Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Briarpatch

Charlene is also known as Briarpatch. She can always be found working for Jericho and helping others. She's active on the boards and active in promoting. Charlene is an interesting person and that will come out in this interview.

1. What is it about Jericho that has made you a fan?

This particular topic has been of interest to me for many years. I have read all the post-apocryphal novels out there and that whole scenario fascinates me. When I first saw the promos with the mushroom cloud in the distance, I was hooked.

One of my interests in real life is preparedness (aka survivalism). Unfortunately, that word brings a mental picture of a militia group shooting at everything in sight from their mountain fortress. My interest is more in the area of making my family safe in case of a disaster. We are trying to become as self sufficient on our little farm as is possible to be. We have our own rainwater collection system, heat with a woodstove, and have some solar power. We are working toward getting totally off grid in the near future. After Katrina we had the opportunity for a very realistic test of our preparations and found that we fared quite well. We also found some deficiencies in our plan and have worked to tweak our plans to do better next time. We believe we would do better than most if a situation such as in Jericho were to actually happen in America.

2. Who is your favorite character and why?

Robert Hawkins intrigues me. I love spy stories and espionage, so I am most interested in the story behind how this event happened. His undercover operation involved years of his life, including a long stretch in prison. And this was necessary to gain trust and get inside an organization that was about to commit the crime of the century. What kind of man does that take? I can’t wait to see the new episodes to see how he escapes the approaching army of the rogue government.

3. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to watch?

If you are tired of reality television and inane sitcoms, here is something totally different that might cause your brain to come out of cryonic storage. Stimulate your thought processes with something challenging and introduce your kids to intelligent TV.

4. Would you join a Jericho Fan Club? Why or why not?

I think the answer to this is …depends on what is offered. I do participate in a fan club of sorts that is for a series of books by a favorite author. This group actually schedules face-to-face meetings so this would be very different from a mostly online fan club likely for Jericho. But I might, if the Fan Club offered me something I wanted.

5. What would you like to see a Fan Club do whether you would join or not?

I have heard some terrific ideas from various fans of Jericho. Online chats with the cast sounds good to me. I think I might be more interested in chatting with the writing team myself. I would like to know where their ideas came from and their thought processes for reaching the conclusions they reached.

6. Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or Jericho can go here.

I would like to say that I have had some really wonderful experiences while participating with various groups online. The experience working with the Jericho fans to save the show has been so very inspiring. I am an old political activist and I have felt the satisfaction of actually accomplishing goals with the help of other believers. This experience of going up against a giant corporation, fighting the fight even against overwhelming odds, and then WINNING has been a major high point for me. I say, Jericho Fans ROCK and I am proud to be among them.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if Jericho was your town? Would you be prepared? What if a town like New Bern came to take what little your family had? How would you survive? What if each of us and our families were prepared? Would there be a need for others to steal from you?

Tomorrow: A special interview with Rick Cox. Don't miss it.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Monster Radio Host Interview: Shaun Omac

This person needs no introduction. He is a true Nut for Jericho.

We all know him and love him. It's Shaun Omac!

1. You are with BlogTalkRadio. How did that start?
Have you always done radio?

Been in talk radio over a decade now..the last few
years I have been doing internet talk radio. Been
with BlogTalk since October of 06..When I was 12 my
best friend and I used to do talk radio shows with our
tape recorders with the mics and all..Each year we
would switch off on who's house we would do our New
Years Eve countdown shows..we did impersonations and
the countdown..Those tapes are out there
somewhere..those tapes coming out would be like my
version of a Paris Hilton sex tape..

Been in the hotel business in Chicago and where I live
now in Las Vegas..also worked for a local pro
wrestling organization..Did a magazine tv show about
legends of wrestling..And created a tv show kind of
like America's Most Wanted that did not sell, John
Daly the former host of RealTV created the pilot and
hosted the show..oh well.

2. How is BlogTalkRadio different from live
broadcast radio?

Different in that its on the internet and that I do
not have a program director telling me what to do my
show about..Talking Jericho would never have worked on
terrestrial radio..only on internet radio/podcast and
maybe satellite would this have worked on.

3. What was your first thought when you heard
Jericho had been cancelled?

I thought that CBS was nuts..pardon the word..I saw it
had a huge following on the internet and enormous
international appeal. I had Carol Barbee on my local
show and it was very popular and then when she was on
my BTR show, the audience numbers shot up..I knew with
all the information I was looking at, that CBS made a
big mistake with cancelling Jericho.

