Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Monster Survivalist Interview: Deborah

Our Survivalist friend, Deborah, is back. Actually, I'm happy to announce that she has agreed to write a monthly article for us. She'll be writing about subjects that will help us get prepared. I hope you'll enjoy it. Many thanks to Deborah.

1. You said you've written five cookbooks. For anyone or just you? For what purpose?

Well, I took classes on wild mushrooms, and since we have many varieties up here, the cookbooks started out as a way of having my favorite recipes for those mushrooms in one place for easy access to me. It expanded quickly. "Cooking in the Woods" became a passion. I love to cook. There is Cooking in the Woods: with Mushrooms ... with Pasta, Breads and Pastries... with Venison, Fish and Chicken ... with Soups, Snacks and Salads ... and Around the World. The last and unfinished is Cooking in the Woods with Elegance. I love cooking gourmet and everything in every one of my books was cooked on a wood cook stove.

I sold them locally for a while. I'm currently working at combining and updating the books and putting them on a CD. Perhaps publishing a hardback copy, if that happens, they'll be for sale again.

2. What would be a tasty recipe using only the basics if there was no power?

Since all of my recipes are cooked on a wood stove and that's without power... ALL of them! Guess my favorite would be de-boned trout stuffed with wild mushrooms and fiddleheads. Or perhaps Chicken Wellington with oyster mushroom duxelle and cattail flowers. Both of these can be done in a Dutch oven over a campfire.

3. Do you make preparations for medications? Do you know about home remedies?

I've done some study on natural remedies, but only basic herbal stuff and only that which I can grow myself or harvest locally. I personally don't take any medications other than the occasional IB for a headache. I'm really healthy... fortunately.

Aside from that, I have extensive medical preps. One of the disasters that could face us is a Pandemic. The need to isolate and quarantine will be paramount to survival if that happens. There is also the basic needs for fighting infections (like alcohol and peroxide). Just keeping track of blood pressure or a heart beat could mean someone living or dying. All that takes supplies, lots of them.

4. You gave me a poem last time. Do you write a lot of poetry? Read a lot? Have a favorite poet?
I read ALOT. I always have at least one book going, sometimes two. I vary what I read, just to download my head. Reading is escapism to me.

I wrote a great deal of poetry as a teen. Volumes in fact. I was searching for a way to express myself... we all do.

No, no favorite poet, but as a teen I read quite a bit of e.e.cummings and Poe, strange combination, I know.

5. How did you become interested in ballroom dance?

I've always danced. I have this ... inner need, drive, for movement. I started the male Modern Dance Program in my school in Detroit. Ballroom dancing was a natural progression for that. It's organized, yet has room for self expression... and you can do it to almost any music. You would be surprised what is cha-cha music! I was very fortunate to have found a very talented instructor, and ended up his assistant and dance partner. He's since moved back to Florida when school finished, and I really miss the dancing.

Artistic expression is necessary for a balanced peace.

6. Do you preserve your own food?

Oh certainly! my garden is 24x65 and that produces alot of food. Just this past weekend I canned up 37 pints of mixed vegetables. My favorite thing in the winter is to keep a pot of soup going on the wood stove, and there's always a jar or two of home grown veggies in there.

My garden is all heirloom seed produce. That means the seeds will produce true next year, so I save seeds from the crop. It was very dry up here this summer and my sweet corn did not do well. What I did grow will go for next years crop, but that crop will be double. Some sacrifice must be made for perpetuation. Law of the land. My grinding corn did better, it's heartier. I will have enough to double my crop and some for grinding into cornmeal.

I also harvest wild berries and make jams or can just the berries for winter use. Blueberries are abundant up here, but I also pick raspberries, blackberries, Thimble berries and June berries (sugar plums). In the spring I make my own Maple syrup from my own trees.

Processing your own food isn't hard, but it does take time and commitment.

7. Is it enough to be prepared for 24 months or should it be longer?

I think that depends on your circumstances. I have 24 months right now, but that includes long term items like rice, beans, sugar, salt which can be spread out to last longer with the sustainable gardening and wild food foraging.

