Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jericho: Mending Fences

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From Rich of Copywrite Ink:

"Combined, Veronica Mars fans have easily redeemed themselves since the Buddy TV story in June told them to turn to Jericho fans for help. Nowadays, it almost seems to be the other way around.

The difference isn’t in the fans; it’s in network communication. Jericho fans are still mending fences after fan fallouts caused by some who lobbied Nina Tassler’s message, which implied that CBS fans might save the show if they simply “hung out” on the CBS message boards. While most fans are friendly, visiting the kitchen tends to drive more people away over disputes than it can keep.

For Jericho, the best ideas continue to be those away from the network (it’s about time). Next week, I’ll be looking for them to see if we can find some kind of sum up and solidarity."

Rich comments:

" The partnership concept as originally proposed by CBS never materialized. I've been thinking about this at great length.

It seems to me that Jericho fans need CBS to commit to airtime, which would give Jericho fans time to promote it and add the call to action that currently lacks (other than the DVD sales).

Then, a serious effort to promote the show offline (online seems covered) needs to follow. The come home to Jericho message, not to offend anyone, doesn't resonate with non-viewers. (I offered to develop a message once, and was told it was too late.)

Also, just as a point of clarity, Veronica Mars fans don't really have a choice but to go it alone. As it turns out, it seems to have worked out better for them."

Another Rich comment:

"Just a few more words to clarify:

For CBS:
Jericho would have made top 10-15 broadcasted shows, during the week that ended Oct. 8. So maybe it is time to come clean on why it was cancelled in the first place.

For Fans:
Entertainment Weekly arrived today. Four television shows made the top 20 DVD sales, ending the week of Oct. 8. None of them was Jericho (1408 made the list; it was released on Oct. 2). Will it be there next week? How about the week after?

So maybe each fan can ask themselves: what did you do when the DVD went on sale? Cheer about it on the CBS message boards? Complain there was no advertising? Buy a DVD? Tell your family to buy DVDs? Tell your neighbors to buy DVDs? Rent an airplane banner? Are you ready to change your behavior?

This is a rhetorical question. I know some of you did boatloads. :) I know some are doing even more, which is why I'll be summing what the various fan factions is doing. Its also a fine lesson for Veronica Mars fans."


kystorms said...

please dont forget the fact that as far as getting off the boards and hitting the streets, some of us have been screaming this idea from the rooftops to no avail! And there are excellent "away from CBS boards" promotional ideas, such as the Fan made - Fan centered promotional videos I have been suggesting and trying to solidify with the fans and CBS since the end of September!
This idea has such merit, because it will showcase the FANS, why they did what they did, HOW they did what they did, and if CBS will air, will make new folks wonder what it is about Jericho that drove us to do these things, this will bring in the MILLIONS of new viewers we need NOW!
We can not afford to wait any longer on CBS to do this for us, we MUST do it now OURSELVES!
If anyone is interested in the details of this promotion, please contact me off boards, on my blog, or via email.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Rich. Just what we needed....a pep talk.
I'm sure you could find more to fault us for.
Since you are so smart, can you please tell me how we are suppose to reach the Nielsen families as Nina told us would have to happen?
I'd like JERICHO to be saved.

Jericho Saved said...

Rich has never found fault with Jericho fans-only CBS. Rich is certainly smart. For example, he will never post anonymously.
He and others have said time after time that we can only reach Nielsen families by reaching out to everyone who watches TV. No one knows who Nielsen families are and they aren't allowed to tell.

Rich said...

Thanks Jane,

You're right. I don't find fault with Jericho fans at all. I find fault with some behavior styles, which I believe, unless they change, will ensure the opposite.

If you apply some crossover thinking from my post today that points out the number one reason employees leave their employers is a stressful environment, then why on earth would anyone assume a message board would be any different?

And you're also right Jane, as has been said to death, finding Nielsen families is not the objective of Jericho fans. Even if you could "find" them, they change. The goal is to capture 13 million viewers.

Sorry to offend, Anon, but real friends tell their friends when they have mustard on their chin, even if it is just a tiny bit.