Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Hawksdomain

I am always amazed to learn how Jericho has changed people's lives. Paula is a perfect example. You'll see. She is also one of the most supportive, encouraging fans I know so I am proud to present this interview with Hawsdomain.

1. When did you start watching Jericho?

I was one of the lucky ones who saw the commercials promoting the show before it aired.... I was hooked before it even started!

2. What attracted you to Jericho?

Many things attracted me to Jericho. The entire nuclear war thing was first and foremost, plus it being based in Kansas. Some may remember the TV Movie several years ago with Jason Robards, "The Day After". That was shot in Lawrence, KS when I was still in grade school, but it was so neat to see places I knew on TV. Plus, my uncle was involved with the making of that movie... From the time they started filming until today, I have had a fascination with what my world would really be like if such a terrible thing should happen.

Then there is, of course, Skeet... not to mention all of the great acting and the wonderful storyline that brought me back to my childhood years. To me, Jericho shows a community in America that was representing the America I grew up to believe in. An America that I do not see any longer, unfortunately. 9/11 did bring America and that sense of Americana back, but many things have happened since 9/11 that have torn this country apart again.

3. When did you first visit the CBS board and why?

I don't exactly remember WHY I went to the CBS board, I think I was looking for more about next season or something. I happened across the board the day of or the day before the cancellation was announced. I remember Schumi setting up the Rally Point should the show be canceled and the boards be closed.

4. How has being a Jericho fan changed you?

Oh wow, this one totally blows even my husband away! Just watching the show gave me hope for America and all of our communities. Being involved in the campaign to bring back Jericho has done so much more for me. I have always been an introvert, but several years ago things became quite bad and I avoided all social situations. Just the fact that I was going to the CBS board every day and posting was a very big step. I began chatting and emailing with a few people and have even talked on the phone to several people. Once the Nuts Online board came up, since I was one of the first members, I was very active and talked to everyone who posted! It was a much smaller community than at CBS, so I was not nearly as self conscious. That was where I met my very good friends, KyStorms, CristyQ, Scoobud3, KayT, and DVRAddict. None of them can imagine that I was ever shy. LOL But it was thanks to them that I was able to come even more out of my shell and be brave enough to post at new places such as JRP and RFJ. This new found confidence to actually interact with people I'm not related to has also carried over into my personal everyday life. I socialize more with my neighbors and friends of my husband without trying to find a way to run back home to be alone!

5. Tell us about the DVD 4 Troops project.

I wish I could say that I was the mastermind behind the DVDs 4 Troops, but, that was actually thought of by a Ranger that is no longer active. She had mentioned the idea to DVRAddict, who posted it on the boards and talk about it came and went. Then the wonderful Ahma heard about this idea and became driven to make it happen. She looked high and low for me and after we talked about it, I told her I would help with the web space and a PayPal account to make it happen. The rest has truly been Ahma. She has promoted it endlessly. I'm just the technical person, truly! Once this was getting started, KyStorms and I were talking about her sons who are in the military and we started thinking of other things we could do for the troops... That is when JR4OT was born.

6. How do you feel about Nielsen ratings?

GAH to Nielsen ratings! But, unfortunately, the sponsors don't see it that way. The Nielsens really have us in a tough spot. To me, the Nielsens are like the warnings on coffee cups at McDonald's. Of course the coffee is hot, but Big Business needs it to cover their hiney.

7. How can we attract new viewers to Jericho? To the message boards?

I have succeeded with getting new viewers hooked on Jericho just by having a very large signature in my email with the time and day that Jericho is on. OK, so I've been pretty bad, because it still has the day Jericho returned, but, my friends and family have told me it has been quite successful!

I think that CBS did the best at promoting the message boards with the Jericho Rises campaign they did. Unfortunately, I have not seen many commercials for Jericho for a few weeks. What I am going to try is actually changing my signature in my email! Adding a link to Innertube as well as the CBS board might help some of the new fans I know in several ways. Shows them where they can see more of the show and be less confused, as well as a place where they can go to read more, and ask questions! With all the craziness, tho, I think I will just put the link to the episodes section. ;)

8. What do you most like to do besides anything involving Jericho?

The biggest thing in my life is my niece Abby. I try to spend as much time with her as possible. After that I would have to say working on genealogy. It is fascinating to learn how everyday people lived so long ago. My family has lived on the same land since the Kansas Territory was opened to settlers. I think that the common theme here is family. Just as it is for the Greens and the Richmonds.