Two years will get you from one year past a bad harvest, but the next year needs to be good. I'm aiming to double what I have... just in case.

I would urge everyone to do some preparations: a month, six months, whatever you can handle, just do it! and remember, store what you eat, eat what you store.

8. Anything you'd like to add?

I think what you're doing, helping to bring awareness to the masses is a noble thing, and I thank you. For every person out there that even tries to prepare, it takes the strain or pressure off the rest of us. The government, as much as it would like to, just CAN'T take care of all of us in times of disaster. We need to take responsibility for ourselves.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Jericho Game Room

Interviews return tomorrow.

Special Announcement

The Jericho Game Room is now open!!

What is the Jericho Game Room you ask?

The Jericho Game Room is a place to go to find links to different games from many different areas of the Jericho fandom. This is a Game Room to highlight games from multiple forums (CBS, JRP, RFJ, NFJ).I know that it has been a long road for Jericho fans and we all need to take a break from time to time to have fun. We need to relax and remember why we love Jericho. What better way to do that than play a few Jericho games?

I will list as many games as I can find. There will be a variety of games to choose from. There will be puzzles to do on your own and interactive games that you can play with other fans. There will be games you can participate in that only takes a matter of seconds and games that may require a few minutes. Check them out and decide which ones are for you. Then join in and have some fun because we all know what happens when it's all work an no play.

If you find a game not listed here and would like to have it included in the lists, please send me the link via PM here or email me at kestral@radiofreejericho.com and I will make sure to add it. I always try to give credit where credit is due, so if you know who is responsible for the game, let me know and I will be sure to add their name as well.

Remember, you do NOT have to be a member of RFJ or any of the other sites to view the Jericho Game Room or any of the games listed there. Anyone can visit and click the link to a game and observe before joining. The Game Room is meant for ALL Jericho fans to enjoy. So stop by and check it out!

Now....GO HAVE FUN!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Hawksdomain

I am always amazed to learn how Jericho has changed people's lives. Paula is a perfect example. You'll see. She is also one of the most supportive, encouraging fans I know so I am proud to present this interview with Hawsdomain.

1. When did you start watching Jericho?

I was one of the lucky ones who saw the commercials promoting the show before it aired.... I was hooked before it even started!

2. What attracted you to Jericho?

Many things attracted me to Jericho. The entire nuclear war thing was first and foremost, plus it being based in Kansas. Some may remember the TV Movie several years ago with Jason Robards, "The Day After". That was shot in Lawrence, KS when I was still in grade school, but it was so neat to see places I knew on TV. Plus, my uncle was involved with the making of that movie... From the time they started filming until today, I have had a fascination with what my world would really be like if such a terrible thing should happen.

Then there is, of course, Skeet... not to mention all of the great acting and the wonderful storyline that brought me back to my childhood years. To me, Jericho shows a community in America that was representing the America I grew up to believe in. An America that I do not see any longer, unfortunately. 9/11 did bring America and that sense of Americana back, but many things have happened since 9/11 that have torn this country apart again.

3. When did you first visit the CBS board and why?

I don't exactly remember WHY I went to the CBS board, I think I was looking for more about next season or something. I happened across the board the day of or the day before the cancellation was announced. I remember Schumi setting up the Rally Point should the show be canceled and the boards be closed.

4. How has being a Jericho fan changed you?

Oh wow, this one totally blows even my husband away! Just watching the show gave me hope for America and all of our communities. Being involved in the campaign to bring back Jericho has done so much more for me. I have always been an introvert, but several years ago things became quite bad and I avoided all social situations. Just the fact that I was going to the CBS board every day and posting was a very big step. I began chatting and emailing with a few people and have even talked on the phone to several people. Once the Nuts Online board came up, since I was one of the first members, I was very active and talked to everyone who posted! It was a much smaller community than at CBS, so I was not nearly as self conscious. That was where I met my very good friends, KyStorms, CristyQ, Scoobud3, KayT, and DVRAddict. None of them can imagine that I was ever shy. LOL But it was thanks to them that I was able to come even more out of my shell and be brave enough to post at new places such as JRP and RFJ. This new found confidence to actually interact with people I'm not related to has also carried over into my personal everyday life. I socialize more with my neighbors and friends of my husband without trying to find a way to run back home to be alone!