4. Tell us the story of how you became involved in
the Nuts to CBS campaign to save Jericho.

The nuts campaign started the night after the season
finale. I said since Skeet Ulrich as Jake said "nuts"
lets send peanuts to CBS to show support for Jericho..
I had intended the nuts to be those packets you get on
the jets..But then it just took off after CBS did
cancel the show..I emailed Jeff Braverman of
NutsOnline and gave him a heads up and the rest is TV

5. The Jericho campaign seems to have taken on a
life of its' own. It continues, even now, to attract
new viewers and new Rangers. What, in your opinion,
caused all these viewers from all walks of life to
band together and create one of the most successful
renewal movements in television history?

Its is THE most successful renewal movement in
history..The speed of which this thing ramped up was
amazing..Viewers from around the world finally had
enough of the networks just looking at the Nielsens
when gauging the popularity of its tv shows..Jericho
is a show with the most original premise in the
history of television. The premise is grounded in
reality, what happened to the US on Jericho can really
happen anywhere in the world..

The show has a great cast, the writing is top notch
and the production values rival theatrical movies
every week..

6. Many fans want your radio show to be picked up by
CBS. What would it mean to you if that happened?
What could you contribute?

I LOVE Jericho and I hope that comes through loud and
clear.. Would be honored if CBS were to call me and
say "hey lets roll with this on CBS.com." Adding an
audio or better yet a video LIVE internet radio
presence would make the experience of Jericho more
three dimensional. Imagine doing a live show with
someone from the cast and crew before a Jericho
episode airs and then doing another one the night
after an episode airs. Three hours a week of Jericho
two live internet radio shows bookending the actual
episode of the show..calls and emails also giveaways..

Also could see doing brief podcasts with members of
the crew that you don't normally hear from: set
designers, camera men etc..Those could be shorter 30
minute type shows during the week..

Finally, doing live shows from various fan conventions
would be great as well..I could go on but I think my
excitement for that is there..

7. What are some things you'd like to see the fans
do to promote Jericho?

Keep being positive..Also buying the DVD will be
crucial to getting more episodes sooner from
CBS..Remember the DVD sales is what brought Family Guy
back to FOX after it was cancelled..I hope if CBS sees
the strong DVD sales numbers, that they will order a
few more episodes of Jericho to give the second season
some more life.

8. You've gone out to meet some of the cast and crew
twice. What did you learn from that experience?
I am more comfortable with the cast than I was with
the camera crew..I thought it would be the other way
around. Skeet and the rest of the cast could not have
been nicer to me. Carol Barbee and all of the rest of
the producers and writers are all great people.

How was your second visit as compared to your first?

Visiting the set was great..walking around the Green
living room was great. City Hall was very cool to see
in person. Gracies Market, Hawkins house and the rest
were incredible to see in person.

9. What do you think the chances are for a full
second and third season of Jericho?

Not sure about a full second season maybe a few more
episodes for the second season is all we can hope for
but you never know. I would hope that between the
ratings, DVD sales, internet popularity and
international popularity that CBS will give Jericho a
third season of 16-22 episodes.

10. Anything you'd like to add?

We all did our part in this campaign, and its not over
with yet by the way..No matter how big or small the
contribution that each of us made, it all added up
into a historic movement that has changed television

I was first drawn to Jericho when I saw that Skeet
Ulrich was in it..He had done Miracles and thought if
he was coming back to TV for Jericho, that Jericho had
to be a good quality show. Skeet is the kind of actor
that you dont see on sitcoms or just showing up for
the paycheck..Skeet Ulrich is a man who enjoys the
craft of acting and it truly shows on screen.

Then seeing the story unfold with the great
characters..WOW !! I was hooked after seeing the
pilot. Without a doubt in my mind Jericho is the best
show on TV right now. I was hooked after seeing the

CBS should also take a bow for bringing the show
back..CBS cares, rings truer to me than ever before..

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Rourke

This interview is very interesting to me because it takes a different approach to what attracts some fans to Jericho. I appreciate Rourke taking the time to do it.

1. What attracted you to Jericho and how long have you been watching?

The premise of the show drew me to it, even before it aired. I have been a loyal fan from the start. IMHO CBS deserves great praise for having the guts to green light programming like this for prime time. Facing the realities of nuclear war, or nuclear terrorist attack, has basically been a taboo topic on US primetime TV since the 1983 airing of the made for TV movie “The Day After”. At first there were many comments I heard that this was to be CBS’s answer to LOST – but Jericho proved to be far more realistic in many ways, and thus is bold programming, a drama that makes you really think, and really empathize with characters.

