Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Deborah

Many thanks to Rourke who introduced me to Deborah who is a Jericho fan, a survivalist, and a woman. Forget the myth about survivalists being men. This is one smart lady and I'd be heading to her house if I ever needed to survive.

Deborah raises important points for us to consider and answered many questions I've had. As a special treat she has allowed me to use a poem she wrote and you can find it here.

Deborah in the UP:

1. What attracted you to Jericho?

Definitely the scenario. I first started reading 'disaster' books at age 15, with Earth Abides, then Alas Babyon, still my all time favorite. So to see a live action show with the same premise was too much to resist, a brilliant move on CBS's part. In fact, I had not had any TV reception for 12 years, most of that while I lived off grid. Jericho got me to actually PAY for satellite TV!

2. If what happened in Jericho happened here in the U.S. what percentage of people do you think would be prepared?

By far, the percentage would be way too low, unfortunately, maybe as little as 5%. On the upside, more and more are looking into those 72 hour kits. (I shake my head at those...).. but 72 hours are better than nothing. Personally, I'm set for 24 months. Yes, that's MONTHS, which is why I never use my last name on the group sites..lol. I'm really hoping that programs like Jericho will get people to consider long term preparations.

3. Why do you think more people don't take preparedness seriously?

We live in a society that everything is done for us. I mean, what is the simplest meal to fix? mac & cheese... and you can get it in a microwaveable pouch now! give me a break! We (well, not ME...) are taught that everything will be available and it will be available NOW, so there is no need to have anything on hand. That's just not a good attitude to have. Add that to the government that says it will take care of you, but it can't... it is just not feasible for the government, on ANY level, to take care of the entire population. WE should be taking care of THEM.

4. What made you decide to become a survivalist?

I like being independent. I don't rely on anyone or any agency for MY survival. See, I take responsibility for myself and my family. Why should I expect someone else to do that for me?? I think that is missing in today's society. Personal Responsibility.

5. Do you think people have a negative perception of the word survivalist? If so how do you think it can be made positive?

Yes, to some it has a negative connotation. Some of us have started using the term "Prepper" instead of survivalist, because some think the survivalist actually wants bad things to happen. Those are the doom and gloom types, whereas the reality is that us true survivalists believe that there is a future worth preparing for, no matter what happens. I also tend to believe that the only way to do so, is without depending on the government because they won't be there when really needed.

I think of being a survivalist as just that - surviving - what is wrong with that? A true Survivalist wants to live, because they feel the world is worth being alive for. How more positive can you be?

6. What role do women play in being prepared?

Now here is where I shine! Women are and always have been, the back-bone of the family. I understand that has diminished some within our society, but 'we' are still the child-bearers and the child-raisers. We, as women, have more control within our family unit than most realize. Traditionally, women do the homemaking, the cooking, etc. so who buys the supplies to do that? who has the skills and the knowledge? women do! and it's up to the women to maintain that level of sustenance for their family, by preparing AHEAD.

7. Do more women need to be involved? Why?

Not just women, everyone needs to be involved. I'm single, and as a single female I have the advantage of making my own decisions. Part of those decisions are to maintain a certain level of comfort in my 'retreat', so I prepare for that. We all want some creature comforts, and the women in today's society should be sure they get it .. .. and share it. When there is a partnership involved (ie husband/wife), both should be doing preps. Both have something to contribute, and they need to support each other.

Besides, after a Jericho situation, there will need to be a level of normalcy maintained, just to get by, just to keep the sanity. Women are good at that. We'll fix meals and insist we sit down at the table, we'll make sure the kids go to bed at a certain hour, we'll get the kids involved in school work or chores or whatever. Most women are good organizers, and that will be very much needed.

8. Isn't it expensive to be a survivalist? Where are all those supplies stored?

Expensive? not as much as you might think. I'm always watching sales. Tuna goes on sale for 50 cents a can, then I buy two instead of one. I buy a lot of bulk items. I love to cook and bake. Those little packets of yeast? I buy a pound for double the price. That might be more expensive at the time, but definitely cheaper in the long run. That's the way to look at it. You might be spending more money now, but down the road, you're spending less.

