Monday, June 18, 2007

Global Nuts For Jericho

I was amazed when the Nuts campaign pulled in so many Jericho fans from around the U.S. Everyone came together and fought for their favorite show. We got it back. Something else that continues to amaze me is the number of international fans who have joined our efforts.
Their message is clear: they love Jericho and they want to be counted. We are happy to have them aboard.
Yesterday, someone posted an Israeli TV ad for Jericho and it is amazing to watch. France and Australia have checked in as well as the UK, Korea, Canada. The New Zealanders tell us that Jericho has reached cult status there.
While I was amazed by the U.S. support I am truly awed by the international outpouring. How wonderful is that all these people from all these countries have come together to work towards a common goal?
I just have one question- do you think the Queen watches Jericho? Could Your Majesty send me an email if you're reading this?


Cheyenne said...

Yeah, she probably does watch it. Look at all the 'nuts' she has to deal with on a daily basis; I'm sure it is a great get-away for her. I know if I were the queen I certainly would watch it. lol

Tommy Chieng said...

I'm sure about it but who knows she might be watching!