5. Tell us about the DVD 4 Troops project.

I wish I could say that I was the mastermind behind the DVDs 4 Troops, but, that was actually thought of by a Ranger that is no longer active. She had mentioned the idea to DVRAddict, who posted it on the boards and talk about it came and went. Then the wonderful Ahma heard about this idea and became driven to make it happen. She looked high and low for me and after we talked about it, I told her I would help with the web space and a PayPal account to make it happen. The rest has truly been Ahma. She has promoted it endlessly. I'm just the technical person, truly! Once this was getting started, KyStorms and I were talking about her sons who are in the military and we started thinking of other things we could do for the troops... That is when JR4OT was born.

6. How do you feel about Nielsen ratings?

GAH to Nielsen ratings! But, unfortunately, the sponsors don't see it that way. The Nielsens really have us in a tough spot. To me, the Nielsens are like the warnings on coffee cups at McDonald's. Of course the coffee is hot, but Big Business needs it to cover their hiney.

7. How can we attract new viewers to Jericho? To the message boards?

I have succeeded with getting new viewers hooked on Jericho just by having a very large signature in my email with the time and day that Jericho is on. OK, so I've been pretty bad, because it still has the day Jericho returned, but, my friends and family have told me it has been quite successful!

I think that CBS did the best at promoting the message boards with the Jericho Rises campaign they did. Unfortunately, I have not seen many commercials for Jericho for a few weeks. What I am going to try is actually changing my signature in my email! Adding a link to Innertube as well as the CBS board might help some of the new fans I know in several ways. Shows them where they can see more of the show and be less confused, as well as a place where they can go to read more, and ask questions! With all the craziness, tho, I think I will just put the link to the episodes section. ;)

8. What do you most like to do besides anything involving Jericho?

The biggest thing in my life is my niece Abby. I try to spend as much time with her as possible. After that I would have to say working on genealogy. It is fascinating to learn how everyday people lived so long ago. My family has lived on the same land since the Kansas Territory was opened to settlers. I think that the common theme here is family. Just as it is for the Greens and the Richmonds.

9. Any comments?

I am worried about the fate of Jericho. We have all seen the traffic slowing down. We see the ratings each week. I know we lost several fans who thought once we got the 7 episodes, who thought that all was well, but it is not. Nina herself told us we had to get more people to watch. Of course, during the summer this has been very rough, but even the viewing on Innertube is reported to be down. I am truly coming to a loss. I have posted on more than one board that I am not an ideas person, I just help the ideas get coordinated into happening.

During our fight to save Jericho, I was convinced that we were a strong group of people that could come together to make anything happen, and that Jericho was just one part of what we would be able to do. I truly believed that we would be able to stick together to accomplish much more. For so many of us this fight was about quality TV, family TV. Yes, these are important issues, but I saw us being able to battle to do good for the homeless, the hungry, cancer, illiteracy, family violence, or, yes, even the troops.

We need to do things to get mainstream media interested again, just like the Nuts Campaign did. The Nuts, well, that was just weird! LOL But, if we come together as a community of Jericho fans, and we accomplish something for the 'greater good', such as doing significant help for any charity, we have the ability to get back into the news. If we are back into the news, think of how many people heard of the Nut story but blew us off as a bunch of nuts! If they hear now that we are doing such and such for x charity, those who didn't take the time to check out Jericho before are more likely to do so now.

