Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nutty Nielsen's ?

As more and more good shows are canceled talk has turned to Nielsen ratings. CBS has given Jericho Rangers the task of making sure viewers are watching when Jericho returns this summer and fall. There's just one problem. CBS only counts Nielsen families and Nielsen families' identities are kept secret. So, we Rangers are looking for Nielsen families in tons of nuts. All we can do is try to get anybody and everybody to watch in hopes of getting some Nielsen families. Make sense? No.

Nielsen Media Research has predicted that major networks could lose over $ 600 million this year due to so many people using DVR's. Seems to me somebody could come up with an idea to fix this problem. Why can't they?

Networks want to capture more viewers but advertisers are saying no. These advertisers say people who aren't watching " live" TV aren't watching the ads. Surely there are smart ad folks who could figure something out here. While they're all left to work something out our favorite shows are being canceled.

I think they all need a good supply of Nuts.


rmacapobre said...

sorry for the ignorant question. what's a DVR?

Jericho Saved said...

It's a Digital Video Recorder that you get from your cable company. It's like a VCR but you don't use a tape to record your shows.