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Jericho: Mending Fences

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From Rich of Copywrite Ink:

"Combined, Veronica Mars fans have easily redeemed themselves since the Buddy TV story in June told them to turn to Jericho fans for help. Nowadays, it almost seems to be the other way around.

The difference isn’t in the fans; it’s in network communication. Jericho fans are still mending fences after fan fallouts caused by some who lobbied Nina Tassler’s message, which implied that CBS fans might save the show if they simply “hung out” on the CBS message boards. While most fans are friendly, visiting the kitchen tends to drive more people away over disputes than it can keep.

For Jericho, the best ideas continue to be those away from the network (it’s about time). Next week, I’ll be looking for them to see if we can find some kind of sum up and solidarity."

Rich comments:

" The partnership concept as originally proposed by CBS never materialized. I've been thinking about this at great length.

It seems to me that Jericho fans need CBS to commit to airtime, which would give Jericho fans time to promote it and add the call to action that currently lacks (other than the DVD sales).

Then, a serious effort to promote the show offline (online seems covered) needs to follow. The come home to Jericho message, not to offend anyone, doesn't resonate with non-viewers. (I offered to develop a message once, and was told it was too late.)

Also, just as a point of clarity, Veronica Mars fans don't really have a choice but to go it alone. As it turns out, it seems to have worked out better for them."

Another Rich comment:

"Just a few more words to clarify:

For CBS:
Jericho would have made top 10-15 broadcasted shows, during the week that ended Oct. 8. So maybe it is time to come clean on why it was cancelled in the first place.

For Fans:
Entertainment Weekly arrived today. Four television shows made the top 20 DVD sales, ending the week of Oct. 8. None of them was Jericho (1408 made the list; it was released on Oct. 2). Will it be there next week? How about the week after?

So maybe each fan can ask themselves: what did you do when the DVD went on sale? Cheer about it on the CBS message boards? Complain there was no advertising? Buy a DVD? Tell your family to buy DVDs? Tell your neighbors to buy DVDs? Rent an airplane banner? Are you ready to change your behavior?

This is a rhetorical question. I know some of you did boatloads. :) I know some are doing even more, which is why I'll be summing what the various fan factions is doing. Its also a fine lesson for Veronica Mars fans."

A Monster Communicator Interview: Rich Becker

Rich Becker of Copywrite Ink needs no introduction to Jericho fans. He began writing about Jericho shortly after the cancellation and continues to write occasional articles even now.

I wanted to ask him some Jericho questions while we await CBS' announcement of Jericho's second season. As always, Rich impresses me. I appreciate you taking time for this interview Rich.

1. What makes Richard Becker tick?

There is nothing like an open-ended question. Nothing
and everything at the same time. Ha.

I fell in love with communication a long time ago
because I have a passion for learning about
interesting people and new things. Advertising, public
relations, journalism, and now social media
continually open doors to meet people, experience new
products, learn about various industries, and listen
to some amazing (and a few not so amazing) ideas. Even
before I committed myself to the industry, I had
already dabbled as a writer, poet, artist, and even
had an opportunity to design a company logo and work
on a casino advertisement while still in high school.

Ironically, I almost did not go into communication. I
studied psychology my first year in college and earned
enough credits in that field that I could earn a
second degree with about more two classes.

Other than that. My family makes me tick. We have a
lot of fun.

2. If there were no Internet where you be and what
would you be doing today?

The same, but with many more location limits and fewer
opportunities. When I first started Copywrite, Ink. in
1991, the Internet was still in its infancy. Most
material, whether for publications or advertising
agencies, was delivered by hand on a 3.5-inch floppy
disk, along with a hard copy just in case. Looking
back, there was a significant amount of time invested
in simply driving across town dropping off and pick up

What the Internet has done has expanded our
capabilities to work with anyone in the world as if
they were next door. And, with the advent of social
media, it has provided a new communication tool for
which my company is very well suited. As we develop
more clientele out of this market, we’re considering
additional markets as a base of operations.

3. What interests you the most about Jericho from a
consumer marketing perspective?

Social media continues to provide people with an
opportunity to connect and collectively promote or
enact change as consumers, within companies, in
communities, and all over the world. The majority of
businesses tend to underestimate this, but eventually
they will have to participate in social media on some

What fascinated me about Jericho was how quickly the
fan base came together as a show cancellation protest.
Within weeks, fans from all over the world were able
to collectively protest the decision of a major
network. Now, my interest is in seeing if this fan
base can promote the show they saved by securing
enough viewers to keep it alive. If Jericho fans can
do that, they will have effectively created an
influential model for others to follow.