If the DVDs 4 Troops campaign does not move you, like it moves Ahma and myself, that is completely OK. Just find something you can do that moves you and will move others. If you need help getting it off the ground, send me an email! If I can't help get it going, I have met a lot of awesome people who just might be the perfect match for your Jericho Project!! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: DBalcer

I saw Debby around the CBS board for a while until I really started to pay attention. She doesn't always have a lot to say but she's always ready to Digg, comment, and help others. I think she's a great person. Hope you do too.

1. When did you start watching Jericho and why?

I did not watch Jericho when it premiered. I had no interest in watching a
show about nuclear war in the United States. The only thing that drew me in
was Gerald McRaney. I love watching him. I saw the commercials for the
episodes after the bomb and the show looked more like a show I would be
interested in so I watched episode 4: Walls of Jericho and was hooked.

2. What made you keep watching?

I loved that Jericho was about how people survived and did so with their
morals intact. I love the relationships between the characters. I
especially love the character Johnston Green. His character embodies the
values that I hold dear. My husband loved the Sci-fi aspect of the show as
well as the characters. We watch Jericho together.

3. What else do you enjoy besides Jericho? Any hobbies?

I am active in my church. I love to read and have an eclectic taste in books. I love going to see the Georgia Bulldogs play football.

4. What would you like to see at Fan Central?

I like Fan Central but wish
it was more interactive. I enjoy reading what Shaun has to say but wish it
could be expanded to include more contributors.

5. Which actor/actress on Jericho would you most like to meet?

Gerald McRaney. I have followed his career since his days on Simon and Simon. I have loved every show he has been in.

6. Which character is most like you?

Gail Johnston. I am the mother of two
grown daughters. I have been married 28 years. I feel that she and I would
have much in common.

7. Why do you like to Digg?

I feel that digging gives us a bigger footprint
on the internet which exposes us to more potential viewers. I also am a
news junkie so I like reading the different articles.

8. How can we attract new viewers?

By telling everyone we meet about the show. By buying the DVD and sharing it
with friends who haven't seen Jericho. I believe once you watch the first
few shows they will be hooked. Jericho has something for everyone.

9. Any comments?

The one thing good that came out of the cancellation of Jericho was the
chance to interact with other fans on the CBS message board. I came to the
CBS site to see what information I could find on who dropped the bomb but I
didn't read or post on the message boards until Jericho was cancelled. I am
proud to be one of the nuts who saved Jericho.

Debby from SC

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Monster Cast Interview: Shoshannah Stern/Bonnie

This lovely young lady certainly needs no introduction. We all know and love her as "Bonnie." She was so gracious about doing this interview even in the midst of her busy life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

1. Did you always want to be an actress? Are there others in your family?

Yes. I never wanted to be anything else. I think I came out of the womb wanting to be an actor. I have vivid memories of me being maybe 4 or 5 and having people ask me, "So, what do you want to be when you grow up?" and me answering without hesitation, "An actor." I wish I knew where that came from, but I don't. My mother was highly acclaimed on the stage. Her face is on the cover of the first play written of, by, and for the deaf, called Sign Me Alice, and I have beautiful photographs of her on the stage on the wall in my bedroom. She was asked to direct a revival of the play when I was 7 or 8 years old, and I remember coming to rehearsal with her after school everyday, sitting next to her as she took notes and gave direction and blocking, and just loving every minute of it.

2. How has being deaf impacted your career?

That's a difficult question. I've been deaf since the day I was born and it's such a big part of my being. So, it's rather difficult to consciously isolate the specific impact that being deaf has had on me as a person and as an actor. On one hand, I only go on a handful of auditions per year, because there's not exactly a huge abundance of roles out there for me. At the same time, it's so difficult for actors to try to find a niche in this business, and I came into this with a clearly defined one. I was very lucky early on in my career to be able to book roles with absolutely no professional experience because I fit in the specifics they needed. I've always believed that nobody should define themselves as only being one thing, because nobody really is. I think definitely the rarity of roles that I can actually book has made me very hungry and passionate. I take my work very seriously and am always grateful to be working. Almost all actors I work with are like that, but I think maybe it's a bit more visceral with me.