2. What do you think is the main theme of the show?

I think the show is a wake up call as a new nuclear age where the rules of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) may no longer apply. (United States and Russia in a tight nuclear oligopoly set up systems whereby if one side tried to do an attack on the other, that a massive retaliation was assured, and thus served as a deterrent, arguably a success throughout the cold war). In a post 911 World with many countries in the nuclear club, the chances of a multiple nuclear attack with low yield ground bursts in major hub cities, becomes more likely. The writers of Jericho have included many homages to the post nuclear apocalyptic genre, such as River Rogue (The Postman) and Lawrence Kansas as target (The Day After). A lesser known one may be the fictional City of Jericho itself, as Mel Tappan, a well known survivalist author, forwarded the premise that a good place to be would be an agricultural town of up to 5,000 people with facilities such as a small hospital.

The theme of the show is many things based upon plausible realities. It is said we often see the best of mankind in the worst of times, but I think Jericho also shows we would see some pretty terrible things also. The fact of the matter is our society it more fragile than we like to believe it is. A small town probably is a far better place you would want to be vs. the cities. Without power, and water, and sewer, and gas, and gasoline, and transportation bringing in food, highly urban areas with dense populations would deteriorate rapidly. Hurricane Katrina certainly showed us this with New Orleans. Now imagine of 25 cities were hit that way at the same time, including DC, and the grid going down nation wide (9:02). While I have been critical of some of the presumptions made by the writers in their “mythology”, I firmly believe that making millions of Americans see the happenings in Jericho, Kansas will at least get them talking, and hopefully, preparing. The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA do offer some free basics to start with: http://www.ready.gov/america/getakit/index.html
It is my hope and belief, that many small cities, villages, and towns might actually be better prepared in at least some ways than was Jericho.

3. What would you say to someone who has never watched?

This is a fantastic show with boldly intelligent writing. It’s very different from most network prime time programming, so be prepared for some real drama and “not too shabby” acting from a great cast you will come to care about. Give it three episodes, and see if you are not hooked. It’s coming out on DVD, so rent it or buy it, and watch it, and get others hooked. It’s one of those shows that is a great conversation starter.

4. Would you join a Jericho Fan Club? Why or why not?

Yes, I already have. After the cancellation, I emailed and called CBS, and encouraged others to online. I put in my credit card order with NutsOnline.com so I’m proud to say some of those historical nuts were from me. Why? First, I love this show, and what a terrible cliffhanger to end on (episode 22)! Second, Jericho was a stunningly different show that actually brought me from cable back to CBS. Third, I was skeptical that the ratings as low as the Nielsen families made it out to be. During the main first season, I missed two episodes as I was out of town for business, etc. I was able to watch the episodes I missed online. That was the first, and remains the only show I’ve done that with. It occurred to me, many others were probably also doing this, thus I suspected the fan base a Jericho was being undercounted. The Jericho fan clubs help serve as an organized liaison between fans and CBS, and I think that’s great. I actually think new ground is being broken here, and CBS realizes this – the proof is in their official website. Finally, I have found the Jericho fan clubs to be loaded with good folks. The Nuts campaign stood out because it was classy, it was polite, and it was clever. To have a major network reverse a multi-million dollar decision because of a grass roots effort by fans and fan clubs – is astonishing. Hey, everyone likes to be a part of a winning team, right? Fact is, to be a part of this, is to be a part of history being made. Jericho fans are writing the new chapters as to what fans can do, and my hope is CBS will continue to try new interaction with Jericho fans, such as the new production blog with a few sneak peeks of what’s coming. It’s simply exciting to be a part of something new, a beta tester as some say.

5. Do you think the Nielsen ratings are capturing all of Jericho's viewers?

Absolutely not, and further I think Jericho has become nothing less than the post child for the campaign to rethink and update this system of gathering ratings. Fact of the matter is, as technology advances, and cable/satellite becomes more interactive, or becoming one with the internet, we will approach the counting of actual real time ratings in combination with actual demographic counts. What I think this would show, if in place now, is that Jericho commands an impressive and lucrative demographic that has a high level of technical savvy and IMHO, appreciation for intelligent programming, drama, writing, and acting.

