Monday, October 22, 2007

Monster Guest Blogger: Nightbird

Thanks to Nightbird for being today's guest blogger.

I appreciate her efforts and her love of Jericho.

I've been drowning in problems in recent times in my life. I could have simply stopped functioning because of it, because it was just too much. But I had learned a simple survival trick.

What can I do that will change things TODAY?

The CBS board has problems. I suspect we aren't the only forum with these. But we do have the board. I'd love to live somewhere else and have a different kind of home, but right now I do have one. Its not perfect but its here. We have this board HERE and NOW. No reason we can't send some feedback about it to the website option, like reporting what happens with forbidden word problems. But what really matters is that we do have it. Fixing the board is a later. Tomorrow, when something perfect is possible. Using it is now.

TODAY we can tell CBS we want the third season. We can write, digg, comment, lend dvd's email friends to check it out and lots of other ideas all of which can get us to this goal.

TODAY the board, Pam Reed and any number of other things are less important and less current than the matter of the third season and SHOWING that we won't fade away. Go and read Rich's transcript from his chat in Jeritopia. WE scare them out there. They have every reason for us not to succeed so they can dismiss social media as a means of achieving a goal. So they can fade back into the old school. So they can prove to themselves we were wrong and not be so terrified until the next time.

Remember this is about a lot more than us. This is about changing the world. We wouldn't be watched by media and advertising and social experts if it was just saving a tv show. We wouldn't be feared either. We wouldn't have made history. We wouldn't have the old school of doing things rooting for the naysayers and ranters because if it was just about a tv show--they WOULDN'T CARE.

Whether or not we meant to, Nuts started a movement for social change. This means tv shows that we like will have a chance to live. It means that the entertainment industry will have to change to accomodate the new ways people act and work. It means that media like the internet will enter its true potential and be recognized by those who fear it as what it has become.

We see these things but in the minds of the old guard they are temporary. Lets send that idea to the cornfield where it belongs.

So what does a third season mean? Maybe Gale Green will be in her kitchen and the board improving. But more than that the board will be here, and those who are scared will be looking for ways to change. We have already had an impact on the way things are done. Check out any board with a new show. People are starting to share addresses to send mail and even wondering what to send the network in protest should they need to. Before they would have been complaining. And this is only tv.

So lets ALL put this in perspective. Our third season is merely the tip of a giant iceberg set to reshape the old guard into the present and future. Lets make sure it doesn't disappear.


Anonymous said...

Excellent!! The only thing I disagree with is what you said about Pamela Reed. I think they make a big mistake when they only have younger people in the show. IMHO it lessens the quality of what we had in season one.
I STRONGLY believe that we need to stay on the CBS boards. I have been upset to see mostly only new names lately.
I have also been upset to see that not many fans have been commenting on articles or Digging. I think we all need to get back to doing that.
I hope your problems are soon just a memory.

Balceroregontr said...

I do think we need to speak up about Pamela Reed's role now because they need to know we care before they start writing a 3rd season. I think we will get a third season whether it is on CBS or SCI FI depends on the numbers but I don't think Carol Barbee is going to let the show die because she knows she has the fans to keep it on the air. When Jericho is on the air for a 3rd season I want Jericho not Jericho lite.
Debby from SC

maybei said...

Very nice article Nightbird! Thank you :-)