Friday, August 24, 2007

A Monster Blogger Interview: Nuciferous

I fell in love with Nuciferous' blog the minute I saw it. If you're a Jericho fan you have to love it too. He has too much to list here so you'll just have to go look. He's a great guy who loves and promotes Jericho so Digg his blog and leave him some comments.

1. When did you become a Jericho fan?

I've been a fan since day one. Actually if you really want to know, I
was a fan from the day I saw the first commercial announcing this really
cool show about life after a nuclear terrorist strike.

2. What attracted you to Jericho?

The acting is great and the storyline keeps me wanting even more.
JERICHO is different from all other shows because it presents something
that could easily be in our not so distant future. In my opinion it's
reality television in the making. I'm going to miss Johnston Green and
as far as I am concerned Hawkins could kick Jack Bauers butt 8 days a
week and wipe up the mess with Chuck Norris. ** snerk **

3. Why did you decide to make your blog?

Well, that's kind of a long fateful story. It began as a geeky sort of
thing about a year and a half ago, before JERICHO even premiered. I
wanted a .us (dot us) domain name like the web site delicio.us. I looked
for a few months trying to find words that ended in us. I finally
remembered a word I had found while reading the dictionary way back in
high school. (Everyone say in unison UBER GEEK). The word was Nuciferous
which is an adjective meaning bearing nuts i.e. any plant that bears
nuts, like coconuts, walnuts, peanuts, etc. is nuciferous. The domain
names was available so I bought it. I played with the web site for a
while and did some video blogging. After a while I got bored and just
let it sit idle. When JERICHO was canceled and I found out about the
Nuts campaign, I had a little epiphany. Nucifero.us was the perfect
domain for the nuts campaign and to promote JERICHO. So I ripped
everything down, started over and, well, there you go.

4. Were you part of the Nuts campaign? I love your old Save Jericho page.

Thanks for the compliment on the old page. Originally it was just
something that I put up until I came up with a better design but I keep
it posted for prosperity purposes.

As for the Nuts campaign, Yes, I did as much as I could. I didn't send
any nuts in the bulk shipments, I figured that a few pounds give or take
wouldn't make much difference when they were faced with thousands of
pounds of nuts. I wanted to try getting through to the CBS execs under
the radar so to speak. I even went to the hardware store to buy a bag of
nuts (the inedible kind) just to be different. Assuming they got past
the mail room, I wish I could have seen the reaction to that.

5. Is there anything you'd like to have on your website that's not there

I would like to be able to grab the latest headlines from the CBS
message boards via RSS feeds. Again with the geeky stuff. It seems that
CBS is just now getting around to providing content that can be
displayed on other web sites with the JERICHO widget, which is an
excellent addition. Hopefully they have more in store for us.

6. How do you think we can reach more viewers?

I wish I were a marketing guru and could provide a better answer. I
honestly think, as fans we are doing all we can. From what I read on the
boards and from my perspective, CBS could do a better job at promoting
JERICHO. They should learn from past mistakes by not pitting it against
shows like American Idiot (no I didn't misspell that), air full seasons
in one run instead of putting it on hiatus, and give us a full rerun of
season 1 instead of a dozen episodes.The recent preseason football
problem and affiliates preempting the show for info-mercials is a
problem. I know that this is not entirely CBS's fault, some of these
deals were made before JERICHO was brought back and they don't have full
control over their affiliate content but it would be nice if someone
from CBS would participate in the boards and help keep us in the loop. I
would also like to see a fan newsletter/email list from CBS. The web
site is great but email is one more pipeline to keeping a the fans

7. What's next for you in regards to adding more to your blog?

More geeky stuff here. I hope to set up RSS feeds to grab headlines from
other fan sites and link to their stories. That's something in the
works. I just need to get around to doing it. Otherwise I am always
tweaking my site just to make it a little better. I just added threaded
discussions in the comments. (more geeky stuff). I wish I had more time
to keep up with the latest news so I can post it. Being a stay at home
dad to an active 4 year old makes it hard to find the time. Anyone who
would like to contribute to the site is welcome to come over and sign up
or contact me at "nuts {-at-} Nucifero dot US" with inquiries. Other
than that, I just keep up with what I can and keep an eye out for
anything that might help promote JERICHO.

8. Anything else you'd like to add?

I would really like to thank everyone who has been involved with
bringing back JERICHO and to those who continue to promote it. Keep up
the good work and let's all see if we can double our efforts for 14 more
season 2 episodes and a full 3rd season.

As for pre-season football and info-mercials. I think it's time to start
sending nuts to our local affiliates.

Everyone keep up the good fight and be nuciferous


terocious said...

I really admire your desire to learn more and more and to continue applying all that you learn to our cause. You are generous with your knowledge and willing to help anyone you can.
Thank you.

erika said...

A really nice interview. I love me the geeks (being one myself).

Skeeterbit said...

Another great interview. I've seen Nuciferous around the boards but had never visited his blog. Very, very nice.

I'm so proud to part of the group. Jericho is not only an amazing show; it attracts such interesting, intelligent and diverse viewers.

PlatPat said...

I remember him posting about the hardware store nuts during the campaign!! I thought it was very creative and something that would get attention.

Love learning about our Rangers.

auntvonna said...

Another great interview! Nuciferous, it was neat to learn more about you and I too am proud to be an UberGeek!