Additional Comment:

From 1983, the airing of “The Day After” until Jericho, facing the possibility of nuclear attack has been nothing short of taboo on US network TV. There have been movies, books, and the British drama “Threads”, but Jericho is the one show that took on this topic full go and raised the premise shocking to most, “what if I don’t die, then what”. CBS deserves Kudos for having the guts to put this programming on, and there is no denial that this deeply connected will millions of fans. The tech savvy fans of Jericho used cutting edge internet communications to do the unthinkable, in an incredibly short period of time also. While we all hope the Jericho mythology is not our real future, the fans of Jericho have shown us the future of network/fan interaction. Be a part of this! Be a fan of Jericho!

Thanks Rourke.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Monster Blogger Interview: Find-The-Boots

Were you around for the Nuts to CBS campaign? If you were then you'll remember Boondoggie of Find-The-Boots. If you're not a Ranger from that time then let me say you should get to know Boondoggie. His help and advice were crucial during our Nuts campaign and he gave us so many ideas. He's definitely one of our unsung heroes.

I will post some links to his Jericho articles at the end of the interview. Do you remember " Partnering With the Monster" or " Lessons To Be Learned From Save Jericho"? Be sure to read the articles if you need motivation or just want to know what we should be doing now.

In the meantime it truly is my honor and a privilege (I was scared to ask for this interview) to introduce Jericho Ranger and friend to Jericho- Boondoggie.

1. How did Find The Boots come to be? Was it your idea?

TierFlyer and I were on a train from London to a meeting and were
quite pleased with ourselves that we had stayed at the Paddington
Hilton, allowing us to take a train to our destination and arrive
faster than if we were taking a cab from a hotel in the city we were
traveling to. The Hilton is much more comfortable, and the food
options around London are much better than, say, Slough. So we
decided there might be a cool blog with those types of tips.

We started off as a travel/expense account living blog. It had a good
following, but it didn't really get popular. We decided to open it up
and start talking about political issues that business people tended
to think about. We still do the odd gadget and travel tip, but it's
much more of a society/internet/business/politics blog now. And the
readership is much larger.

2. Is there an overall message you're trying to convey?

We're optimists. We see big things happening with technology and
society, and we enjoy our gadfly status. But the overall message is
whatever we feel like at the time.

3. What blogs/websites are your favorites?

Hmm, every morning the first thing I read is Dilbert. As far as I can
tell, Scott Adams has worked at all the same companies I have. It's
uncanny as to how accurate he is about corporate life.

I scan about 40 blogs every day via an RSS feed. They range from Kim
DuToit to Steve Pavlina. Michelle Malkin and Instapundit get a
perusal every day.

BTW, it was one of the high points of my life when Michelle Malkin
quoted my article on Jericho.

I read Matt Cutts' blog every day because I'm really into SEO/web
monetization. This has nothing to do with my day job, I just find it

I also read Rich at Copywrite Ink every day.

4. What topic do you most enjoy writing about?

I enjoy writing about the internet and politics. The Jericho series
was a lot of fun because I was able to apply my experience in sales,
marketing, and internet technology to a cause I wanted to see succeed.

5. Do you have any hobbies? Any favorite TV shows?

I'm really into the outdoors -- hunting, fishing, backpacking,
camping, anything. I also play ice hockey (badly). I'm a huge NHL

TV Shows: Jericho, of course. My other shows are Battlestar
Galactica, 24, and The Sopranos. Recently I've started watching Mad
Men on AMC, which is really catching its stride.

I've been hooked on several BBC series on DVD -- I spend a lot of time
on airplanes to that's a convenient entertainment route. MI-5,
otherwise known as Spooks in the UK, is my favorite. I'm working my
way through the last season right now. Other great shows include Dead
Like Me and Men Behaving Badly.

But in general, most of TV is junk. I spend much more time reading.

6. You wrote some fantastic articles about the Nuts campaign for Jericho way
back when. I'm going to add the links so newcomers can read them. Did you
ever truly believe the campaign would be successful?

I did, but not as quickly as it happened. I wrote a lot about the
speed of change in the corporate environment. The fact that the
campaign was successful so quickly still blows me away. In corporate
time, CBS changed in an instant.

I thought it would be a long slog. I thought CBS would do a movie to
wrap things up in January, and then the fan movement would go on for
another year and they might do a mini-series, and eventually a show.
But I should have been able to track the levels of internet activity
(the google footprint) for Jericho vs other campaigns such as the
Browncoats and seen that they were having a much larger impact.

7. Why do you think that fan marketing can/cannot change the way the
networks operate?

Obviously it can, because it already has. The networks currently
think of themselves as broadcasters, and I think that widespread
broadband means that they need to think of themselves as content
providers. The fact that just about every TV show now has a web
component speaks to this.

