Saturday, April 19, 2008

CBS: Problems, Problems

"CBS has hit some rough patches, according to Paid Content:

The parent company is under a mini-siege of sorts about
a) its performance,
b) Leslie Mooves’ salary, [sic]
c) Katie Couric’s disastrous tenure at the company,
d) layoffs (even on the digital side, as others are ramping up) and other issues…
e) CBS’s need for an acquisition is becoming apparent. Some CBS executives privately agree."

"Indeed, other networks have found it difficult to keep low-rated shows alive, even if the programs notch fans in other venues. After keeping the sci-fi drama "Jericho" for another season due to fan protest, CBS decided to yank the drama. Last year, CBS executives admonished fans that no matter how much they enjoyed the program online and via DVR playback, low ratings could not be tolerated."

"Moonves is a typical old-fashioned Hollywood mogul who believes that stars are the most important element in the success an entertainment program. He obviously believes that CBS's showcase news broadcast, The Evening News is not a news program but an entertainment program -- a show -- which is why he lured Katie Couric away from NBC to be its anchor. He thought she would bring personality and show biz spark to the show. But the largely 65+ audience for The Evening News didn't find perkiness a sufficient substitute for knowledge of current events or news judgment. The show's ratings dropped to an even lower third place than before Cute Katie came on board."

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Mediastooge said...

Links to recent news reports on nielsen layoffs.
Link to nielsen sec filing. Note executive compensation on page 152:

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