Friday, September 14, 2007

Jericho Game Room

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Special Announcement

The Jericho Game Room is now open!!

What is the Jericho Game Room you ask?

The Jericho Game Room is a place to go to find links to different games from many different areas of the Jericho fandom. This is a Game Room to highlight games from multiple forums (CBS, JRP, RFJ, NFJ).I know that it has been a long road for Jericho fans and we all need to take a break from time to time to have fun. We need to relax and remember why we love Jericho. What better way to do that than play a few Jericho games?

I will list as many games as I can find. There will be a variety of games to choose from. There will be puzzles to do on your own and interactive games that you can play with other fans. There will be games you can participate in that only takes a matter of seconds and games that may require a few minutes. Check them out and decide which ones are for you. Then join in and have some fun because we all know what happens when it's all work an no play.

If you find a game not listed here and would like to have it included in the lists, please send me the link via PM here or email me at kestral@radiofreejericho.com and I will make sure to add it. I always try to give credit where credit is due, so if you know who is responsible for the game, let me know and I will be sure to add their name as well.

Remember, you do NOT have to be a member of RFJ or any of the other sites to view the Jericho Game Room or any of the games listed there. Anyone can visit and click the link to a game and observe before joining. The Game Room is meant for ALL Jericho fans to enjoy. So stop by and check it out!

Now....GO HAVE FUN!!!


kestral said...

Thank you so much for helping to get the word out about the game room! You really are the best!

maybei said...

This is such a super idea!!! Now we can find all of the games in one place. And have fun talking about them too! Kudos Kestral!!!!

Briarpatch said...

This is a great idea. I have already joined in on the 'guess when the new episodes will air game' on CBS. Thanks for this terrific way to find all the games, Kestral. And thanks to the Blog Goddess for helping to spread the word.