8. How do networks differ from other corporations in their operations and
why or why not is that important for fans to know?

Most people think that viewers are the network's customers. Unless
you consider that part of your cable bill goes to the network, that's just not the case.

I think the Jericho fans figured out fairly early that they aren't CBS's customers. The network's customers are their advertisers. The fans are a commodity to be delivered to the advertisers. Telling CBS that "we want good TV" wasn't nearly as effective as contacting the advertisers and letting them know about the movement.

9. Do you think Old Media learned something from that campaign?

I'm in a wait and see mode for that. CBS seems to be trying, but I
don't think they've completely gotten the message. They'll probably
need a few more whacks with the new media 2x4 before they get it.

10. How do you think things are going now since Jericho has been renewed or
do you keep up with it?

I haven't really kept up with it. I had another project get very busy
almost the same day that CBS announced the renewal, so I did an
article suggesting what the fans could do and then got out of the way.
I decided that I'd wait until the Jericho message hit me from another
source before I'd start writing about it again.

It's funny, your email arrived the same day that I was at the local
Home Depot and saw someone with a Jericho t-shirt. I asked them about
it, and they told me all about the show. So there's a Jericho fan out
there that has had a chat with Boondoggie and doesn't even know it!

I love that t-shirt story. Wonder who that fan was? I thank him and I thank Boondoggie for the motivational interview.

Articles by Boondoggie:
Save Jericho: Corporate Life

Save Jericho: Old Media Shows its Age
Save Jericho: Flexing Muscles
Save Jericho: A Movement with a Heart

Tactical Marketing

Lessons To be Learned

Save Jericho: An Internet Phenomenon

Thank you Boondoggie.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Kricka

Kricka is our focus today. It would be difficult to find anyone more dedicated, loyal, and hard-working. She is a team player and supportive of all who work for Jericho. Meet Kricka.

1. When did you start watching Jericho?

I am an avid television watcher, so I follow the new season every year very closely. Jericho was one of the few new shows in 2006 that intrigued me, so I tuned in right from the start.

2. What is most appealing to you about the show?

Jericho feeds into the fear/fascination I had growing up in the 80's of survival of a nuclear war. The Cold War was still kicking, and movies like Red Dawn and The Day After horrified me, but also made me wonder what I would do in similar situations. So the premise was tailor made for a mind like mine. But the small town dynamic is what really kept me coming back to the show. I spent the first 23 years of my life living in small towns, and even though I currently reside in a big city, I am still a small town girl at heart. I like seeing a positive, complex and intelligent portrayal of people who choose to live in that world.

3. What would you like to see in Season 2?

More Heather!! Hee... I would also like to see what is going on outside of Jericho. In the rest of the country, in the rest of the world. Also, some more about Hawkins, because like Jake, I have taken what we have learned with a grain of salt. Even though I love the character, I still don't totally believe everything he's told 'us'.

4. Who is your favorite character and why?

This is a hard one, because I hate picking favorites. If I lived in Jericho, I would hope I was friends with Jake, Heather, Stanley & Mimi. I probably would have babysat for Bonnie. They all seem like the kind of people I would like to spend time with.

5. Would you join a Jericho Fan Club? Why or why not?

I have only belonged to one Fan Club my whole life, and I only belong because I get first dibs for concert tickets. I do not like to join anything. So I don't know how I feel about a Jericho Fan Club. My gut instinct is that I probably wouldn't, but I reserve the right to change my mind!

You can add a comment if you like.

The amazing thing I found out about Jericho during the Nuts Campaign, is the broad range of people that this show appeals to. I am a single, childless gal, so it never occurred to me that whole families were sitting down to watch. Then I heard there were college kids getting together in their dorms to watch. Non-TV watching, intellectual types like my Aunt were watching (she's the one who indoctrinated me into the Star Trek world back in the 70's). Then, turns out there is a whole international audience for Jericho. So it wasn't just my group of city-livin', single friends watching. And that, made me love the show even more. The fact that a simple hour of television could bring together so many different types of people is an amazing feat, in my opinion, and I am so happy we get another shot at keeping it around for a good long time.

Thank you Kricka!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Rose

Rose is a Jericho fan who is currently working on saving the Dresden Files. Please help her out if you can.

1. I hear you're a Jericho fan. If so, what do you like about it?

I was initially drawn to the show because its set in Kansas, where I live,
and because it dealt with the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. How would
people deal with that and what happens to society afterwards? I was hooked
from the very first show because of the story, the strong cast, and the
suspense of what happens next. It was one of the shows I DVRd but watched
live anyhow. I was really disappointed when I heard CBS announce the
cancellation of Jericho and like I did when Showtime cancelled Dead Like Me
I signed petitions to renew the show. And both shows are coming back!

