Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Maybei

Just as Jericho has its characters the Jericho fandom has maybei(Vicki). Maybei is almost larger than life. If any project needs help she'll be there. She's smart, supportive, fun, and generous with her time and knowledge. She tries to make every day a Jericho day by commenting, Digging, and planning. Maybei is one of a kind and I'm so glad she is a Jericho Ranger.

1. What attracted you to Jericho?

I like end of the world stories (a fav book is The Stand) and I love spy stories (author and British spy master John LeCarre is a fav), so Jericho fit the bill on both counts. But what kept me coming back was the characters, the people of Jericho.

2. What is your favorite episode/character and why?

I love A.K.A. and seeing more of the Hawkins back story - how he came to Jericho and why. I also really enjoyed Black Jack because it showed more of what was happening in the outside world. And of course - Why We Fight. It's hard to pick just one - all are good!

One of my favorite characters (if you don't count Hawkins, which is a given with me) is Mimi. I love seeing her grow from a city girl to learning what it takes to survive.

3. What is your favorite line from the show?

Johnston Green: I am about to go to war with New Bern, Kansas, the home of the nearest CostCo. Today is already just about as weird as I can handle.

4. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to watch?

If you love a good story rich with many interesting characters from all walks of life - and you enjoy a little humor - if you like on the edge of your seat action - if you like a little eye candy - if you want a show that keeps you coming back for more, watch Jericho!!

5. Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or Jericho can go here.

I have been really encouraged that CBS is listening to the fans and starting to reach out to us with more great content on the site! Personally, I would love more pictures of the stars, sets and behind the scenes footage. I would love for them to have a feedback on Fan Central where fans could submit news about their activities. And I am really hoping to see the stars on some talk shows and giving more interviews about Jericho. PIMP it CBS!!!

I'd like to say what a pleasure it has been meeting the fans of Jericho, from CBS which is our home base - to all of the different boards out there!

Each and every one of us helped to Save Jericho and it is important to keep the Spirit of Jericho alive and well and to continue to promote our favorite show to new fans!


terocious said...

That is one of my favorite lines as well. I love it when the characters step out of the situation and comment on how odd the chain of events is. There would have to be a form of fall out shock in a situation like Jericho portrays. I remember seeing Red Dawn as an adolescent and making fun of the line "Things are different now." At the time I thought it was so obvious as to be stupid but now I think it is a pretty darn good line.

ccpdppr said...

Great interview!! I love learning a little more about the rangers out there. I think Johnston probably has at least 75% of all the really great lines in seaon 1. I guess someone else will have to take over that role in the fall. Mimi is good candidate.

LisiBee said...

Thank you so much for this interveiw with maybei! She is one of my favorite Jericho people, and she deserves a little attention for all that she does. ;) maybei, I'm ready to see some of the stars on talk shows, too. How can we make that happen? :D

Skeeterbit said...

Maybei is the greatest! She has been such an asset to the fandom and so much help to me personally.

Eye candy - YUM! I was just thinking about Johnston this morning and the fact that he had the best lines in the first Season. I wonder who will be able to step up and fill those enormous shoes?

Anonymous said...

I just love these fan interviews! It's amazing how much besides Jericho we all have in common. Maybei, if I have read the Stand once I have read it 10 times, it's my comfort book.(You know, the one that wraps you up and takes you away from Real Life when you need it most. Now that's what Jericho does for me. Guess I can put The Stand away for a while.

Ahma,who forgot here password.

Kmac said...

What a great interview! Maybei, you totally rock!!!!

openminded1 said...

Pimp it CBS! You need to make one of your wonderful banners outta that!

flutterby10 said...

Very good interview with Maybei !!!

She is a new friend to me. A bundle of energy, it seems... and lots of fun. Hoping to continue getting to know her better. She is a true fan in every sense of the word.

AmyV said...

That was my favorite line, too! Jane, you've been doing great w/these interviews. I'm only sorry I haven't had a chance to read more of them. The nice thing about the web, I guess, is that they'll always be out here for me to catch up with sometime! :-)