Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jericho Fans: Need Leadership?

A couple of great articles today. First, Rich of Copywrite Ink:

"In June, a few fans, in consideration of my suggestions to promote fandom asked me how to organize a fan club. I obliged them, but was surprised by the response of some, who rejected the idea on its face because Jericho fans did not want any leaders. Off with any leaders’ heads, some said, we are all equal here."

"A successful leader transcends their personality in order to ensure any following is aligned to the organizational goals and not themselves as individuals. The very best of them continually challenge any followers to reach higher obtainable goals, encouraging them to apply leadership as well."

"Effective leadership looks for objectivity and truth, taking responsibility for their actions and win the hearts of any following. Whereas those who think they are leaders are subjective, obscure facts, and promote their own partisan interests and make demands while denying the role for fear of being held responsible or accountable."


Word has spread about Jericho fans and this is also depressing:

"Things are starting to shift on the Jericho front, though not necessarily in a good way. In a story on SyFy Portal, Michael Hinman documents the growing dissension and acrimony in the ranks of Jericho fans, particularly those that took part in the shows resurrection after being canceled earlier in the year. The point of contention now seems to be who gets to take credit for bringing the show back with a reduced budget and a heavily shortened episode order.

Me, I'm wondering if there is anything worth fighting over right now. A new run of seven episodes is fairly weak and noncommittal on the part of CBS and is more likely a backup plan for replacing one of its inevitable failed fall shows such as Kid Nation, and Jericho could easily end up back on the chopping block if the people who were celebrating a month ago keep fighting over who brought it back instead of continuing the work by going out and helping to find new viewers to bring the ratings up above where they before."


Rich said...


With perseverance, I believe the fans can get over recent road blocks and move full steam ahead.

During the cancellation movement, you all had something to prove to CBS. Now, the audience has shifted to include the media as they wonder whether the fan base can overcome the obstacles set before them. Fortunately, this is about long-term commitment and not speed to market.

All my best,

maybei said...

I agree with Rich! (and thanks for a great article)

The Jericho fans are a great bunch of people - I have faith we are going to be just fine.

erika said...

I really think that idle hands, devils playground, blah blah blah. There really hasn't been much to say or cheer about lately with Jericho, so while things are relatively quiet, the troll-ish types can run rough-shod over the place. Even large, rabid fanbases get quiet while their television shows are on a break (I'm looking at you, Lost fans...). I have a lot of faith that once there are new shows to talk about, the joy and the missing fans will bubble back up and drown out the trouble-makers.