Saturday, May 10, 2008

Supernatural: Losing Bela


Just my luck with a TV show. Jericho got canceled and I read today where Lauren Cohan (Bela) is being let go from Supernatural.

"It's been announced that due to both budget restrictions and negative fan reaction, the character of Bela (Lauren Cohan) will not be returning in season 4. Series creator Eric Kripke told TV Guide, "I'm sad to see Lauren go. I think she's going to have a huge career, but it became increasingly obvious to the writers that the character as we conceived it simply wasn't working."

Thanks a lot. Maybe I'm in the minority but I love Lauren Cohan and she does an amazing job as Bela. I'm with Eric in believing Lauren is going to have a huge career but I wish she could have had it on Supernatural. I don't understand why the character was written so sympathetically in this last episode. Why not leave her the antagonistic person she was before if you're going to dump her?? What a huge loss.

Maybe she could come back?

I also agree with TVSquad:

"Bela did finally redeem herself somewhat, giving up Lilith as the holder of the contract. I don't know that it makes up for stealing the Colt for Lilith, or trying to kill them, but it's something. There is still some story that could be explored with Bela, perhaps returning as a demon at some point. Alas, given the fact that it's already been announced that Lauren Cohan won't be back for season four, this was probably the last we'll see of "that skinny, stuck up, English girl."


erika said...

"I don't know that it makes up for stealing the Colt for Lilith, or trying to kill them, but it's something."

IMO, it does not make up for it. A half a second of a sympathetic storyline does not redeem an annoying charcter for me.

Aaah, but you already know how I feel!

Sweet Tea said...

Aw, Erika, you know she's a great actress if she can bring out such strong emotions in people. Like yours. Ha!
Thanks for your comment and opinion.

Writer2day said...

liked Lauren/Bela I will miss her, she was sassy. I think she will have an amazing career. Sometimes I hate that Kripke listens to the fans so much, I really do. But I know he can make things work no matter what. Looking forward to the finale.

Sweet Tea said...

Thank you, writer2day. I think we'll see Lauren become a huge star. I'm glad you like her too.

I'm also looking forward to the finale.

fortknox23 said...

For those of you who are fans of Bela Talbot, I started an online petition to try and get her back on the show, please sign it, here’s the website:


Beth said...

I really liked Bela's character and I thought Lauren did a fantastic job portraying her! Every show needs a bad girl for the fans to love to hate, a show can't run forever off the backs of two hot guys (its bound to get repetative, which would be a shame). Personally I'm hoping she makes a season 5 appearance as a demon :D