Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jericho: The Devil Inside

Rich at Copywrite Ink always knows how to hit the Bullseye. His latest post is no exception. He breaks the article down into three sections.

1) The Good:

Not real good but he discusses Amazon sales of the DVD as well as sales at Barnes and Noble. Sales, hopefully, will get better.

2) The Bad:

Carol Barbee recently stated that two endings have been filmed for Season 2.
One alternative ending will show where the show would go in a Season 3. The other ending, she says, “gives you a huge mythology so that you understand so much about what has happened."

According to Rich (and I agree)"Alternative endings mean exactly what one might think. Jericho’s continuation on CBS is about as certain as the day it was first placed on the bubble."

Think about that. No certainty of a Season 3. What would we do then?

3) The Ugly:

I will let Rich's statement about this speak for itself:

"If there is any distraction from promoting DVD sales at the moment, it comes in the form that frequently surfaces from the fan base. Someone places too much weight on their own shoulders, distracting otherwise like-minded fans.

It’s the kind of story worth following up on when you’re tracking the promise and pitfalls of spontaneous consumer marketing efforts. Jericho fans are not alone. If there is any reoccurring theme in the scheme of social media, it is in the abundance of people who suddenly find themselves in the semi-public spotlight without any real leadership training. Here’s one tip I picked up almost a decade ago …

“Angels have wings because they take themselves lightly.”

I used to believe we all wanted the same thing- Season 3 of Jericho. I don't believe that anymore. That's sad to say but, while there are angels among us, there are some devils too.


erika said...

I just want to say that while it gets discouraging sometimes in our internet world, the season finale of Jericho was watched by 7 million people, and most of them have no idea what has been going on within this world. We need to remember that there are plenty of people to still reach, and people who don't care about all the nonsense that has been going on.

All is not lost.

Anonymous said...

I still believe.
I believe in the JERICHO RANGERS.......ALL of them.
I believe that IF we have to fight for season 3, we will band together and be just as successful as we were the first time.
I still believe in US.

"NUTS!!" Jake Green

Chris C said...

I think that the finale of season two should be something that wraps everything up. No cliffhanger unless they know they will return for more episodes. It is only fair to us, the viewer.

You did it once, don't keep doing it unless you will return. As a fan I will only fall for this one so many times before I give up on it.

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for commenting. Chris, I agree. No cliffhanger if they aren't sure they'll be back. What can we send if they cancel again? How about tanks??

swenciler said...

I know it is hard to do, but we must be positive. I need season 3 and beyond!!

If it has to be on the SCI-FI channel-then so be it. I will change my cable subscription. Until I hear different from CBS- I will continue to get more viewers for season 2!

Jericho Rocks!

Hawksdomain said...

"I used to believe we all wanted the same thing- Season 3 of Jericho. I don't believe that anymore. That's sad to say but, while there are angels among us, there are some devils too."

I must say that I strongly agree with this statements. It seems that a great deal of people are only concerned with how they can belittle each other and what type of public humiliation they can put their victims through.

Forced public apologies are not sincere. Blackmail for a public apology will not be a sincere apology.

I have been wronged, and I have accepted that I will not get my apology. I sure wish we could get people to focus on Jericho, but I fear that the 'he said/she said' will continue.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Hawksdomain's comments. Well spoken and very true. When and where will it stop? If not now, when? What purpose is served by alienating fellow rangers? What purpose is served by creating chaos or demanding formal apologies? The best approach is to stop. Just stop. What kind of people are we? What kind of world do you want? alpha99wolf

kystorms said...

I believe that the only thing that is important here, is getting a season three....... period.
All this stuff about who is good, who is bad.... takes attention away from the real reason we are all in this together JERICHO!
Lets take this energy we are blasting all over the web on this stuff and use it to make posters, fliers, tee shirts, what ever and start promoting the darn show!
As for asking for public apologies from anyone for any reason, I have to say that it just made us look half hearted in our resolve to save the show, if we are that easily side tracked then we are in big trouble. I personally fell that having done that made us all look small.