Monday, August 27, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Suser

*** Announcement***
I am happy to report that Fan Central has established a Jericho Ranger of the Week project. This is totally separate from the JerichoMonster Fan of the Week so you have a chance of being selected from both places. Thanks.

Suser is an active participant on the board at Jericho Rally Point. She is an avid Jericho fan and works hard to promote the show. If you haven't yet joined and posted at Rally Point I urge you to do so. The people are friendly, smart, and welcoming. Just like Suser.

1. Would you join a Jericho Fan Club? Why or why not? YES

There are so many advantages to joining a fan club and being a part of one for "JERICHO" would be at the top of my list, as long as it's affordable. It's a great way to keep up with all the latest goings on with the show and being able to purchase JERICHO merchandise is also a great perk!

2. Do you think the Nielsen ratings are capturing all of Jericho's viewers? NO

There is no way Nielsen can count all viewers of the show. If you don't have a box you're not being counted, period. That system definitely needs a major overhaul and more efficient systems need to be put in place to get an accurate reading of just how many viewers there really are that are watching any given TV show.

3. If I had never watched Jericho what would you say to urge me to watch?

I would tell you that if you wanted to watch a show that has heart and soul and is every small town in America then this is the show for you. I would also tell you that it has everything: Comedy, Action, Mystery, Drama and a feeling of hope for the future. How could you not give that a shot?

4. What is your favorite episode/character and why?

I love all of them, but my favorite I think has to be "Why We Fight". This episode really gives you a sense of the comradery of the towns people and how willing they all were to stand up and fight for what is theirs. Much like all the fans did to save the show.

Alicia Coppola is my favorite character. I have watched her for years and was so happy to see her in "JERICHO". Her comedic timing is perfect and she brings it to a storyline that at many times needs a little relief from the tension to say the least.

5. What attracted you to Jericho and how long have you been watching?

I saw the promo for it last summer. I thought, small town, a nuclear bomb, this could be a really interesting show and I'm a big fan of disaster movies. I've watched from day one and helped save the show, sent nuts, bought a t-shirt and bought the DVD coming out in October. I can't ever imagine not having Jericho on the air.


briarpatch_39272 said...

I enjoyed Suser's interview. She is one Ranger I have often seen posting on the boards but I haven't run into 'personally' yet. Looking forward to meeting up with her someday at Jeritopia. Thanks again to the Blog Goddess for bringing us these fan interviews.
Charlene (Briarpatch)

Veronica said...

Nice Blog! Add your blog to my directory !!!


Cheers :)

Skeeterbit said...

Hello Suser! It's very nice to meet you. Excellent interview and I agree, Alicia is quite the scene stealer isn't she? She's just that breath of fresh air, that little bit of comic relief, that you need after several segments of drama and survival.

I don't believe we've met up on the boards yet, but I hope to run into you soon.