Saturday, June 30, 2007

Proposed Jericho Usenet Newsgroup

This is a posting by bbqnate and he needs support from all Jericho fans. Please help if at all possible.

"I have submitted an official proposal to the Big-8 Management Board (B8MB) to start a DISCUSSION (Discussion only at this point in time) for a Jericho specific USENET newsgroup. The newsgroup name (as it is proposed now) would be rec.arts.sf.tv.jericho.

To see my proposal:


It was originally posted on 6/28

The proposal was posted to the following groups:


I hope everyone can keep track of the proposal in those groups because there WILL BE discussion about the proposal. I would think a big sticking point will be the fact that Jericho has only been around for one season. The gentleman who I was e-mailing in the Big-8 Management Board helped me clean up my original proposal text before he posted it to the above newsgroups. He is the one who told me there might be an issue with Jericho not being around for a long time. He said :
"You'll definitely want to follow the discussion on news.groups.proposals; this is going to be a controversial proposal simply because we haven't done anything like this before (created a group for a show that hasn't been around for many years), but I don't think it's necessarily doomed."

So again I WILL need everyones help to read the groups. The most important right now is the news.groups.proposals usenet group. (If I understand the step by step process correct)

Having an official USENET group is significant becuse even though you can read usenet groups on groups.google.com you can also read/write to usenet groups from an ISP's NNTP (newsgroup) server. Almost every ISP will have a dedicated news server. Before Google groups I read all my newsgroups from my ISP news server."


Rodrigo said...

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openminded1 said...

I went over and posted my support for this usenet group and hope that others will do the same!

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you. I hope so too.

Anonymous said...

Tank you for mentioning my proposal.

I hope many fans can post their support

ßßQ ѯ|¯È

Jericho Saved said...

It was my pleasure. Thank you for having the idea.