4. If you wrote a pitch to ask people to watch Jericho
what would it say?

Well, it wouldn’t be a pitch as much as it would be a
complete rebranding of the way the show is marketed.
It is not a "nuclear apocalypse drama” as much as it
is a “small town survival” story in an alternate
universe that tests our country.

This might change during the truncated second season,
but it’s currently about how people react and cope
facing disaster as individuals and as a community. The
cause of the coup is pivotal to the plot, but most of
the story relates to how people handle the disaster
response. Anyway, when I do talk to people about the
show, their eyes light up with interest after the
"nuclear apocalypse drama” myth is dispelled.

5. Why do you think CBS is not actively promoting
Jericho and the DVD?

Supposedly that have a print advertising campaign, but
I haven’t seen it. So I can’t really speak for CBS.
What I can say is that by not aggressively promoting
it the message that they are sending is that they are
not committed to the show.

In sum, they want to retain the option to buy, but are
not ready to commit to the purchase. Unfortunately,
this is undermining CBS’s credibility.

6. Do you think CBS understands consumer marketing as
it relates to Jericho?

I don’t think many people understand consumer
marketing. In CBS’s case, they have missed multiple
opportunities to corral and help organize the fan
base, basically leaving it up to the fans to figure it
out. That is not how they sold their show cancellation
reversal. They sold it as a partnership and then went
right back to treating fans as passive viewers with
exception to a few cosmetic improvements to the Web

It’s a shame, because inside of reinvigorating the fan
base to put all that energy into positive outcomes,
they allowed it to create a general feeling of
mistrust. The relatively few mixed messages they have
put out do nothing but to erode that level of trust.

7. How could CBS use Jericho fans' marketing efforts
to their benefit?

There are so many ways they could have and not all of
them are still viable. What CBS failed to recognize is
managing a fan base is not unlike managing a
grassroots effort. They could have engaged the fans,
involving them in marketing efforts, and supplying
them with the material, art, etc. that the fan base
has been asking for all along and energized them to
promote the show on the Internet and, even more
importantly, off the Internet.

Now, especially because they missed yet another
opportunity with the DVD launch, their best bet is to
wait until season two is on the air. With a truncated
short season however, I’m not sure how much they will
do. If they want Jericho to succeed, they need to
focus on a message that appeals to new viewers, not
the existing fan base, and provide the material fans
need to promote the show.

8. How much, if any effect, do you think Jericho
bloggers have on CBS? New viewers?

I think Jericho bloggers have had more impact on other
networks than CBS. Other networks, and I’ve spoken
with a few, recognize that fan engagement will be key
to marketing shows in the future. Bloggers are part of

The reason is simple enough. People who care the most
about Jericho read these blogs faithfully. Many,
including, Jericho Monster, are mini Jericho online
publications that are largely dedicated exclusively to
the show. One thing is for certain, CBS might
appreciate Jericho bloggers even more if they abandon
the show.

9. Do you think CBS' foray into social media will be

They don’t have a choice but to be successful with
television advertising budgets down, its measures
questioned at every turn, and some programmers seeing
webcasts outpace regular programming.

Some days I think that it might take a major network
closing its doors to motivate the others toward
convergence. I’m not saying that network will be CBS,
but I haven’t seen a single successful model unveiled
from any of them.

10. Will you come back again and do another interview
about other subjects?

Anytime, Jane.

11. Any closing comments?

Sure. Right now, as it stands, the success of Jericho
falls squarely on the shoulders of the fans. Their
ability to get along is paramount to this success.
That might not be fair or even reasonable, but that is
what is.

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Survival of the Smartest: Chocofishie

I am happy to have a guest blogger today. You all know her as Chocofishie although her name is Janine.

I think she's done a great job with her article and I appreciate it. Maybe she'll come back again soon.

Survival of the Smartest

With the increasing urbanism prevalent in today's society in terms of
survival in the face of disaster most of us are screwed. Don't believe
Recent large examples on our planet prove otherwise, think Hurricane
Katrina (2005) and the Asian Tsunami (2004).

Many more disasters happen on a daily basis, from flooding and
earthquakes, to tornadoes and the follies of man. Today it's not survival of the fittest; it's the smartest that will prevail.

Most of us live our lives in a just-in-time state. We never believe we
will have to prepare for disaster; it's something that happens to other
people but not to us.

So what's just-it-time? It's the reliance on the resources provided
centrally that we utilise on a daily basis. This includes power, water,
sewage, roads, stores, hospitals and everything else you see as being
staples of your daily existence.

