Friday, October 12, 2007

Jericho: Halloween Anyone ?

The photo reminds me of somebody I know. I thought they'd enjoy it.

Many thanks to Nibbers who has come up with the idea of attaching a note to Halloween candy advertising Jericho.

So hand out candy and promote Jericho at the same time. Thanks Nibbers.

"Another thought - the Jericho Nuts campaign. (Viewers sent nuts to the President of CBS to convince her to bring save that show). This example wasn't just fueled by consumer passion - it was fueled by consumer passion translated into something more powerful that letters. The nuts helped visualize and dimensionalize their desire. (AKA it helps to be PR savvy!)"

"I suppose we're lucky that this is a "season one" DVD and not a "complete series" set. The nut campaign aimed at CBS worked, and the second season of Jericho will start in a few months. It's only going to be seven episodes long, and then they'll look at those ratings and see if it warrants more episodes."

1 comment:

Skeeterbit said...

Send them Payday candy bars. They're covered with nuts and could bring a message -
"Earn your payday, renew Jericho!"
"Cancel Jericho again and you'll pay."

OK, those are bad, but in my defense it's really early in the morning.

Someone come up with a slogan. Sometimes you feel like a nut.....naw, that's taken.