Friday, June 22, 2007

YouTube Video Challenge

Welcome to the Promote Jericho YouTube Video Challenge! This contest is open to any and all vidders who are willing and able to create a video, choosing from the following categories:

Victory/Motivational-new vids only
Summer Viewing Promotion-new vids only
Humor-new vids only
Wild Card (Vidder's choice of content/tone)-new vids only

Previously created (i.e., vids created between June 6th and June 21st. These will be judged separately.)

Contest Rules:

1. You have from now until Monday June 25th at 9PM EST to submit your entries. Any entries submitted after that time will not be included. Remember to allow time for uploading your video onto YouTube.
2. Only one enty per category, per vidder.
3. All video entries must have been made on or after June 6th.
4. When submitting your entry, please designate under which category it belongs, and the date it was created.
4. All entries are to be posted on this thread to be considered for the contest.
5. You may campaign for your vid on this thread for fan favorite status, but direct contact with the judges regarding your video (i.e., through PMs) is not allowed.
6. Have fun!

For more info please go to:


LisiBee said...

Thanks for announcing this here, I hope that everyone is inspired to submit an entry!

Remember folks, increases in the number of vid views, ratings, and comments on the YouTube vids mean higher visibility for both your vid AND the show. :D

Keep up the good work on the blog!

Denise said...

I an unable to create a video, but I have managed to find my way to YouTube to watch them.

Some of those videos have kept me motivated when I wanted to throw up my nuts and say forget it!

Good luck to all the contestants.