Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why We Fight: Reminder

It's a busy time of year. School is out, people are vacationing, television viewing is down. Many of us who served in the Nuts campaign are battle weary and fatigued. We no longer have daily Mission Orders or leaders issuing alerts to comment now or email now yet we are still engaged in a battle.

Yes, Jericho will be back in reruns July 6 and, yes, it will return in the Fall with new episodes. Some people think the war is over. We got Season 2. Well, let me remind you that Nina Tassler said there will only be more episodes if Season 2 increases viewers. This campaign continues and will continue for the duration. If we get Season 2 we'll fight for Season 3 then 4 and on and on.

We need more viewers. We need Nielsen families. We need to let people know that the battle continues. We have to do it together. Our message should be clear and concise. We must continue to let our presence be known on the CBS board because CBS is watching. We cannot afford to let our guard down. Time is short.

So, what can you do? Here are a few things:

1. Continue leaving comments on every blog that mentions Jericho. Let them know about the reruns. Do the same with message boards.

2. Hit the CBS board hard. Post your ideas. Pick a place where help is needed and pitch in.

3. Email friends and family, pass out flyers and brochures. Put a sign in your yard. Call your radio station and request a song.

I could go on and on but you may have other ideas. Act on them. Don't wait for someone's approval or okay. We can do this but we have to have strength in numbers. Take a break or vacation then come back to the board.

Above all, remember why we fight. We want Jericho! Long live Jericho!

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Anonymous said...

I will NEVER stop fighting!

"Make a stand here." JOHNSTON GREEN