2. Can you tell us a little bit about the Dresden Files and why we might
enjoy it?

The Dresden Files is about a modern day wizard from Chicago who uses his
talents to help people with supernatural problems. Harry Dresden is
assisted by his snarky roommate Bob, a ghost who is cursed to live in his
skull. He earns extra cash by assisting the Chicago police departments
special unit solve crimes. What's great about this show is the great mix of
characters which may include a newly turned werewolf, a vampire, or a
hellion and the cast, superbly let by Paul Blackthorne and Terrence Mann as
Dresden and Bob, respectively.

3. The Dresden Files was canceled so what is your renewal campaign about?

Basically, we are trying to get TPTB at SciFi to renew the show or to urge
Lionsgate to shop the show to another network. We think SciFi prematurely
cancelled the show when it was pulling ratings nearly as high as Battlestar
Galactica (a flagship show). We have been promoting the show in part to
get DVD sales for TDF up to prove that the show has a big following and
worth thier time and investment.

4. Are Dresden fans going to DragonCon?

Yes. There will be a table set up at DragonCon to promote the renewal
campaign and raffle. I imagine there will be quite a few TDF book and TV
fans there.

5. Can you tell me about the contest you're having to win the DVD?

The raffle is a fundraiser to raise money to buy DVDs to bolster already
high sales figures and convince Lionsgate the show is worth a second season
(provided they can take the show to another network) or to convince SciFi
the audience is out there and they need to give the show a chance to build
on that. Part of the money raised will buy advertising urging TPTB to renew
this quality and very entertaining show. The contest runs until Sept. 8th.

6. What's next for the campaign?

Besides raising money via the 'Renew Harry' $1.00 donation site, which will
continue, the letter writing campaign will continue to TPTB at SciFi and
Lionsgate as well as newspapers, blogs, and show sponsors. Addtionally,
fans are being urged to get a buzz going by mentioning the renewal campaign
every chance they get whether on a forum, responding to any articles about
the show, or other SciFi shows, or articles about the actors or what have
you. Some of us are continue to contact the media to get our story out
about the renewal campaign. We will continue our efforts for as long as it
takes to get the message out that The Dresden Files is a jewel which
deserves another season.

7. Anything else you'd like to add?

I would like to congratulate you and everyone involved in getting another
season for Jericho and will definitely be watching the show when it
returns. It is an inspiration to us to see that fans can make a difference
and convince TPTB that it is worth their time and effort to keep a quality
show like Jericho on their schedule and allow fans a chance to help the
network to build an audience for a show so that there will be no question
of keeping the show around for a third season and longer. I hope our
campaign for The Dresden Files will have a similar result and I encourage
anyone who hasn't seen this wonderful show to check it out via the DVDs and
then sign the online petition.

Thanks for giving us a chance to promote our campaign to keep this terrific
show going!

For more information go to Dresden City Renewal Community

I know some Rangers have already signed the petition. Some are Dresden fans.
Good luck, Rose. Hope you can Jericho your show back.

Monster Fan Interview: Mainemom22

Mainemom22 is someone who is always willing to help out. She is involved with the Wiki and been instrumental in building up a fan fiction section at RFJ. She is a true Jericho Ranger and it is an honor to present her interview today.

1. Why do you love Jericho?

I was born and raised in a small town and now I'm raising my kids here as well. I see pieces of these characters in my every day.....I relate to how real these characters are. The writing is incredible. I have never been so invested in a show in such a short period of time.

2. Who is your favorite character and why?

Heather Lisinski is my favorite character. Intelligent, funny, and useful in all things mechanical, she just might give Jake a run for his money as town savior.

3. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to watch?

Jericho has something for everyone. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy watching this show together. It has all the action and suspense he likes and I get the great character interaction that I love. Oh, and Skeet Ulrich is definitely easy on the eyes!!!

4. Would you join a Jericho Fan Club? Why or why not?

Uncertain if I would join. If there were a fee, than obviously I would expect something for that. It would be interesting to see what a fan club would have to offer.

5. What would you like to see a Fan Club do?

Definitely like to see some contact information for our favorite actors for fan letters and such. Chances to get autographs and such would be great too. Maybe even some exclusive interviews as well just for the fan club.

Thanks again to Mainemom22.