Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jericho Fans: Sheep Or Wolf ?

From Wikipedia:

"According to the fable, a hungry wolf came upon a sheep's fleece lying on the ground in a field. The wolf realized that if it wore the fleece, it would look like a sheep from a distance. That would enable the wolf to sneak up on a flock of sheep and steal a lamb for its supper, before the shepherd noticed his presence.

The wolf put on the fleece, and went off in search of a flock of sheep. It spied a flock of sheep just as the sun was setting, and approached the flock. Just as it was about to pounce on a lamb, a shepherd came by, looking for a sheep to slaughter for supper. Thinking the disguised wolf was a sheep, the shepherd quickly grabbed and killed the wolf."

Those of you who know me through my love of Jericho know that I will do whatever it takes to promote this show. You also know that I have never asked you to take sides against anyone. I try to avoid anything that doesn't promote Jericho. Today is no exception. Jericho comes first with me. For others, their pettiness and jealousy, and manipulation of others comes first.

Today I wish to address this post to several people who know who they are. Many of you know them too. They are wolves dressed in sheep's clothes. They try to convince you that they only want to promote Jericho while they are, not so secretly, promoting their own underhanded agenda.

There was a time when we all worked together to save Jericho and we did. Some people were hurt when their ideas weren't used but the pace of the Nuts campaign was not conducive to everyone receiving kudos for their ideas or their work.

Over time fans branched out from CBS and made blogs, websites, and other message boards. Our goal was to do as Nina Tassler asked and spread the word about Jericho to garner new viewers. This is called viral marketing and it works.

There are those who seem to think we should only post at CBS. That's fine. We should use that as our main board. BUT, who uses the CBS board? Fans of the show. A few new viewers drift in here and there but they're fans before they visit. Where do we find new viewers? Everywhere. Some of these same people want to dictate to you which message board you should be a part of and which ones you should avoid.

Would you limit your promotion efforts to one store or one person? What good would that do? We must be tireless in our efforts to find new viewers everywhere.

Alas, ugly jealousy and plain hate come along. There are Jericho fans who do not deserve to be called Rangers. They don't want to spread the Jericho message; they want to spread gossip and lies and bring shame to the cast, crew, and fans of Jericho.

I have been on the CBS board since before Jericho was cancelled. I am passionate about this show. Many of you are the same way. Don't let anybody cool your passion. Don't fall for what looks a Ranger pretending to want only more episodes. And, don't be fooled by people you would least expect to be involved in this underhanded scheme.

No, I'm not talking conspiracy. I'm talking about people who have grudges and personal vendettas against others and want you to side with them. Be very careful what you believe and who you believe in. Promote the way you want to and know that I am very proud to be associated with such a fine group. Well, except the wolves. Never turn your back on a wolf.

So, what do you think? Know any wolves?

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P.S. Wolves, your fake personas don't fool me.


SaveJake said...

Your email addy won't allow me to email you...
I have a feeling we don't see the same "wolves" though.
Not sure if this helps or hurts........

I prefer to ignore the wolves...!

Anonymous said...

Your email addy is not working for me either.
Anyway, I don't know who are sheep and who are wolves.
I just wish that we could all get along for the sake of the show.
After all, we've worked SO HARD to get it back. And we might have to do more fighting.


Jericho Saved said...

I don't know what happened with the email addy but it is correct. Just copy & paste if it's not clickable. Thanks.

Hawksdomain said...

You go girl. I am getting quite tired of the vendettas, too! :)

terocious said...

I know that Wolves exist.

Here is a song I wrote on this subject back in 2001.

(Add one two each five four two)

Nine one ones emerging

synergy held ransom

divisions of neighbors

split violet ends.

Running deep

in the family

of sharing abroad.

As the shock shimmer

showered existence on God.

Now the devilish details

retreat to the hills.

Economy offers

the ultimate frill.

A wait for the bus

turns your uncle to dust.

And it's harder to swallow

this planet size pill.

Seven zero zeros hero

retired from praying

on Godless Americas

queer loving ways

fell from grace

into Gardas

awaiting embrace.

Kingdom come, kingdom go

while morality plays.

Now Vieda is offering

one hundred lats

so string up the dandy

and bring me his spats.

To look but not touch

may be asking to much

'cause the fleas in the house

were brought in by the rats.

Five five five disguises.

The prefix is fiction.

Add one to each five

you'll be calling up Satan.

Some numbers mean more

take the stone and the score.

We can count on each other

for what I'm not sure.

Now the microbus

sacrifice season begins.

Last dive for the ladies

they're shelling the bridge.

Break the din, down the door,

far less guilty than sore

we'll install a fresh lock

on our reason and live.

maybei said...

Yes, there are wolves.

It is sad what the Jericho "fans" do to each other.

But then again you have to remember - even Hitler thought he was right....

To those "fans"

So why do you fill our sorrow
With the words you've borrowed
From the only place you've known?

And why do you sing Hallelujah
If it means nothing to you
Why do you sing with us at all?

erika said...

Very well put. Keep on keepin' on Rangers! Don't let the turkey's get you down.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those new viewers you all are trying to get in. Can't remember where I saw the Jericho stuff first, but I was intrigued and started watching the episodes on the CBS site about 3 weeks ago. Now I'm hooked, so have faith even if there is some weird stuff going on, your goal of getting new viewers is working. So this wolf/sheep thing you wrote about is news to me :shrug: I just want to watch Jericho :) Thanks for the heads up though!

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for your comments.
To our new Jericho fan: Welcome. I'm so glad you found Jericho and love it. You may want to join heynielsen.com where you can voice your opinion.
Thank you for letting us know how you feel. Come back any time.

openminded1 said...

I wonder if these people move from one fan group to another. I know that whenever a major news story hits, you have people coming to the boards on those topics because they feel that is where the "action" is. I wonder if this is the same kind of phenomenon?

Anonymous said...

Great article, would you mind if I share this @ manilablend.blogspot.com

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks for commenting. Yes, you may use this. Thanks.