Monday, October 15, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Jeff Braverman

Who doesn't know Nutty Jeff Braverman? From Nuts To CBS to a huge fan of Jericho,Jeff has been instrumental in the fight to bring Jericho back.

Jeff remains very busy. He flew to Chicago recently to speak at the Direct Marketing Association Conference. His topic: Nuts to Jericho: The Method Behind the Madness that Brought Back a Canceled TV Show.

If Jeff can reel in new fans you can bet he will. I was able to catch up with busy Jeff for a few minutes and here's what he had to say:

1. First, I want to thank you for everything you have done for Jericho.

My pleasure! It was a blast.

2. You worked so hard sending and delivering nuts to CBS. How long did it take after the nuts stopped for you to slow down or did you?

About a week to finally return to normal and catch up on sleep!!!

3. How did you really feel the day that 10,000 pounds of nuts hit CBS in New York?

I was exuberant. Over memorial day weekend it suddenly dawned on me that we could have a massive splash and truck in 6,000 pounds on our own to accompany the 4,000 pounds with UPS. We got a late start and missed the AP photographer, which was a bummer, but we arrived alongside UPS and it was exciting to see a bunch of fans as well. Of course it was awfully stressful ensuring CBS took the peanuts without giving me too much trouble, but we worked it out without a hitch!

4. How was your trip to China?

My trip was fantastic.

5. Do they know about Jericho?

During the campaign several people from China had written to me saying how they were fans. And I of course wore the Jericho shirt at the Great Wall, so, oh, they know!!!

6. What did you think about Nina Tassler after you met her?

She seemed nice, but our interaction was short. She seemed like her head was spinning a bit as the party was about to start.

7. During the Nuts campaign the press went wild and you spoke with many of them. What was the best and worst of that experience?

The best was probably Quality Rock 99.9 KTYD - Santa Barbara, California. I was on the air twice with them, they were incredibly nice and totally supportive of us, and they were amazed at the fans. I had written on my blog about going on the air, and within 1 minute they said they received about 25 emails in support! It was incredible. A funny media anecdote is the following: I was in California at a supermarket buying food for a hike with my friend. At the checkout I asked him if he saw the National Enquirer. He then grabbed it from the shelf and I told him to turn to page 20. After seeing my photo he said, “No way dude!” Haha.

After doing the nut drop in NY, I had an interview with Fair Game on Public Radio International. They were trying to trip me up and make a mockery of our campaign, so it wasn’t that enjoyable.

8. Are you still selling Jericho items like shirts and party trays, etc.?

We are still selling some Jericho shirts and Jericho Party Snackers. The Jericho Party Mix is selling pretty briskly as well.

9. You also set up a forum for Jericho fans and it's become a popular place. Thank you for doing that too.

You bet.

10. If you had it all to do over again would you do anything differently?

Nope…I think everything went off pretty flawlessly. Well, I would have been more careful early on in the campaign and wouldn’t have smashed my head into a beam. All in, I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Jericho is coming back and Greensburg got over $20k from us!

11. Did you get to meet most of the cast when you traveled to California?

I met about 6 or 7 cast members. It was awesome.

12. What would you like to tell Jericho fans about promoting Season 2?

Hehe…Pretty simply. Watch. Tell your friends to watch. Get 10 new people hooked.

Anything you'd like to add?



terocious said...

Very Nice. Great to get to meet you Jeff. Nuts!

erika said...

YAY! Jeff Jeff Jeff!!!

azlady said...

Can't thank you enough Jeff for all you have done and are doing for Jericho. Great to hear from you.