Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Rose

Rose is a Jericho fan who is currently working on saving the Dresden Files. Please help her out if you can.

1. I hear you're a Jericho fan. If so, what do you like about it?

I was initially drawn to the show because its set in Kansas, where I live,
and because it dealt with the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. How would
people deal with that and what happens to society afterwards? I was hooked
from the very first show because of the story, the strong cast, and the
suspense of what happens next. It was one of the shows I DVRd but watched
live anyhow. I was really disappointed when I heard CBS announce the
cancellation of Jericho and like I did when Showtime cancelled Dead Like Me
I signed petitions to renew the show. And both shows are coming back!

2. Can you tell us a little bit about the Dresden Files and why we might
enjoy it?

The Dresden Files is about a modern day wizard from Chicago who uses his
talents to help people with supernatural problems. Harry Dresden is
assisted by his snarky roommate Bob, a ghost who is cursed to live in his
skull. He earns extra cash by assisting the Chicago police departments
special unit solve crimes. What's great about this show is the great mix of
characters which may include a newly turned werewolf, a vampire, or a
hellion and the cast, superbly let by Paul Blackthorne and Terrence Mann as
Dresden and Bob, respectively.

3. The Dresden Files was canceled so what is your renewal campaign about?

Basically, we are trying to get TPTB at SciFi to renew the show or to urge
Lionsgate to shop the show to another network. We think SciFi prematurely
cancelled the show when it was pulling ratings nearly as high as Battlestar
Galactica (a flagship show). We have been promoting the show in part to
get DVD sales for TDF up to prove that the show has a big following and
worth thier time and investment.

4. Are Dresden fans going to DragonCon?

Yes. There will be a table set up at DragonCon to promote the renewal
campaign and raffle. I imagine there will be quite a few TDF book and TV
fans there.

5. Can you tell me about the contest you're having to win the DVD?

The raffle is a fundraiser to raise money to buy DVDs to bolster already
high sales figures and convince Lionsgate the show is worth a second season
(provided they can take the show to another network) or to convince SciFi
the audience is out there and they need to give the show a chance to build
on that. Part of the money raised will buy advertising urging TPTB to renew
this quality and very entertaining show. The contest runs until Sept. 8th.

6. What's next for the campaign?

Besides raising money via the 'Renew Harry' $1.00 donation site, which will
continue, the letter writing campaign will continue to TPTB at SciFi and
Lionsgate as well as newspapers, blogs, and show sponsors. Addtionally,
fans are being urged to get a buzz going by mentioning the renewal campaign
every chance they get whether on a forum, responding to any articles about
the show, or other SciFi shows, or articles about the actors or what have
you. Some of us are continue to contact the media to get our story out
about the renewal campaign. We will continue our efforts for as long as it
takes to get the message out that The Dresden Files is a jewel which
deserves another season.

7. Anything else you'd like to add?

I would like to congratulate you and everyone involved in getting another
season for Jericho and will definitely be watching the show when it
returns. It is an inspiration to us to see that fans can make a difference
and convince TPTB that it is worth their time and effort to keep a quality
show like Jericho on their schedule and allow fans a chance to help the
network to build an audience for a show so that there will be no question
of keeping the show around for a third season and longer. I hope our
campaign for The Dresden Files will have a similar result and I encourage
anyone who hasn't seen this wonderful show to check it out via the DVDs and
then sign the online petition.

Thanks for giving us a chance to promote our campaign to keep this terrific
show going!

For more information go to Dresden City Renewal Community

I know some Rangers have already signed the petition. Some are Dresden fans.
Good luck, Rose. Hope you can Jericho your show back.


kestral said...

Thank you Rose for watching Jericho! I wish you the best of luck with the Dresden Files! I have never heard of this show as I do not have Showtime. However, I will definitely check it out online now. Thank you, Jericho Monster, for another great interview!

Anonymous said...

paul blackthorne already has another job, so not much chance of him continuing as harry. scifi delayed announcing the series cancellation until right before blackthorne's casting in his new series so it would look like he jumped ship.

Skeeterbit said...

Rose, I too am glad you are part of the Jericho fandom. I've never seen the Dresden Files but I will definitely check it out.

I have to say that being a part of the "Save Jericho" campaign has been one of the most exciting and gratifying things I've done in a long, long time and I hope the Dresden File fans get the chance to feel that as well.

Anonymous said...

SciFi or another network could always bring Dresend back as a summer series. Paul can work on both. :)

Anonymous said...


Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Sure, he could do both series. A lot of people have done that. Good idea.