Look around your home and ask yourself these questions. Do you have
enough food to last your family a month if suddenly there were no stores? Have you enough clean and safe drinking water to keep everyone alive? How would you cook? What would you do for heating? What if you got sick? How would you protect those you love from others? And in this urban world we live in, can you depend on your neighbours to help you?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, how do you think you
would survive? There are many sites on the internet telling you what you need to do to prepare, I suggest you do a search and look into it now.

So that prepares you for disasters your area may be prone to, but are
you prepared for the unexpected disaster?

In this day and age we expect certain natural disasters will occur, they
shock us and remind us of our humanity. But it's the unexpected which
is really what frightens us. And that means terrorism, in its many shapes and forms. It's the threat of the unexpected which we don't and often don't know how to prepare for.

Until 9/11 the threat of terrorism was mainly for those countries where
it was traditionally seen as a problem. There have always been factions
around the globe who are at war with each other or their government. It just wasn't something that happened to people we knew. And the threat hasn't gone away.

What scares me the most is the threat of nuclear terrorism. With over
27,000 nuclear warheads worldwide it's not so much if it will happen but when. So how do you prepare for something like that?

It's like any other disaster, if you are in the centre of things it
doesn't matter how prepared you are the survival is minimal. However if you are in a fallout zone you are able to survive if you are smart.

From my beloved internet I have found two interesting guides. They are
probably the smartest and easiest guide I could find.
http://www.nukalert.se/resources/guide.pdf and

So you prepare but what about your neighbours, family and friends? Will you band together to face disaster, or will you disintegrate into war?

I would like to think we would all be like the fictional people of the
TVtown of Jericho . We would overcome
personality differences and allow our humanity to shine through so we can survive to build a better world.

However if upon reading this you think disaster will never happen to you in your lifetime, I hope you're right. But just in case ask yourself this
are you smart enough to survive?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Monster Cast Interview: April D. Parker-Jones

I have to tell you that this interview means more to me than being able to interview anyone else of my choosing. I became a fan of April's the first time I saw her as Darcy on Jericho. Her portrayal of Darcy has the perfect balance of strength, resolve, love of family, and character.

When I scoured the Internet looking for information about April I was sorely disappointed. I found nothing about her real life. What was she like, did she have a family, what are her hobbies?

Sometime later, to my amazement, April agreed to this interview. She told me this is her first interview concerning her role on Jericho. Get a grip Entertainment writers! You have missed the boat.

It is an honor for me to present the talented April D. Parker who may pleasantly surprise you with some of her answers.

Thank you, April, for making my dream come true and for making Darcy real.

1. Who is April Parker-Jones and what is she like?

Well, I am still figuring that out on a daily basis. But what I know of myself right now is that I am a proud mother, wife and child of God. I am a dreamer and sometimes an underachiever. I can be lazy at times and I want people to like me. I am very positive and I think that I am pretty funny! Hmmm… what else? I like that you thought of me do to this interview!

2. What steps do you take to make your portrayal of Darcy so realistic?

First of all thank you for saying that the portrayal is realistic! Being realistic is absolutely the motivation that I use when bringing Darcy to life. I just try and pull from my real life. Being a Mother makes the transition so much smoother. Thankfully, Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) helps me tremendously in portraying Darcy realistically. A few moments before the scene begins I try to mentally take myself to Jericho. I try and place how I would feel being in a foreign place, post nuclear war with my Husband and kids. It can sometimes be a myriad of emotions and lots of different layers all at once.

3. Do you come from an acting family? Can you give us a little background?

No, I actually am the only one in my immediate family who is into the arts! It’s sort of like I was the strange one growing up!! O.k. Yes, I’m still a bit strange!

4. How did you feel when Jericho was cancelled and when it came back?

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t very disappointed. I knew that Jericho was a very smart show and maybe the masses were not ready for it! So, when it was revived, it was just confirmation that you can’t keep a good show down!

5. Darcy came into her own at the end of Season 1. There seems to be much more to her than anyone expected. What do you like about Darcy?

She sure did begin to come into her own!! I think in Season 2 there will be an even greater growth with Darcy. I really like that she puts her family first! I like that there is a softness there, although it is sometimes masked because of her commitment to her families well being. I like it that she still really loves her Husband and that she is a lot smarter than she lets on.

6. Do you have other roles you’d like to play someday? What are they?

You know, I have always dreamed of doing sketch comedy!!! I know it seems like a far stretch from the role of Darcy, but I can imagine myself being part of a cast like SNL or Mad TV!