Besides, if you put the money toward preps that you otherwise would have spent on a few DVD's, or getting your nails done, or a round of golf, or stopping for a coffee, or all those bottled waters!! you will be amazed at what you can buy!

9. Mimi just couldn't kill that chicken even though she was hungry. Could you kill a chicken to survive?

But eventually she did! The will to survive prevailed. I think Mimi's character has shown the most growth and the most promise. I loved the scene where she talked with the chicken.. still my favorite. But yes, I've killed many chickens, I've also butchered out deer, fish, and bird game. I have unique skills for a female, of which I'm very proud.

10. What one reason would you give someone as to why they should start preparing?

Do you want to end up like the folks in the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina? Are you looking forward to sitting someplace, cold, tired and hungry, waiting for government relief? Perhaps starving to death, dying of dehydration or contaminated water? Or would you prefer having supplies on hand, the means to cook your own meals, meals you actually like.. as opposed to MREs (which are often called Meals Rejected by Ethiopians for a reason) .. AND the knowledge that you have food for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next....?

One reason? ...do you want to live?

Anything you'd like to add?

I think your questions have covered most everything. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice my thoughts.


terocious said...

I find the willingness to share information in the survivalist community heartwarming. Thank you Deborah, your interview, like Roukes before, made me think about things that I am not taking the time to consider. I am glad to be reminded and I am also happy to once again have the silly survivalist stereotype shattered.

kestral said...

Thanks Deborah for giving us all some very thought provoking information. Since becoming a fan of Jericho, I have found myself thinking more and more of the what if. It is great to have people like Rourke and Deborah who are willing to share their knowledge to help the rest of us. Thanks Jericho Monster for another wonderful interview.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Deborah for sharing your knowledge so eloquently with others! You are a huge inspiration! :)tarran

Anonymous said...

On the aniversary of Katrina, a very good subject to address. I agree that we need to depend on ourselves. That point has been hammered home by the superdome.

I've long been interested in the survivalist movement, but didn't read much until Jericho and the open discussion of it. Deborah brings up some very good reasons to know more and be prepared.

I'm glad that we have made a place where a concept that is often denigrated as belonging to crazies has seen the clear light of day.


dot said...

Deborah Great interview!!!! I am glad that you are helping to get the word out there to get people to stock up and prepare. We have to take charge of our own lives and take care of our families and not rely on the government agencies in times of emergencies.

Briarpatch said...

Thanks to the Blog Goddess for letting us hear from Deborah. I have known Deborah and participated with her on many survivalist discussion groups for many years. I have benefited greatly from her experience. Thanks to Deborah to for helping to keep my favorite TV show on the air.

Rich said...

What a great interview and a refreshing perspective.

Disaster preparedness continues to be one of the most overlooked preventative steps we can take in our lives. Hat tip to Jane to find another great source of information. :)

All my best,

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for the comments. I'm most appreciative of Deborah being willing to share her information and perspective. She is definitely inspiring and has a way with words.
Rich, always an honor for you to post.

azlady said...

This is great information. I am glad people like you, Deborah, are trying to increase awareness about just being prepared "just in case." That is why I love Jericho so much not only for the entertainment but because of the message it delivers. That we need to prepare ourselves even if it just minor steps, because if we don't and then have to depend on the government to come rescue us it is going to be a disaster.

Sgt. Survival said...

Great interview! As a member of some of the same preparedness groups online, I can attest to the fact that Deborah has always been a source of inspiration to the other members. She always has a kind word, useful advice (and recipes) and has always been very forthcoming in sharing her knowledge with the others.
Sgt. Survival
Reagite ut Defendatis

maybei said...

Excellent interview!! It's nice to see a strong woman featured who is prepared to survive!