Friday, August 24, 2007

A Monster Blogger Interview: Kystorms

You all know kystorms. She is a fan who works hard for Jericho. You'll find her visiting all the boards and blogging all the latest Jericho news. She's willing to help with any project and remains one of our best weapons for more seasons. I am happy to give you this interview from a truly caring Jericho Ranger.

1. You're a big Jericho fan and you're a blogger. Which came first?

I was a fan of the show first, and a blogger about 20 minutes later. I actually found out about the show way back during the first days of being announced and was instantly a fan, simply due to the story I knew Jericho could tell. After I found myself talking the ears off of anyone who would listen about the show, I decided to begin blogging it.

2. What message do you want your blog to convey?

First my blog is all about Jericho, what it means to me and what I hope to show others about it. After that, my blog is for everyone who loves Jericho, whether blogger, or fan. If there is something new being done, I want to write it up and have everyone share in it.

3. You're a representative for the Coalition of the Willing Fan Club Development. Why do you think a Fan Club is important?

I am actually no longer involved in the Fan Club effort , as I have always felt that the fan club was at CBS. I simply wanted to help make sure the fans were heard and saw being a representative for the Nuts for Jericho as a way to insure that. Since getting this request for an interview, I have come to see that I needed to be where I was always most at home as a fan of Jericho and that is CBS.

4. What would you like to see happen in Season 2?

Wow... too many possibilities! For one thing I am the biggest Stanley and Mimi fan on the planet... I love Brad Beyer and Alicia Coppola so much, and to see them each week is a joy for me. I would love to see them married with kids. After that.. I would like very much to see how the government side of the story will play out. Is this government going to be for the people and by the people, or has the war killed of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution forcing new ideals to be formulated.

5. How do you believe we can reach more new viewers?

By getting the word out on all the various efforts of the fans all across the different boards, and helping each other to bring these efforts to fruition. The more we all do to be in the public eye as a team, the better it is for Jericho and the fans. In other words, keep the fan activity in the forefront like we were doing during the save Jericho Campaign. We should not be choosing just one or two efforts to support. Charities are a great means of both helping our fellow man and helping show how awesome Jericho fans are.

6. Do you have a favorite Jericho blog/website that you visit regularly besides your own?

The site I check each day first is CBS, it is where we all began and where we should all be everyday. It is the home of Jericho, period. Other than that I love my nutty friends at Nuts For Jericho Forum and will always be with them. My favorite blog for Jericho is the Jericho Monster!

I am like every fan of Jericho regardless of their Jericho Home websites, I just want to keep seeing my show for many years to come and will help anyone to achieve that. My blog is Jericho~On~CBS.

Thank you for a fantastic interview and a great Jericho blog.


terocious said...

The Jericho Family is certainly a further in and further out group. I am constantly learning of new Blogs and initiatives. Thank you Kystorms. I digg your efforts.

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks for your comment. I learn about new things every day too and kystorms is one of the best.