Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Monster Talk Show Host Interview: Gylon Jackson

Who on earth is Gylon Jackson? That's what I asked myself when Rich at Copywrite Ink posted that he was going to be on a talk show with Gylon Jackson. I love BlogCatalog and participated in their Blogging Against Abuse and Copywrite Ink is my favorite read. Anyway, I tuned in and, honestly, Gylon was very impressive. (Okay, you were too Rich). I felt like I was listening to an old friend. Gylon is smart and I believe he could talk about old shoes and I'd listen. So, I want you to meet him and please tune in to his next show. I can assure you that you'll be pleasantly surprised.

And be sure to visit http://www.gylonjackson.com/

1. Who is Gylon Jackson and what does he want?

Gylon Jackson is first and foremost a man. I am flawed, yet humble, not easily definable and constantly evolving. Peace and a piece of the world is what I desire.
I want everyone to feel as if they belong. My number one goal is to be able to help someone because I CAN. I often felt that people were not doing what they can and were selfish. Then I found that when I do because I CAN more people will do, it is paying it forward subconsciously. I don't do things because it is right or wrong, I do because I can. Deep inside of me there is a voice telling me to do it, whatever it is ........ is says do it because YOU CAN (Wait after answering this question I realized that I hate to help people move. If you need me to give a kidney an eye or a lung I am your man. But moving.......... that little voice is laughing at you.).
Now I do what I CAN with kindness in my heart....... so if you feel that kindness is "right" then I am doing because it is right, or as I like to say I do cause I CAN.

2. I heard you first two shows with Rich Becker on BlogTalkRadio and they were great. You're a wonderful host. Does that come naturally to you?

Thank you for the compliment, if you saw me you would see me blushing. Wow...... a wonderful host.......stop already........ok ok tell me more!!!
There are a few things that come naturally to me. Training, public speaking and well just plain ole speaking. I am no different than most people out there... I have dreams, desires and I want to feel fulfilled. After my first radio show I was on cloud nine! I have never done drugs, but if they (drugs) feel like my first radio show on Abuse made me feel then I addicted to my radio shows. I found that doing the show was one of the best accomplishments in my life.
When I was younger we did not have a TV in our house, my next door neighbor broke into our house several times and stole our TVs. We knew he did it but could not prove it........... Finally we gave up, no TV for my family for over 5 years.
I started reading more but what really caught my ear was the radio. Dancing is my thing, so listening to R&B and the early years of Rap was great. I can remember vividly bouncing up and down to the beat, pop locking and trying to spin on my back. Although I loved to dance, listening to hours of talk radio shows is what I really enjoyed doing. Shows like the The Green Hornet, Superman Amos and Andy, Batman, Benny Goodman and the Lone Ranger make me feel young just thinking about them. But my favorite radio show of all time is Coast to Coast with Art Bell.
I was raised by talk radio for 5 plus years. At this point in my life I feel that it is only natural for me to do a talk radio show.

3. How did you come up with the name Don't Bark Bite?

Don't Bark Bite is a comment on the state of our society. A lot of people are worried about being politically correct and not speaking their mind. For most of us our bark is loud, but we have no BITE. I am still developing my BITE............ I feel that more people should stand up for what they feel is right and BITE hard. Look at the Jericho community, the BITE was felt. So let's be real, our current political system sucks........ for some reason we are afraid to BITE. I don't have the answer but I am more than willing to stop barking and start BITING!

4. What do you hope to accomplish with your radio show?

As you know I renamed the radio show "The Gylon Jackson Show" and the show can be found on both gylonjackson.com and dontbarkbite.com. I want The Gylon Jackson Show to be a real talk show with substance and piece of mind. The host (that is me), guests and callers to talk and discuss anything and everything, no topic is off limits. The formula of the show is still coming together and evolving. My next few quests will be a small business owner, a Author's Coach, a comedian, and VP of a major restaurant chain.
I am not looking to polarize listeners with opinionated mumbo jumbo or hyped up junk......... I want to entertain , educate and have fun....... the same fun I had as a young boy listening to talk radio.

