Saturday, October 13, 2007

CBS: Not Taking Care of Business

Updates coming as needed. ( Update below)

I posted on the CBS message board yesterday morning. Here is my post:

Those of you who know me know that I am not one to encourage or participate in any type of dispute on this board or elsewhere. However, when I see something like this I am compelled to speak out. Look at this blog post:


You will see a direct link to my blog. This person attempted to spam my blog so I had to go to moderated comments. (I kept the comments which weren't posted.) The false accusations on this blog need to stop. This person needs to be seen for what they are.

I call it to your attention and you can decide for yourself. Thank you.

I go out for a while only to come in and find my post deleted by a user named "robert_green". He appears to be a regular user and has one post dated July 6.

Here is a screenshot of robert_green's post.

Jeff Burkett - in charge of website content, etc
323 - 575 - 4380

See what he had to say here.

To read the whole story go here.

While we wait for CBS to explain why only certain people's posts are deleted here's an update.

Here is the brilliant and logical response.

Hey Nielsen will never work properly if people choose to abuse the system for manipulating the numbers. See here.


See this post:


See this email from the blog owner:( Oct. 9)

"what's wrong dont like the truth to be out there..figures...you will go down like the rest of them... "

Oh, I do want the truth to be out there and it will be.

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