9. Any comments?

I am worried about the fate of Jericho. We have all seen the traffic slowing down. We see the ratings each week. I know we lost several fans who thought once we got the 7 episodes, who thought that all was well, but it is not. Nina herself told us we had to get more people to watch. Of course, during the summer this has been very rough, but even the viewing on Innertube is reported to be down. I am truly coming to a loss. I have posted on more than one board that I am not an ideas person, I just help the ideas get coordinated into happening.

During our fight to save Jericho, I was convinced that we were a strong group of people that could come together to make anything happen, and that Jericho was just one part of what we would be able to do. I truly believed that we would be able to stick together to accomplish much more. For so many of us this fight was about quality TV, family TV. Yes, these are important issues, but I saw us being able to battle to do good for the homeless, the hungry, cancer, illiteracy, family violence, or, yes, even the troops.

We need to do things to get mainstream media interested again, just like the Nuts Campaign did. The Nuts, well, that was just weird! LOL But, if we come together as a community of Jericho fans, and we accomplish something for the 'greater good', such as doing significant help for any charity, we have the ability to get back into the news. If we are back into the news, think of how many people heard of the Nut story but blew us off as a bunch of nuts! If they hear now that we are doing such and such for x charity, those who didn't take the time to check out Jericho before are more likely to do so now.

If the DVDs 4 Troops campaign does not move you, like it moves Ahma and myself, that is completely OK. Just find something you can do that moves you and will move others. If you need help getting it off the ground, send me an email! If I can't help get it going, I have met a lot of awesome people who just might be the perfect match for your Jericho Project!! :)


Hawksdomain said...

Thank you so much for your kind words!


Briarpatch said...

Thanks for letting us get to know one more terrific Jericho Ranger. Great interview. I suspect there are other former introverts who were drawn out by the dynamics of the Save Jericho campaign, and that is really a wonderful thing.

kystorms said...

How truly wonderful that you interviewed my friend Hawksdomain... she is simply the best and yes I am biased big time!
great interview as always :-)

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks for your comments. Hawksdomain is very special.

maybei said...

Great interview! It's nice to get to know Hawksdomain. I admire her work in helping the troops - that has been an inspiration to many.

Anonymous said...

Ahma said...
I love these fan interviews! I really had no interaction with Hawksdomain untill the DVD's for the Troops campaign, finding out she is shy...well, you could have fooled me. lol I have a sister that is painfully shy, I converted her into becomming a Jericho fan, now I'll have to make her buy a computer and get on the boards! Thanks - Great interview.

Anonymous said...

Scoobud3 said...
Hawks - you're one terrific person and a good friend. Your energy and heart that you pour into Jericho and the support for the troops gives me strength. Thank you for who you are and for what you do.

ccpdppr said...

These interviews are great. They are nice balance between giving us the person behind the board names without giving up the anonymity the boards offer.

azlady said...

Thank you so much for this nice interview. Its alway great to hear from other Jericho people. Thank you and Ahma and all involved in the DVDs for Troups project. Its such a great thing you are doing. I know it will be well received and they will be thrilled to get them.

Anonymous said...

Great to see an interview with Hawks. Her efforts clearly come from the heart and the work she has done to help our troops is amazing! I am honored to call her my friend and thrilled that we have her around to help suuport Jericho!


auntvonna said...

Another great interview! I enjoyed learning more about you Hawksdomain. It's always cool to learn about how other Rangers are diverting their energy and time to the cause, LOL! Wonderful thing you guys are doing with the DVD's for the troops! Totally awesome!

Skeeterbit said...

Wonderful interview! I didn't meet Hawksdomain until I stumbled into NFJ. She was so warm and welcoming that it's really hard to believe she's that shy. I saw her user name and was a little intimidated!

I'm glad Jericho brought that NUT out of her shell. It is apparent that she is highly regarded by her fellow NUTS, as well she should be! :)

Welcome2CHO said...

Hawksdomain...shy?? I am floored. I met her recently at NFJ, and she took the initiative to be so kind and welcoming to me. I was a newbie, and she made me feel great about becoming part of the group.

Great choice for an interview, and great interview!