Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: RubberPoultry

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Want to know a secret? I'm a big fan of RubberPoultry. No, you did not know that already! So, okay, I'm one of many. Want to know why I'm a fan?
1. He's creative and I love his work.
2. Most importantly, he is truly humbled by the attention. RP is not looking for credit or glory;he does what he does for Jericho and its' fans. He thanks everyone for their efforts however large or small. I admire that in a person.

If you are one of the many who would like to see CBS spotlight RP's work here are a few suggestions:
1. Digg this article to the front page of Digg.
2. Leave as many comments here as you can.
3. Send this link and/or a screen shot of this page to Audience Services at CBS.
4. Send same to anyone at CBS.

1. When did you realize you were hooked on Jericho?

I was hooked on Jericho before the show even aired. I
thought it seemed like such a great premise for a show
that I was hooked from the time I first started
watching the advertising. Of course, if the writing
and acting wasn’t so great, they wouldn’t have
kept me.

2. What attracted you to the show?

I guess I kind of answered that in the first question.
I’ve always been a fan of post apocalyptic stories,
so that drew me in.

3. When did you decide to start to start making all
your creative videos, posters, and other work?

I created my first Jericho piece on June 3. It was a
season 2 promo At that
time we were still (relatively) far from getting the
show back. I wanted to give everyone fighting some
kind of visualization of what it would look like if we
actually won. In the first incarnation of the spot, I
made a few errors because I was going so fast, but I
went back twice and fixed them in subsequent uploads.

A week after uploading the season 2 promo, I created
the now infamous Johnston Green/Dart Vader spot
Basically, I thought we could all use a laugh since we
still hadn’t gotten our show back yet. After that I
was hooked.

4. What are some of the places your work has been
used? Didn't you do the banner for DVD's for the

I’ve done quite a bit of work for the Jericho fan
sites. I try to help wherever I can. You can see my
work in the banners at:
Radio Free Jericho
Jericho rangers 4 our troops
Jericho Armory(slightly edited by the
site owner with permission)
CafePress (search "rubberpoultry")
I also did the banner for the Coalition of the Willing
site when it was around.
I created a flier for Comicon that got quite a bit of
exposure on the boards and Fan Central on CBS.
And of course, my stuff is all over the message
boards, most of which can be seen here.

And...yes, I did a promo graphic for the DVDs for our
troops. Honestly though, the effort is being driven by
the great folks over at Nuts for Jericho. I can’t
take any credit for it. I had created a graphic to
promote the DVD, and they asked if they could use it
for the project, so instead, I decided to create a
custom image for them because I believed in what they
were doing.

5. What do you hope to accomplish through your
creative work?

My goals all along have been a) to get the show back
and now b) to get a season 3. Along the way, my goals
have expanded to include trying to keep up the morale
of the fans with humorous and other images, and also
to support projects that I think are really worth

6. If CBS called you today and asked what you can
offer them through your work what would you say?

First, I’d have to pick myself off of the floor...
And then when finally came to, I’d say that as a
fan, I think I may have a lot to offer in the promo
department. I think in many instances, people
responsible for creating promos aren’t necessarily
fans of the show. I also tell them that the diehard
fans (the ones who brought the show back by sending
letters, emails, nuts etc) would get a huge kick out
of seeing one of their own promoting the show on a
more “official” basis. Lastly I’d make sure
they’d seen what I’ve already done. Some of it
could be used as is.

7. NBC uses fan created artwork/videos. Why do you
think CBS hasn't gone that route yet?

I really don’t know. I think they’re missing out
on a huge opportunity. The democratization of media
that’s happened over the last decade means that fans
are becoming as savvy as some of the network pros. The
fan created stuff continues to get better and better,
rivaling and even overtaking some of what is put out
by the networks. Maybe that scares them, but I’d
think they’d want to take advantage of it. The more
you can expand your creative base the better (I’d
think). I’m sure some of it is legal issues.