7. How did you get the role of Darcy?

Interestingly enough, I auditioned for the role of Mimi for the pilot of Jericho! Then a few weeks later I was called in to read for the role of Darcy. I was told it would be a co-star role and most likely I would be in one episode. But there was a possibility for the role to recur. Needless to say, I feel so blessed that Darcy is still around for Season 2 and hopefully for Season 3!

8. What do you most enjoy about working on Jericho?

Crafts services of course!! There is an endless amount of food!! At every turn or at your demand, something fabulous to eat can be whipped up for you. It’s very dangerous, but oh so wonderful! Coming in a close second to the grub are the amazing people! Everyone on the set; from the cast to the crew are all beautiful, positive, supporting beings. I couldn’t have dreamed of working with a better bunch of folks!

9. What are some of your hobbies? Interests?

Well, I love spending time with my family. As mentioned in the prior answer, I enjoy eating. What else…..Oh, I love music. One of my secrets passions is to dance! I often picture myself being a back up dancer for a big hip hop star or being the new breakout star on "So You Think You Can Dance!" (Don’t Laugh)!!

*** (I didn't laugh at all.)***

10. What do you hope the future holds for you, Darcy and Jericho?

I hope the future holds for April lots of love, peace and blessings. For Darcy I hope that she continues to come into her own and surprise everyone in the coming episodes. Lastly, I hope that Jericho lives on for at least 13 seasons and keeps the fans on the edges of their seat!

April D. Parker-Jones

A.K.A. - Lady Hawk

P.S. - Oh my goodness, I almost neglected to answer the last question which is:

How would you feel about an April Parker fan club?

And my answer to that is ..... Does Jericho Rock?

*** I take that as a yes so here we go!***

April D. Parker Fan Club

No dues because you don't get anything with your membership except to say that you are a member of the 1st Unofficial April D. Parker Fan Club. Who wouldn't be a fan of this multi-talented actress??

Email sweat1951@rock. com if you'd like to join.

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Fan Fiction: Going Home, Chapter 1, The Road Home

Many thanks to Sherry for allowing me to post this. It's fantastic!

Here is my alternative universe of Jericho. This story is about as AU as they come. What if Jake had a reason besides the death of Chris Sullivan to to leave Jericho? Welcome to my world!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the television show Jericho or any part of it. The characters are not mine in any way. I am not affiliated with CBS, the television show Jericho or the writers of Jericho. I am borrowing them for a while and I promise to give them back.

Special thanks to Marzee!!!! Our 2am conversations are very idea inspiring!!!

********** ********** ********** **********

The Rockies sped by the window of the train as Jake Green sat drinking a cup of coffee and eating a sandwich. It had been 5, almost 6, years since he'd left Jericho. He had thought about Jericho often though...wondering what everyone was up to.

He smiled across the table at the dark haired little boy sitting there watching a movie on an iPod. 'How in the world am I going to explain Jacob to Mom and Dad,' Jake thought. Jacob was almost 8 and he needed to at least meet his grandparents one time, just in case something happened on one of Jake's frequent trips out of the country.

Jake reached across the table and tapped the boy on the head. "Hey, eat up. It's a long time until we get to your grandparents' house."

Jacob nodded absently at him, totally engrossed in Pirates of the Caribbean...again. Without looking, he picked up a grilled cheese triangle and took a bite.

Jake smiled and picked up his coffee cup and lost himself in thought again. 5 1/2 years ago Jake had left home....never to return. Before he headed west to California, he had gone to Rogue River to try to get Becca to come with him. No one, not even his mom, had known about Becca and Jacob. Theirs had been a very brief and intense relationship occurring while he and Emily were having one of their more and more frequent breakups. The result of that relationship was Jacob.

He had seen Jacob as much as he could but it wasn't enough. He'd wanted to try to make a home for Jacob. He'd hoped Becca would come with him. Jake had always found it hard to believe what had happened that night had really happened, though he could remember it clearly, even today....

Jake parked his car beside Becca's. He could see Becca and Jacob inside the McDonald's Playland. Becca was eating fries and reading a book while Jacob climbed around on the slide. He always got a goofy smile on his face when he saw the chubby baby that was his son. Tonight was no different.

He got a Coke and walked into the playground area. He walked over to the table Becca was at, bent down and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hey, how's it going?"

"Okay, I guess," Becca said, quietly, not meeting his eyes.

Jake looked at her, eyes narrowed. He wondered what was wrong.

Jacob caught sight of Jake, grinned and ran over to him squealing, "Da-eee."

Jake picked him up and hugged him. Jacob was the only thing in the world that felt good and right.