3. I have to ask how it felt to work with the incredible Marlee Matlin in " The Division"?

I felt extremely blessed and so grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone as accomplished and highly regarded as her so early in my career. I have to say it was the first time I truly felt star-struck. I had to remind myself not to stare at her! I felt like I was seven years old again. She was more than generous with me and I learned so much working from her. She is a true pioneer and paved the way for so many people. It was kind of ridiculous how fortunate I was to be able to work with her.

4. Do you think people today are finally more accepting of the deaf community?

I think so. There's a lot more awareness out there. People have access to a lot more information nowadays with all the technology we have. I've met so many people who've been bored at work, decided to surf the web, and started picking up sign language from a website. There are also a lot of deaf bloggers out there that get thousands of hits per day, so anyone who wants to can just happen upon the plethora of information that's available about the community. I think society has also started to actually gravitate toward people and ideas that are different. Do you remember the standard of beauty in the '80s? Everyone looked the same, typically with teased blond hair and blue eyes. Now being different is beautiful and we're encouraged to speak our minds. I think that social progression has had a very positive impact toward the public perception of the deaf community.

5. How did you get the role of Bonnie?

After finishing two seasons of Weeds, I felt like I wanted to challenge myself more and go out for roles that weren't necessarily deaf. My new agency agreed, and so on my first day of auditioning for traditional roles, I went in for Emily on Jericho. I was in that room for hours waiting with girls who were taller, prettier and skinnier than me, and I almost wanted to leave a few times but I was like, you know, you've got this far, just go in and read. So I did, even though for my audition I had to pretend to talk on the phone and I'd actually never done that. I was holding the phone backwards and upside down I think. But the casting director was so welcoming and open and I was like, at least I got validation I could really read for traditional roles and not be laughed out of the room! The next thing I knew I was being offered the role of Bonnie. They'd rewritten the role to make her deaf and there I was, on board this great ensemble drama. It was crazy. But so unbelievably amazing.

6. You are the only actor in history to have regular roles in two different prime-time shows. You're in Jericho and Weeds.How are those roles similar? Different?

A lot of people have that misconception. I wish that was true, but unfortunately, it's not. My role on Weeds was a recurring one, not a regular one. I think someone once said that I had two roles on two different prime-time shows and then that got kind of exaggerated a bit. But both jobs were amazing. My characters are similar in that they're the same age, but they have completely different backgrounds. Megan, who I played on Weeds, is kind of this girl who's bored with Suburbia. She's not afraid of anything and she speaks her mind. She's got spunk and she's so confident. She's deeply intelligent and ambitious but she doesn't always live in the moment, I think. For her, it's always about what comes after Agrestic and she has every intention of getting out. Bonnie has a deep sense of responsibility and her life really is all about Jericho. She has a good head on her shoulders and is wise beyond her years. She's always just put herself second and everything else first, even though she does rebel at times! Especially with Sean Henthorn. What was she thinking?

7. How did you feel when Jericho was canceled?

It was really hard for all of us. We all had thought we'd be picked up and that CBS had faith in the show and was going to give us a second chance. They said that they knew they'd mismanaged the show, and it kind of felt like we had the rug pulled out from under us. We knew people loved the show and to have the show end like that, poised on the brink of so much, felt like we were ending with a whisper, not a bang. I know in this business, everything ends eventually, but it just felt so wrong to have it end then and there. I was kind of like a zombie for a couple of weeks, I just walked around in complete disbelief.

8. What was it like to here it had been renewed?

I was almost numb. I couldn't believe it. But in a way, it was so much more fulfilling and satisfying to have the show be brought back because of the determination and passion of our fans. It was surreal. You can't write that stuff. It was like the best underdog movie of all time. And it made us so grateful for everything we got because we knew we almost had it all taken away.

9. What would be your dream role other than the two you have now?

In general, I want to continue in the direction that I've come and just keep trying for traditional roles. I feel like that's the best way to educate people about the deaf community and what people are capable of if they're given the chance. I do want to start writing one day. I have a few roles I really want to sink my teeth into, but I don't want to talk about them until I really start to make that a reality. When the time is right, I'll tell you all about that and you won't be able to shut me up.

