Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: DBalcer

I saw Debby around the CBS board for a while until I really started to pay attention. She doesn't always have a lot to say but she's always ready to Digg, comment, and help others. I think she's a great person. Hope you do too.

1. When did you start watching Jericho and why?

I did not watch Jericho when it premiered. I had no interest in watching a
show about nuclear war in the United States. The only thing that drew me in
was Gerald McRaney. I love watching him. I saw the commercials for the
episodes after the bomb and the show looked more like a show I would be
interested in so I watched episode 4: Walls of Jericho and was hooked.

2. What made you keep watching?

I loved that Jericho was about how people survived and did so with their
morals intact. I love the relationships between the characters. I
especially love the character Johnston Green. His character embodies the
values that I hold dear. My husband loved the Sci-fi aspect of the show as
well as the characters. We watch Jericho together.

3. What else do you enjoy besides Jericho? Any hobbies?

I am active in my church. I love to read and have an eclectic taste in books. I love going to see the Georgia Bulldogs play football.

4. What would you like to see at Fan Central?

I like Fan Central but wish
it was more interactive. I enjoy reading what Shaun has to say but wish it
could be expanded to include more contributors.

5. Which actor/actress on Jericho would you most like to meet?

Gerald McRaney. I have followed his career since his days on Simon and Simon. I have loved every show he has been in.

6. Which character is most like you?

Gail Johnston. I am the mother of two
grown daughters. I have been married 28 years. I feel that she and I would
have much in common.

7. Why do you like to Digg?

I feel that digging gives us a bigger footprint
on the internet which exposes us to more potential viewers. I also am a
news junkie so I like reading the different articles.

8. How can we attract new viewers?

By telling everyone we meet about the show. By buying the DVD and sharing it
with friends who haven't seen Jericho. I believe once you watch the first
few shows they will be hooked. Jericho has something for everyone.

9. Any comments?

The one thing good that came out of the cancellation of Jericho was the
chance to interact with other fans on the CBS message board. I came to the
CBS site to see what information I could find on who dropped the bomb but I
didn't read or post on the message boards until Jericho was cancelled. I am
proud to be one of the nuts who saved Jericho.

Debby from SC


Anonymous said...

Debby have VERY good taste.
I LOVE Gerald McRaney as well and he was the only reason I tuned in to JERICHO as well. :)

terocious said...

Hi Debby,
I dig your stance on Digging and your signature has become as familiar to me as a friend. Jericho truly does reach out to many different types of people. Keep up the great work on the CBS board!

Briarpatch said...

Hi Debby. I enjoyed learning more about you today. Your posts on the CBS board are always well reasoned and thoughtful, and I appreciate that. Glad to meet another Jericho Ranger.

maybei said...

Debby is one of those people that when she posts, I always read. A neat fan with a great sense of humor too!

azlady said...
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azlady said...

thank you for this interview. It is nice to get to know other Jericho junkies like myself. You are right, Jericho has something for everybody. Thank you for all your nice posts and comments on the boards.