Jacob pointed at the Coke, "Nink?"

Jake handed him the cup.

A look of anger passed across Becca's face. She took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "Jake, don't let him have caffeine. He'll be awake all night."

"Okay, what's wrong?" Jake asked, take the cup back from Jacob and handing him two french fries. Jacob walked back over to the slide.

"Nothing, Jake. Nothing at all. I'm just tired. I have no help, ya know. It's all on me. He stays up all night, I have to deal with it. My family won't have anything to do with me. You're always gone. But, please, don't worry about me, it's a perfect world and I'm fine."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about, Bec. I'm leaving. I'm going to California. I want you and Jacob to come with me. I think we can do it. At least we can try. Did you bring your clothes and stuff?"

"Jake, what in the world would make you think we could make it together? We fight all the time. You don't love me. The only thing we have between us is a kid. That's it."

"That's a pretty big thing, Bec," Jake said.

Jacob walked over, "Mo nink?" he asked, pointing at Jake's cup.

Jake looked over at Becca and when he saw she wasn't looking, handed the cup to Jacob. He picked him up, sat him in his lap and handed him a fry. He looked at Jacob closely and noticed new clothes.

"Bec, where did he get these clothes and shoes? He didn't have them last week."

"Jake, I talked to a lawyer. He has a family that wants to adopt Jacob. They're doctors. They've already hired a nanny. They gave him a bunch of clothes and toys when they met him on Monday. They've seen him every day this week. They want him by next weekend. They're going to pay all my expenses for the past 18 months." She looked at Jake, "I don't want to do this, Jake, but I have to take care of Jacob and myself and this is the best way I know how. They can give him so much. They can take care of him better than I can."

Jake saw red. "Are you outta your fu...." Jake yelled. Jacob had been on the verge of sleep. he jumped and started crying. Jake stopped, shifted Jacob to his shoulder, hugged him tight and rubbed his back until he went back to sleep. "SShhhh. It's okay, Buddy." Jake took a deep breath, looked at Becca and quietly continued, in a voice calculated to intimidate. "Are you crazy? You're not going to sell my son!! I ain't signin' papers to get my kid adopted out. I'm on the birth certificate. You can't do it without my signature and I won't sign. I'll hire a lawyer and fight you for custody. You have no idea who you're dealing with. There's no way in Hell I'm losin' my kid. If you don't want him, I'll take him. We'll be fine," Jake said, rubbing the back of Jacob's head.

"You'll take him. Right. That'll work. Jake you don't understand. I have no life. I can't do anything anymore. Nothing but change diapers and give bottles."

Jake took a deep, calming breath. "Okay then, come with me to California."

"Why, Jake?"

"Because we have a kid. At least try it."

"Are we gonna get married?"

"Let's see if we can get to California without killing each other before we talk about anything else," Jake said.

Becca bowed her head and took an angry breath. "Jake, just forget it. We never should've happened. We were wrong from that first night at the bar. There never should have even been a Jacob. Just sign the papers so we can be done."

"That's a great way to look at your son, Bec," Jake said, angrily. "Where're his pajamas? We need to get him changed before we leave."

"Everything's in the diaper bag in my car. I'll get it."

"We'll all go. I'll change him in my car."

"Fine. Whatever," Becca said, standing up and walking to the door without looking back.

"Are you gonna follow me or what?" Jake asked.

Becca popped the trunk on her car. "Put these in your car. Your trunk's bigger," Becca said, pointing at two suitcases and Jacob's stroller.

Jake handed Jacob to Becca and transferred everything to his trunk. "Bec, there's not much here. Is this everything?"

"Yeah. It's everything you need," she said quickly, the last part very quiet.

"What?" Jake said, looking confused.

"Nothing. I'm tired of listening to his screaming. Put his car seat in your car. You listen to him scream for a while."

Jake quickly put the car seat in the seat beside him. He turned around to take Jacob and watched Becca kiss him and hug him tightly. She had tears running down her cheeks.

"Ya know," Jake said, smiling, "he's just in the car with me. It's not like you're never gonna see him again."

He fought Jacob into the car seat. As soon as he could get one arm through a strap, Jacob would jerk the other one out. He bucked and arched the entire tire, screaming and fighting to get out. By the time Jacob was secured in the seat, they were both red faced and sweating. Jake leaned back against the dash to catch his breath. Tossing 300lb drunks out of Bailey's, when he worked there as a bouncer, didn't wind him this much. Jacob immediately started screaming, "NO! Out out out, Da-eee. Out!" Jake tried giving him the Coke but he pushed it away. Jake handed him a toy. Jacob threw it in the floor and stepped up his wailing.

