Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Callisto925 Part II

Callisto925- Part II

1. You live in Canada. What do Canadians want from CBS/Jericho?

Of course Canadian fans want the same thing fans in the US want. We want CBS to listen to the fans and to promote Jericho to ensure it lives a long, long time. We want Jericho to continue naturally, but in Canada we don't have the same tools as US viewers do. A lot of fans feel that their voices don't count for anything. That was the attitude when Jericho's cancellation was announced on May 16. Many fans had the frame of mind that they couldn't do anything about it so why bother trying. But once the NUTS Campaign took off, Canadian fans began to see that there are way to make themselves heard. We can't access Innertube and we don't count in the Nielsen's, but there were other ways to contribute. Most fans in Canada watch Jericho in US stations, watch US commercial ads and buy US products. I'd say our voices are as strong as anyone's.

2. Were you involved in Nuts to CBS?

I'm proud to say in my own way I was involved. Aside from my own contribution of nuts, letters, emails and phone calls and countless hours, if not days on end on the internet and JRP, I also got the word out to friends, family, clients... Oh, heck...pretty much anyone who would stand still long enough to listen. Everyone who contributed played an important role no matter how small

3. What motivates you to fight for Jericho?

At the very beginning it was all about getting Jericho back on the air... but now it has become about so much more. A lot of my motivation comes from my fellow fans... That's motivation enough to keep me going.

4. How do we get others motivated?

Right now the best way to motivate people is to make them realize how crucial it is that we show the support for the show, and each other, that we did in the beginning. By showing that strength and passion it will make others want to be a part of something truly great and unique. Honestly, because we ultimately do not control the fate of Jericho, that is all we have.

5. What do you think CBS should be doing now to promote Jericho?

In one word: MORE. It astounds me that there are so many people out there who don't know it is coming back. There was no mention of it in their Fall Previews. Granted, it is listed as a mid-season replacement, but after all the publicity Jericho has generated over the past 4 months it should have been worth a mention. They should also be promoting the upcoming DVD release where there is so much potential to attract those new viewers when the new episodes air. They also have this wonderful, amazing website for the show that they don't promote. They could be using the internet more than they are...after all, it was the power of the World Wide Web that brought them to the decision to bring the show back in the first place. Also, CBS should be looking at the fans. Jericho fans are large in number, are organized, out spoken and most of all WILLING. One would think they would look at that use that to their advantage.


Anonymous said...

Great article, would you mind if I share this @ manilablend.blogspot.com

Jericho Saved said...

Yes, you may share this. Feel free to share Part I as well. Thanks.

maybei said...

Loved hearing more from you Callisto!