10. What is it like for you to work on Jericho with such a wonderful cast and crew?

It's wonderful. On every television show possible, you have people saying, "Oh, this show is like a family!" But most of the time, they're lying. Seriously. But not on Jericho. It's always such a blast to come to work. I'm always laughing and happy to see everyone. After a difficult scene we had to do, we all even went to TGI Friday's to chill for a couple of hours. You'd think we'd be sick of each other and be like, "Dude, I'm going home." But it's not like that. I think they tapped into some rare form of alchemy when they put the cast and crew together for this show.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the Jericho Rangers?

I don't think they really know how often they're talked about on the show. It's like they've become an omnipresent force on the set. We know that they are the reason why we're back and it's the most amazing thing possible. We're all really working hard to give them what they deserve and that is an amazing, action packed second season. I think we've succeeded and I hope you guys like it!


Starring Roles

Jericho (2006) CBS - Bonnie Richmond
Weeds (2005) Showtime - Megan Beal
Last Shot, The (2004) - Steven's Girlfriend
Threat Matrix (2003) TV Series - Holly Brodeen Justice (2003) - First Patron
Auteur Theory, The (1999) - Founders' Day Girl

Guest Starring Roles

The Division - Testimonial (2003)
ER - Rosemary - A Little Help From My Friends (2003)
Boston Public - Chapter Fifty (2002)
Providence - Reenee - Great Expectations (2002)
Off Centre - Rebecca - Hear No Evil, See No Package (2002)

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: XWarp

Xwarp was Ranger of the Week so Congratulations!

He works hard for Jericho and gave us Jeritopia. I never did chats until I went there and found out how easy it is to use.

Here's Xwarp:

1. What gave you the idea for Jeritopia?

At the time Jeritopia was set up, there was not a Jericho related chat room. Jeritopia was started to provide a common place for fans from all the forums to come to a neutral place and set aside their differences and talk about Jericho in real time as well as allow people to get to know each other on a more personal level than through a post on a message board.

2. What do you hope to accomplish in the future with Jeritopia?

To continue to promote Jericho via activities such as the themed discussions and trivia games, (a big THANK YOU! to Morgan5318 for these), and other activities created by the users of Jeritopia and to help in getting season 3.

3. I love it because it's so easy to use. What do you like best?

What I like best......that would be the enjoyment that the members of Jeritopia have for the chat room. The people that use Jeritopia have made it what it is and their continued participation in the chat makes it all worth while.

4. You went to Comic Con. What did you think about it?

This is the first Comic-con convention I have ever been to. I was pretty much intent on going strictly for Jericho. It was a BLAST! There were A LOT of people, but it was fun. It was interesting to see all the people that were dressed up in the costumes. It was cool to see the multitude of displays, Speed Racer's Mach 5 and the Batmobile for a couple.

5. Who were you happiest to meet?

I was happy to meet all the people that were able to attend Comic-con. Schumi, Thurbers, Rubberpoultry, Shaun Daily, Holyhobbits, Carol Barbee, Karim Zreik, Dan Shotz, Jon Steinberg, Matt Federman, Steve Scaia, Lennie James, Skeet Ulrich, and last but not least, Ashley Scott. It was absolutely amazing to talk to all of these guys/gals and hear from them the true gratitude to all of the fans who worked very hard to get Jericho back.

6. Are you the one responsible for the flyers that are being given away in contests?

The signed flyers that are being used was a result of what I would call perfect timing. Schumi and I were chatting around the corner from the green room where the cast and crew were prior to the Jericho panel. Lo and behold, Jon Stienberg and Dan Shotz ran into us. We had these stack of flyers and bam.......the question was asked about having a few flyers signed to use as prizes for contests. We wanted to share something with the fans that could not be there.