Jake turned around and Becca was gone. There was an envelope wedged under the windshield wiper, but no Becca. He could see his name printed clearly across the front. Sometime during the car seat fight she had quietly gotten in her car and driven away. Jake felt like someone had punched him in the stomach, he couldn't catch his breath. Where was she??

He grabbed the letter and ripped it open. Snatches of that letter were forever burned in his memory, "relationship had been a mistake", "Jacob should never have happened", "not cut out to be a mother at least not now", "anyone else could do a better job taking care of Jacob", "I want to be carefree and do what I want to do, not be tied to a kid for the rest of my life", "please love him enough for me too". He and Jacob had never seen her again.

His mind racing and his stomach churning, Jake drove. Jacob screamed half the way to Jericho, finally exhausting himself and falling asleep, drenched in sweat. It was only 10 o'clock when he hit town, and he even drove down his parents' street. The lights were on in the living room, and for a brief moment he considered stopping. But then he imagined what Johnston would say and do, and he'd kept going, heading west to California.

The first year had been awful but he and Jacob slowly learned each other and life went on and got better. He could tell within about half a degree what a temperature was by feeling Jacob's forehead and no ear infection would ever get the best of him. Where five years ago, he wouldn't have gone anywhere without his little black book and a condom, he now carried Tylenol and an asthma inhaler. He grinned to himself, he used to be the ultimate night owl, usually sleeping til noon, now he was in bed by eleven and up at six .....boy things had changed. He had talked to his mother a couple of times a year but had never told her about Jacob....he didn't know why... he just never did.

Jake pulled himself out of the past and back to the train. 'What a mother," Jake thought. To this day, he couldn't believe she had been willing to sell Jacob to the highest bidder and then just ended up totally abandoning him. Becca hadn't been the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but at least she had given him Jacob without a fight. He was grateful for that, if nothing else. He looked at the little boy in front of him and smiled. Jacob was still away in the world of pirate ships and gold.

Jake tapped him on the head again, "It's only about 10 more minutes....eat your lunch and put the iPod away".

Jacob gave a sigh as big as the world and put his iPod in his backpack. Instead of eating he just pushed the sandwich around the plate.

"Dad, do you think they will like me?" Jacob asked worriedly.

"Do I think they will like you? Just wait til your grandmother sees you. She is going to hug you to death. I definitely think they are going to like you", Jake said while ruffling Jacob's hair.

"What about Grandpa?"

"Yeah, Grandpa'll like you too," Jake said, smiling. "Remember, your grandfather is grouchy most of the time but he doesn't mean anything by it."

"Oh...like you on mornings after you go out with Uncle Freddy?"

"Uh,yeah, something like that. Don't worry about your grandfather. Everything's gonna be just fine." Jake hoped that was the case. He was worried about his father's reaction. He knew what his mother would do, but Johnston Green had always been the unknown factor.

The train pulled into the station. They got out and walked onto the platform.

"Alright," Jake said, stretching and yawning, "it's a long way lets get started." He put his hand on Jacob's shoulder and steered him through the crowd.

"Can we stop at McDonalds? I'm hungry."

"What about that sandwich you just had?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot. But I really am hungry."

"Does it have to be McDonalds? Can't we stop somewhere else? Just the thought of McDonalds makes me sick. How about Burger King or Taco Bell? You like those."

"Come on, Dad. I want a Happy Meal. There's really good toys right now. Please??"


Jake looked in the backseat as he made the turn onto Chestnut Street. Jacob was sprawled across the seat sound asleep. He made thru the Richmond's, Gracie Leigh's and Emily without any explanations. He wasn't ashamed of anything to do with Jacob, he just wanted his mom to be the first to meet him. He had called his mom yesterday and told her he was coming home for the day to see his grandfather and that he was bringing someone for her to meet. He knew that his mother had to have thought it was a girl that Jake was bringing home....boy was she gonna get a surprise.

He pulled the car up in front of the house he had grown up in and sat there a minute.... 'Okay...here we go,' he thought. He reached over the backseat and shook Jacob awake.

"Hey, wake up. We're here"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Monster Cast Interview: Lennie James

What can I say about the wonderfully talented Lennie James? He acts, he writes, and he sings. And, he took time for this interview for Jericho fans. Thanks, Lennie, we love you.

1. Who is Lennie James and why is he an actor?

I am the youngest son of Phyllis Mary James and I'm an actor
because a very cute girl I was keen on wanted to be an actress. I
followed her into an audition, got the gig and the rest as they say...is
the rest.

