the only Jericho campaign I will blog. JM will continue to follow Nielsen ratings and will now be doing extensive coverage of Supernatural on CW.

Thanks NorsU.

"This is the Florida Vendor - hold off to Monday after 10:00 AM - They are setting up website to reflect better shipping terms - We then have a week to fill nut orders."

For West Coast Nuts- go here.

"The "Jericho" fandom may be an irritant to CBS Par execs, but at a time when even TV's top shows are taking double-digit ratings hits, it's heartening to see that TV, even canceled TV, can still stir up such passion in viewers who adopt shows as their own."