Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where Are The Ratings?

Dumbest comment I've seen lately:

""Gossip Girl" is CW's best chance, media buyers and network executives agree. "We know that it's a pop-culture phenomenon," Mr. Haskins said. "It's really kind of hard to understand why everybody knows about it but it's not reflected in the ratings."

Duh. It's not reflected in the ratings because of Nielsen ratings. We Jericho fans well know that Nielsen only reflects a small number of the total watching. Millions of people are not counted.

"He attributes that to "fewer quality new shows" and "the increasing obsolescence of the ratings system. People are still watching TV, they're just not watching it in the same way or in a way that can be measured by the ACNielsen company."

"The strike accelerated a fact of reality, that people are just choosing to watch shows when they feel like it," said Maureen Ryan, The Chicago Tribune’s TV critic. "People are really falling out of the habit of watching something on a weekly basis."

"I was really bummed (though not at all surprised) when I read late last night that ABC was canceling the delightful Men in Trees.

Series creator Jenny Bicks told TVGuide.com’s Michael Ausiello that ABC let the ax fall last week.

Bicks believes, and just about everyone else on this planet agrees (myself included) that ABC is entirely at fault for MIT’s death."

"TNS rejected a $1.87 billion offer from global ad conglomerate WPP over the weekend, setting up what looks like a bidding war for the London-based research firm. The WSJ reported that TNS is in talks with German research firm GfK; Mediapost is convinced The Nielsen Company will make a run at the firm.

TNS is relatively small in the U.S. but has big ambitions. It's making a run at Nielsen's TV ratings monopoly and has recently gained traction. TNS signed a deal with DirecTV (DTV) to cull data from 100,000 TV set-top boxes, and media agencies like Starcom MediaVest are already using the data to measure niche cable channels."

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