Many fan
created works simply cannot be used because of
copyright infringements. There have been a lot of
great Jericho fan videos edited to top 40 music
tracks. Even if CBS wanted to use these, they
couldn’t without licensing the music, and that might
be impossible or cost prohibitive. I try when creating
my pieces to not use anything that isn’t original
(created by me or a stock royalty free source) or
already owned by CBS. I go as far as to use royalty
free audio tracks so (in the off chance they ever
approach me) I’m covered.

8. Is there anything you'd like to say to all the

These are the greatest fans ever! What they have
accomplished is unprecedented and historic. Except for
a few minor incidents, people have been very positive.

Not only have the fans promoted Jericho, they have
also promoted the efforts of some of us that are more
visible in the campaign. I’ve received countless
emails, responses and comments in support of what
I’m doing/have done. I’ve been told I have my own
fan club on more than one occasion. I’m humbled by
it all. People have been really great. I’m no more
special than anyone else is in this effort. Everyone
has played a part in this, so those of us who have
recognizable screen names don’t deserve anything
more than the passionate silent ones.


I realized the other day that I’m glad Jericho was
cancelled. Sure it was a rough few weeks there, but
I’ve had such a great time getting to know so many
fans (virtually and in person). I got to meet Skeet,
Lennie, Ashley and the producers (at Comicon) because
“I was one of the (many) fans who helped save
Jericho”. That wouldn’t have happened if we were
back with no fight.

Lastly... the fight is not over! We still have a major
battle ahead of us. If these 7 episodes don’t bring
the numbers, there’s a good chance we’re sunk. We
have to re-invigorate the passion we had within us
during the campaign to save the show. Also DVDs sales
are going to have a big impact on Jericho’s future.
If people have the means, they should buy for
themselves, their families, libraries and the troops.

Thanks for all that you are doing to keep us going
sweat! I’ve enjoyed reading your interviews and
blog. It’s fans like you who are keeping things
interesting while we wait for season 2.

See? I told you he's always finding something good to say about others. I appreciate that RP.


terocious said...

Thank you RP,
Your work is a seamless fit with art production coming from CBS. You have take their style further and helped to give us fans a style all our own. The other day you wrote that CBS has been very generous with their copyrighted content and in that spirit you have as well because everyone feels free to use your work in any way that will further the campaign. I think this spirit of sharing and collaboration is the backbone of the Jericho community.

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks for commenting.
You are right- the spirit of sharing and collaboration is the backbone of our Jericho community. RP sets such a good example.

Anonymous said...

Great interview as always, RubberPoultry has pulled many a Jericho fan "up by their bootstraps" during the long hard days of the Save Jericho campaign. His work is exceptional, as is he. He has been so generous with his time and talent to support Jericho and it's fans.

Anonymous said...

Rubber Poultry is my "chicken man." His avatar artwork embedded an image in my mind I never forgot. Everyone knows his name & his exemplary talent that captures the audience. Rubber Poultry has made me laugh to the point of tears with his great sense of humor & comically created photos. He has a gift - one that affects a mass group of people. Rubber Poultry = TALENT. BUY HIM NOW!

maybei said...

RP is Da Man - such a wonderful artist but also a neat person!! Well loved by the Jericho fans!

lol, I won"t go on but just say he is a very special person.

CBS would be crazy not to use his artwork.

azlady said...

RP, you are a real morale booster for Jericho fans. You have a knack for raising spirits when the outlook seems bleak. You are truly a gifted individual with immense creative talent and you would be a true asset to CBS just as you have been to the campaign to save their best show, Jericho.

AmyV said...

RP, I think you've done some fabulous stuff, and you've been so incredibly generous in letting anyone use it.

Skeeterbit said...

Sorry I'm late commenting here, but I thought RP was gone. I figured CBS would have hired him by now! Well they ought to!

RP, thank you, thank you, thank you. Manys the day that I've become disheartened by network or board negativity and then I will see something amazing that you have created. Your humor, incredible talents, and the generosity with which you share them have kept me motivated.

Also, I want you to know that your "Skeeter in a Towel" photo is posted in almost every office where I work!