5. What kind of shows can we expect from you in the future?

All kinds of shows are on the horizon for the future! I am looking forward to doing a show on Jericho and how it pertains to a possible real world scenario. My next show on 10/7 is about small businesses with Dreen the President and founder of Pacific Coast Communication and Joanne owner of MakesScents.com.
Dreen is part of one of the fasts growing cable contracting companies and Joanne has an amazing online business that she started a few years ago and recently moved into a new manufacturing center. Dreen and Joanne will be giving a lighthearted few on the success and the pitfalls of owning a small business.
On 10/14 I will start our Blogging series. This is a huge break for me because I am partnering with Blogcatalog.com and there will be some surprises for our online listeners and callers! The blogging series will last for 4 to 8 weeks we are currently working on show ideas. If your readers have any suggestions they can email me at gylonj@gmail.com.

6. You also have a personal blog called Gylon Jackson. What is its' purpose?

The Gylon Jackson blog is about life, love, success, thoughts, inspirational stuff and just a general blog. The tag line on gylonjackson.com is "built for success". I feel that at 35 I am still building a firm foundation that is being laid for something great. Earlier you asked me what do I want...........
well I want to be a motivational speaker. I read a blog weeks ago that stated that there are certain words we should stop using... some of the words were Happiness, Spirituality, Success, Moral, Wrong/Right and other words. I felt that this was crazy, this blogger wants me to stop using the words like happiness, moral and SUCCESS. Well what I found is that it is not about not using the words, it is about defining the word or words in your everyday life. I hope that with each blog post on gylonjackson.com you can see my words defining success and when you meet me you see someone that is "built for success".

7. BlogCatalog recently started allowing groups and you have the Gylon Jackson group. What is its' purpose?
If you don't promote yourself no one else will :) I will be using the group to promote my radio show.

8. You're very motivational. Is that something that just happened or did you cultivate that talent?

I owe my motivational attitude to my mother and father. They have been married for 35 years and they are my heroes and my strength. I am a strong and positive person because of my parents and they have shown me that being motivational is about your attitude and action.
My fathers job has a lot to do with influencing people and helping them understand that change is ok and beneficial to all involved. My mother works with college students to help them achieve their goals in the medical field. I feel that being motivational is part of being influential and being positive. I felt that I had all the answers. At times I can be "convinced" (cocky+confident = convinced). Being a "convinced" person is a great thing, you have to be able to convince yourself that you are great and you can accomplish anything. I found is that being convinced is not all you need, there has to be a foundation, look were you come from, learn from the lessons of life, and more than anything you have to rely on your family for guidance and help. As I get older my parents are getting smarter. I already have the attitude ......... the more action I show the more motivational I will become. Live, drink, sleep and think motivation and anyone can be motivational.

9. What do you hope for yourself in the future?

We change the past
The future is a mystery.
We only have this moment, this moment right now, so be in the moment!
My future looks bright. I have a lot of positive people in my corner. I am coming out of a personal funk that was very trying, depressing but ultimately I found it is one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I write more, I am doing more............ more Action, plus that attitude that I have, leads to more motivation which is a major piece of success.

10. Do you watch Jericho? It's a great show.

Jericho is a great show. I was sad when they (the proverbial man) did not bring it back, but because of the actions of the Jericho community it is coming back.
It appears that the viewing public likes a show that has a story line they can follow, with complex characters, and a a cliff hanger. I love Jericho, 24, Heroes, and the show that is think is great is Life.

Any comments you'd like to add?

Everyone should spend more time loving, less time criticizing and even more time caring.
War is not the answer.
What if because of war, any war, not just the current war we have killed or lost the next great leader, the person that has a cure for cancer, or the Second Coming?
I want people to think.

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Rich said...

Great piece Jane!

Gylon is deserving too. A show is only as good as its host and he is a natural.


Sue said...

This is great. You really did a good job thanks.

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks Rich and Sue. Not only is Gylon a natural;he's a very nice man and he's always willing to help others.

LisiBee said...

Another great interview from the Jericho Monster! Thanks to Jane and to Gylon.

terocious said...

I enjoyed this interview. Thank you both.

Anonymous said...

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