By the way, we have more contests coming up! :)

7. Jericho Rally Point. Did you design it? What is its' main function?

JerichoRallyPoint.com is owned by "point4zero". He set the site up shortly after the cancellation and I offered to assist in helping him with the site if he wanted. It pretty much went from there. It's main function, as are the other Jericho related forums, is to promote Jericho. JRP has a very talented staff that strives to provide another ground for people to enjoy each other and Jericho.

8. Do you have a real life? Work? Hobbies?

Believe it or not....lol....I do, albeit probably as much of one as other fans of Jericho. I work for a defense contractor. Hobbies......My quad and my guns. There are a lot of areas around the town I live in where I can ride my quad and considering that my quad is "street legal", it makes it that much easier to get on the road and go. I also enjoy target shooting with my pistol, and shooting skeet with my friends when I can. (skeet-clay pigeons, not ulrich)

9. Do you run any more websites? Like to?

Other than the day to day administration of Jericho Rally Point and running Jeritopia, I also have www.strippersthatbounce.com which is at the moment just a tribute to a comment by Lennie James and season three. As far as running anymore, LOL,....... I could not say....

10. What do you love about Jericho?

I love Jericho for the premise of the show. Strangely, the idea of how life would be after an even Jericho makes me think about how prepared I am in regards to survival and protecting my family. It also makes me wonder about how the community that I live in would react to such an event and whether or not they could come together as was done in Jericho. In addition, another aspect is the "crisis" and the coming together of the residents to build each other up to be successful, much like the "crisis" of the show being canceled and the fans coming together to get it back.

11. What should CBS be doing to promote Jericho?

I think CBS should be promoting the dvd more on t.v. than they are. I also think that CBS should be promoting the Jericho website as well. Really, advertising either of these if not both will do nothing but help the revenue/ratings for the show to go up.


Being part of all this is and has been a lot of fun. I have been very fortunate in meeting a lot of really nice people. It is simply amazing what can be done through the internet. Jericho would not be back today if all the fans had not come together and shown CBS that we can make a difference in what programming we find acceptable. I personally thank everyone who has contributed to the success of showing CBS that we will be counted!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Margie and Edna

Margie and Edna, Jericho's oldest advice columnists, give advice to the hapless and the clueless out there in the metro-Jericho area. Everyone wants to know more about them so let's see what we can find out.

1. Why are you considered Jericho's premiere gossip mavens?

Edna: Well, dear, I’m glad you asked. People and information just naturally seem to gravitate to us, I don’t know why. I guess people just naturally trust us—well, until they get to know us. Then we have to work a little harder for the good gossip.

Margie: We are? Well, I'm kind to people and I'm a good listener so people just naturally come to me for advice. I'm as trustworthy as can be and I never repeat a lie. I wouldn't say I gossip. That's what Edna does.

2. How long have you lived in Jericho, and have you ever lived anywhere else?

Edna: I’ve lived in Jericho all my life; I was born and raised here. The only time I ever lived anywhere else was when I spent that year living in Paris…but I’d rather not talk about that.

Margie: I've always lived here. After Mama and Daddy took sick I stayed here to take care of them. While some people lived it up in Paris I did my daughterly duty and cared for my parents who had lovingly cared for us.

3. What do you like to do in your spare time, when you're not gathering town information?

Margie:I like to crochet and make booties for all the babies in town. I'm a good cook when I have the ingredients and I love my garden. I used to take hot meals to the prisoners in the jail but they always said I didn't treat them like Edna did. I won't touch that one. And, I read my Bible every day.

Edna: I like to sew and cook, and putter around in the garden. But what I really love to do is shoot pool down at Bailey’s. I wish we’d get some new people in town though, no one who lives here wants to play me anymore—I guess I shouldn’t have hustled all of them. It’s their own fault, really; no one around here knows how to strategize. Now, that Mr. Hawkins looks like a good pool player—or maybe a good poker player.