2. You are the perfect Robert Hawkins. How did you get the role?

I got the role in the conventional way...I auditioned, they
liked me for it, they offered me the gig, I said yes...

3. You are not only a talented actor, but a talented writer. Has your
role on Jericho inspired you creatively in other projects?

If I'm honest, no. I try as much as I can to keep those two
separate. I don't act as a writer and don't write as and actor. Where
they are linked, I suppose, is in how they are inspired. Both my writing
and acting are inspired by my own emotional DNA, my life experience and
the lives of others that I come into contact with. I am a big people
watcher and analyser. Actors have to be. It's our job.

4. When were you bitten by the acting bug?

It was some time after I followed the 'cute girl' into that
audition. It probably wasn't until my second year of drama school. By
that time I'd began to figure out what I was doing and began to have
real ambition. I began to realise what it was I enjoyed about acting and
how to be good at it. That is still my ambition...to be good at what I

5. Do you find yourself putting any of your own personality into
Hawkins, and in what ways do you feel that the two of you are alike?

We are both the same height, although he thinks he's taller.
All actors use themselves in the creation of their characters. As I
said, all we have in reality is our own emotional DNA and history to
work with. A lot is made of actors who play characters a million miles
from who they really are. I think, in the main, that is mostly smoke and
mirrors. It's guys making what we do harder than it needs to be so they
can feel unique or special or whatever. So much of the actor’s job is
done by the writer in creating the character and placing him/her in the
particular situation in the story being told. The actor’s job is to be
true to that and not put too much in the way. I'm not saying that acting
is easy, it's not, but at it's best...when you're in the groove, it is
simple or at least it should be.

6. You and April Parker have so much chemistry on screen. What is it
like working with her?

Working with April is a good example of staying true to the
story and characters and not getting in the way. She is the most
wonderfully honest actress. There is no pretence or guff about her. We
barely discuss our scenes before hand. We just love seeing what we come up with by doing it. We know who we are to each other, what's going on
and what each of our characters want. Armed with that and someone as
great as April it's...simple and a joy and has been from day one. With
April at my side I'd tackle Chemistry and quantum physics!

7. What do you most enjoy about working on Jericho?

That what I've got with April is repeated again and again with
other cast members. That our crew is, without doubt, the best crew I've
ever worked with. That Jericho is a great place to go to work. Now I
know I'm supposed to and am expected to say that. Would I ever say the
opposite? Well probably not. But neither would I say it if it weren't
true. I'd say what I like most about Jericho is my character or living
and working in LA or Skeet’s smile. There is truth in all of these, but
above all are the people I get to work with. They rock!

8. Are you doing any writing now? Plays?

I'm always writing. I've discovered that I'm a storyteller and
that the way I tell my stories are through acting and writing. I have a
play growing in my head at the moment, but I'm writing a TV series at
the moment.

9. What's next for you? What would you like to do that you haven't done?

I'm back in London for a month or so to shoot a movie. It's a
screen adaptation of a play I did at the Royal Court in London some
years back. I play a police officer who has to return to the housing
estate (project) he grew up on to investigate the killing of a 16 year
out boy. The dead boy like the officer could have been voted 'most
likely to make it out of the estate'. He's another complicated man
fighting with himself and everyone around him. I love playing him.
I've never done a days work or played a guy that I didn't want to go
back and do it/play him better. So I like to do that...and maybe do a
role where I get to sing.

10. What would you say to someone to get them to tune into Jericho for
the first time?

I'd tell them Skeet Ulrich is in it. He is an actor’s actor, a
great leading man and a joy to work with. His friendship is another one
of the gifts I've got from Jericho.
Oh, and I'd tell a first-timer that Jericho has nothing else that like
it on TV. If that's your thing then this'll be your thing.

11. Hawkins obviously cares very deeply about his family. From a
father's point of view, what kind of thoughts and feelings do you have
about the relationships Hawkins is trying to rebuild with his children,
the fact he has to go to such great lengths to protect them, and the
things they have been exposed to as a result of his role in the
I can't quite figure out this question let alone an answer to
it. Sorry.

Any comment you might like to make?

Only to say again a big thank you to our fans, not just saving our show,
but for rewarding us with such a high accolade.




Monday, October 15, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Jeff Braverman

Who doesn't know Nutty Jeff Braverman? From Nuts To CBS to a huge fan of Jericho,Jeff has been instrumental in the fight to bring Jericho back.

Jeff remains very busy. He flew to Chicago recently to speak at the Direct Marketing Association Conference. His topic: Nuts to Jericho: The Method Behind the Madness that Brought Back a Canceled TV Show.