4. How have you adapted to life after the bombs? Have you had to make any sacrifices?

Edna: Oh honey, we’ve all had to make sacrifices. But really, Margie and I are old enough to remember the old ways: growing your own garden, using a wood stove, sewing by oil lamp light. Knowing how to do all that has really served us well. The young people have really had to work to adapt though. Before the bombs, all they knew how to do is go on the Interwebs using their Ipods. They’re the ones who have had to make the sacrifices, not us. I just wish they’d stop pilfering our garden. Did you hear that? We know who you are and we have guns, just you try stealing our vegetables again!

Margie: Edna is right about the old days. Mama taught us about home remedies and Daddy taught us to hunt and fish. These young people are upset they can't get on MyPage or stroll the innernet place. I'm afraid life is confusing to them right now. Why, just yesterday, this young fella accosted me at Bailey's. He thought he'd steal my pistol but I whopped him with my cane and he'll sleep several days now.

5. You and your sister don't always seem to get along--did something happen in your past to change your relationship, or has it always been problematic?

Edna: That’s kind of a nosy question, isn’t it? As far as I know, Margie has always been hard to get along with, she was just born that way. It has surely been a trial for me all these years, trying to keep the peace with her. I know I’ll truly get my reward in the hereafter, though.

Margie: Edna and I have differences like any siblings. I try to overlook her, though, because Mama always told me there was something not quite right about Edna. She didn't act like normal people. I do agree with Edna that she'll get her reward in the hereafter because some tough looking men were here today saying, " We're hereafter Edna."

6. What was growing up in Jericho like?

Margie: It was wonderful! We'd go to church and have dinner on the ground afterward. Everybody helped one another and we girls teased all the boys. Edna, remember Papa would buy us those peanuts at the store? Edna was a bit of a loose-well, Edna got around. She had more secrets than CBS had nuts.

Edna: Well, I suppose it was like growing up in any small town: people smiled and said hello when you saw them downtown or in church on Sunday. People were decent to each other, and movies cost a nickel. Margie tortured me every day by threatening to tell my secrets to everyone in town. Come to think of it, that hasn’t really changed…

7. What did your parents do for a living?

Edna: My goodness, it’s been so long, I don’t rightly remember what Daddy did. Mama was a housekeeper—a “stay at home” mother, I think they call it these days. They always took care of us, that's for sure.

Margie: For heaven's sake, Edna, you know Papa ran the bank. I guess you don't remember the time you and Stanley Richmond's uncle tried to rob it either!
My mother, saint that she was, took care of our house and her family. I miss Mama. Don't you, Edna?

Edna: I surely do miss Mama, Margie, because she's the only one who was able to control that lying tongue of yours! I never tried to rob the bank! Mr. Richmond and I may have done many many things together, but robbing banks was not one of them.

8. Did either of you have a career?

Margie: Yes, I had a position of responsibility at the library. I was even allowed to collect overdue fees. Papa would have been so proud. I heard a lot of whispering in the library but I never shushed them. I got as close to them as I could to see if I could help them.

Edna: Oh yes, we were modern young women in our time! I was a secretary at the salt mine for a number of years, until I retired. I had a lot of fun working there, seemed like there were always intrigues and secrets flying around that place.

9. Are you married? Any children?

Edna: Heavens, I’m not married now! I’ve outlived two husbands, God rest their souls, and I never felt like looking for a third. I never had any children of my own either, never really wanted any. Children are really only good for one thing, and that’s massaging your feet—that just never seemed like a good enough reason to bring children into the world.

Margie: I was married five times but the town hussy ran them off. That's the same hussy who outlived two husbands and I can sure see why. I never had children because I already had one in Edna.

10. What one good thing can you say about your sister?

Edna: If I try really hard, I can probably think of more than one, but I will say this for her: she’s tenacious. She’s like a bulldog with a bone when it comes to finding information. Once she sinks her teeth into a story, she won’t stop until she learns everything she can. Some say that’s her worst quality, but I say those folks are just short-sighted.

Margie: Edna is very giving. There are people to whom she'd give the shirt off her back. Or her fishnet hose or spike heels. She gives me a new problem to solve every day and she gives freely of herself to many others.