If Jeff can reel in new fans you can bet he will. I was able to catch up with busy Jeff for a few minutes and here's what he had to say:

1. First, I want to thank you for everything you have done for Jericho.

My pleasure! It was a blast.

2. You worked so hard sending and delivering nuts to CBS. How long did it take after the nuts stopped for you to slow down or did you?

About a week to finally return to normal and catch up on sleep!!!

3. How did you really feel the day that 10,000 pounds of nuts hit CBS in New York?

I was exuberant. Over memorial day weekend it suddenly dawned on me that we could have a massive splash and truck in 6,000 pounds on our own to accompany the 4,000 pounds with UPS. We got a late start and missed the AP photographer, which was a bummer, but we arrived alongside UPS and it was exciting to see a bunch of fans as well. Of course it was awfully stressful ensuring CBS took the peanuts without giving me too much trouble, but we worked it out without a hitch!

4. How was your trip to China?

My trip was fantastic.

5. Do they know about Jericho?

During the campaign several people from China had written to me saying how they were fans. And I of course wore the Jericho shirt at the Great Wall, so, oh, they know!!!

6. What did you think about Nina Tassler after you met her?

She seemed nice, but our interaction was short. She seemed like her head was spinning a bit as the party was about to start.

7. During the Nuts campaign the press went wild and you spoke with many of them. What was the best and worst of that experience?

The best was probably Quality Rock 99.9 KTYD - Santa Barbara, California. I was on the air twice with them, they were incredibly nice and totally supportive of us, and they were amazed at the fans. I had written on my blog about going on the air, and within 1 minute they said they received about 25 emails in support! It was incredible. A funny media anecdote is the following: I was in California at a supermarket buying food for a hike with my friend. At the checkout I asked him if he saw the National Enquirer. He then grabbed it from the shelf and I told him to turn to page 20. After seeing my photo he said, “No way dude!” Haha.

After doing the nut drop in NY, I had an interview with Fair Game on Public Radio International. They were trying to trip me up and make a mockery of our campaign, so it wasn’t that enjoyable.

8. Are you still selling Jericho items like shirts and party trays, etc.?

We are still selling some Jericho shirts and Jericho Party Snackers. The Jericho Party Mix is selling pretty briskly as well.

9. You also set up a forum for Jericho fans and it's become a popular place. Thank you for doing that too.

You bet.

10. If you had it all to do over again would you do anything differently?

Nope…I think everything went off pretty flawlessly. Well, I would have been more careful early on in the campaign and wouldn’t have smashed my head into a beam. All in, I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Jericho is coming back and Greensburg got over $20k from us!

11. Did you get to meet most of the cast when you traveled to California?

I met about 6 or 7 cast members. It was awesome.

12. What would you like to tell Jericho fans about promoting Season 2?

Hehe…Pretty simply. Watch. Tell your friends to watch. Get 10 new people hooked.

Anything you'd like to add?


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jericho Fans: Need Leadership?

A couple of great articles today. First, Rich of Copywrite Ink:

"In June, a few fans, in consideration of my suggestions to promote fandom asked me how to organize a fan club. I obliged them, but was surprised by the response of some, who rejected the idea on its face because Jericho fans did not want any leaders. Off with any leaders’ heads, some said, we are all equal here."

"A successful leader transcends their personality in order to ensure any following is aligned to the organizational goals and not themselves as individuals. The very best of them continually challenge any followers to reach higher obtainable goals, encouraging them to apply leadership as well."

"Effective leadership looks for objectivity and truth, taking responsibility for their actions and win the hearts of any following. Whereas those who think they are leaders are subjective, obscure facts, and promote their own partisan interests and make demands while denying the role for fear of being held responsible or accountable."


Word has spread about Jericho fans and this is also depressing:

"Things are starting to shift on the Jericho front, though not necessarily in a good way. In a story on SyFy Portal, Michael Hinman documents the growing dissension and acrimony in the ranks of Jericho fans, particularly those that took part in the shows resurrection after being canceled earlier in the year. The point of contention now seems to be who gets to take credit for bringing the show back with a reduced budget and a heavily shortened episode order.

Me, I'm wondering if there is anything worth fighting over right now. A new run of seven episodes is fairly weak and noncommittal on the part of CBS and is more likely a backup plan for replacing one of its inevitable failed fall shows such as Kid Nation, and Jericho could easily end up back on the chopping block if the people who were celebrating a month ago keep fighting over who brought it back instead of continuing the work by going out and helping to find new viewers to bring the ratings up above where they before."